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The job duties listed are typical examples of the work performed by

positions in this job classification. Not all duties assigned to every

position are included, nor is it expected that all positions will be
assigned every duty.
1. Reviews and prepares financial statements and accounting
reports for departmental management and federal agencies.
2. Develops guidelines for the maintenance and reconciliation of
financial data; maintains and reconciles the more difficult
financial control records for expenditures, allotments,receipts,
and encumbrances.
3. Designs, revises, and implements accounting systems and
procedures in accordance with generally accepted accounting
principles and theories.
4. Conducts surveys to prepare recommendations for
improvements, controls, new methods, and other changes to
improve the efficiency of accounting systems.
5. Reviews budgets and prepares related budget documents.
6. Designs cost classification systems; develops guidelines to
assign cost classifications to expenditures.
7. Determines and analyzes direct and indirect costs in order to
determine the cost of finished goods.
8. Conducts cost studies and implements cost allocation plans.
9. Provides consultation to local governmental units and others
regarding accounting systems and generally accepted
accounting principles and theories.
Maintains records and prepares reports and
correspondence related to the work.
Performs related work as assigned.
Assist the Controller with the day to day, monthly and year end
operations of the Accounting/Finance Department including grant
management and budget review and analysis.
Perform the processing and recording of accounts payable
transactions and ensure that all invoices and staff reimbursements
are paid accurately and in accordance with Finance policies and
Manage the processing of cash receipts, recording of revenue
and receivable and work closely with the Development Team to

ensure that revenues and receivables in MIP are reconciled with

Sales force data at any given time.
Prepare and record the District and School Fee for Service and
government grant invoices and collate the supporting documents for
submission to government agencies.
Review expense coding to ensure grant compliance and tag all
eligible costs including AP, AMEX, staff reimbursements to restricted
grants and contracts on monthly basis.
Review and process AMEX Expense reports and receipts
submitted by cardholders on monthly basis.
Perform the processing of functional and benefits expense
allocations, monthly accruals, amortization of prepaid expenses fixed
assets depreciation and recording of adjusting and reclassification
journal entries, if necessary.
Prepare and analyze the monthly budget/forecast to actual
variance reports per program and department.
Perform general accounts analysis and reconciliations,
including bank statements, fixed assets, employers benefit costs,
accruals and prepaid expenses.
21. Assist in the preparation of financial reports such as financial
statements, budget performance, and interim grant financial reporting