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De La Salle University Library

Balitang Aklatan

Vol. XXXVI - No.3 - March 2005

Inventory of DLSU
Print Periodical
by Elizabeth Padilla
The inventory of the DLSU print
periodical collection was concluded
in February 2005, a year after the
inventory process was integrated in
the daily work routine of the staff. It
was conducted to establish the
accuracy and integrity of the
bibliographic records of the periodical holdings. The master list of
periodical titles currently accessible
at the online catalog became the
reference guide for the collection
A total of 4108 journal titles was
searched and matched with their



- Library Faculty and CAP

attend seminar in Ilocos
- Awatd winning Filipiniana
- Library personnel join the
way of the Cross
- The Philosophers index
- Guidelines for visiting
- Visitors
- Donors and recent

Copies of printed periodicals on display inside the

Periodicals Section, 2nd Flr., Library Building

corresponding print copies.

Findings revealed the following:
3390 titles (82%) have
corresponding print copies

718 titles (17%) are not

represented in the collection
855 titles are in the collection
but not represented in the list

The periodicals section will turn

over the inventory records to the
technical services unit once it has
completed its post inventory in
May. The technical services unit
has been tasked to update, correct,
and complete the entries of the
master list.

Library Schedule for

Summer 2005
The library will follow the following schedule from April 13 to May 23.
April 13-14

8:00am 5:00pm

April 15, Friday

April 16, Saturday
April 18-22,
April 23, Saturday
April 25 May 18, Mon to Fri
May 19 20. Thurs - Fri
May 21, Saturday

8:00am 12:00nn
8:00am 5:00pm
8:00am 12:00nn
8:00am 6:00pm
8:00am 5:00pm
8:00am 12:00nn

Resumption of regular service hours

May 23, 2005 7:00am 7:30pm

Library Faculty and CAP Attend Seminar in Ilocos Sur

The National SeminarWorkshop on Strategic
Organization and Management of Archival
Programs was held at St.
Paul College in Bantay,
Ilocos Sur on March 2123, 2005. Sponsored by
PAARL, it was attended
by the librarians nationwide. Among those who
attended were Ana
Fresnido, Head of the
(l-r) Bob Cauilan, Ric Rodriguez, Claire Tagasa,
Technical Service and
Fely Caparas, Jojie Gonda, and Rolly Masindo
PAARL Secretary,
Angela Verzosa, Archivist
Masindo of the Circulation Section
and PAARLs Ex-Officio, Jocelyn
and Felicidad Caparas of the
Balangue Head, Acquisitions
Archives Section.
Section, Claire Tagasa, Head,
The three (3) day seminarCirculation Section, Bob Cauilan,
aimed for the participants
Ricardo Rodriguez and Jojie Gonda
to gain understanding in the strateof the Technical Services, Rolando

gic importance of establishing an

archives and its program in schools
and universities, churches, business
establishments, medical or government institutions. Seminar topics
focused on the management of
archives, application of archival
principles, procedures and techniques in the archival functions of
arrangement, description and
preservation of the collection, and
security management and disaster
preparedness program. Separate
treatment was given to film and
photographic archives. IT training
for practicing archivists was also
presented. Towards the end of the
seminar, a panel discussion on the
strategic collaboration among
libraries, archives and museums
was conducted. After the seminar,
the participants were given a tour of
Vigan, a UNESCO designated
World Heritage Site

Award Winning Filipiniana Books

The Manila Critics Circle
National Book Award listed in their
website the award winning
Filipiniana books published in the
Philippines. There are 372 winning
titles in the list. Cynthia Cordova,
the Filipinian Librarian matched the
list against the DLSU holdings and
found out that there 331 titles are

already available in our Filipiniana

collection. Titles that are not in the
collection but within the scope of
the DLSU Library collection
policy have been requested for
purchase. For more information
about the Circle, visit http://

Library Personnel Join the Way of the

A group of library personnel
joined the university wide Lenten
devotion Stations of the Cross
held at the University Grounds last
March 18. Willian Frias, Collection
Development Librarian, lead the
prayer and reflection of the 3rd

Station while Bing Dancalan was

the cross bearer. Other staff who
joined were mostly from the
Technical Services. they were
Annabelle Aliwalas, Purisima
Fernando, Cecille Manongsong, and
Cathy Cabonegro,

2 - DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 36 No. 3, March 2005

The trial access to The
Philosophers Index is available now. Please go to web
site www.csa.com and then
input the username
and password: The username
and password are assigned by
the supplier exclusively for
DLSU-Manila academic
community. They may be
obtained from the InformationReference Section, 2nd Flr.,
Library Building.

Guidelines for Visiting Users

The following guidelines govern access and on-premise use of the De La Salle University Library
resources and facilities by visiting users.
1. Leave I. D. at the Security desk at the main gate
2. Pay visitors fee at the accounting office (Ground floor, LS Bldg.)
3. Proceed to the Information-Reference Section desk (2nd Flr., Library Bldg.) and present official
receipt together with the other requirements specified below.
4. Accomplish the visiting users form available at the Information-Reference Section desk.

Enrolled students and
faculty members of
- De La Salle System
Schools ( DLS-Dasmarinas
- DLS-College of St. Benilde
- DLS- Health and Sciences
- DLS-Araneta,
- DLS-Canlubang
- DLS-Santiago Zobel
South Manila Consortium
(SMC) member (formerly IIC)



referral letter from

chief librarian
validated school ID
referral letter from
thesis mentor

Mon to Sat
8 to 4


Validated school ID and

referral letter from chief
validated school ID and IUC
Inter-University Consortium
(IUC) member
DLSAA (Manila only)
EDRC & ASRC member
Alumni of DE LA SALLE
SYSTEM schools
students not currently
enrolled at DLSU-Manila
faculty, staff and students
from other colleges and

professional or corporate



validated school ID and

Validated alumni card
Validated school ID and
EDRC & ASRC card

Mon to Fri
8 to 4

Validated Alumni card

School ID and referral letter
from department chair
Validated school ID
referral letter from chief
Official receipt (OR) from
Acctg. Office

P 80.00
at the

Company ID
Referral letter from
authorized official or
project director

have access to theses

collection &
All materials are for
room use only except
for CSB students,
faculty and staff
All materials are for
ROOM USE only.
Allows 5 students a day
per school for both
member and nonmembers of the
Visitors fee does not
include access and use
of Cybernook,
Instructional Media
Media Services
Resources and internet
facilities except online
Approval of the
university archivist is
required for the use of
other archival materials

Not allowed during

final examination
and term breaks.
The Director of the Library
reserves the right to
cancel requests when

Please address further inquiries to :

Mrs. Yolanda F. Odsinada, Head, Readers Services Unit
DLS Library, 2401 Taft Avenue, Manila
Telephone nos. 536-02-44 0r 524-46-11 local 620
Email: odsinaday@dlsu.edu.ph
DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 36 No.3, March 2005

Kristine Eve Culayneg, ADDU,
Jacinto St. Davao City
Tanya Iden, GSE Rotary,
8Honolulu, Hawaii
Masakatsu Miuro, Tokyo Inst.
14 Tech., Ookayama, Tokyo, Japan
Mary Jane B. Rodriguez,
15 - Researcher, NCCA/UP,
Caloocan city
Sr. Ma. Catalina Santos, RGS,
School President, Sr. Mary
Teresita Fiel, RGS, Wenona L.
Ramas, Timotea Vertucio,
16 - Gregoaria Macaraig, Felisa P.
Dalangin, Loida Fabregas,
Imelda Vergara, Flordeliza
Dimayuga, Faculty Members, St.
Bridget College, Batangas City
Letty Chan, Philip chan, and
18 Mary April Chan, Paraaque
Sanzo Sakai, Dean, Chukyo
University, Nagoya, Japan
Helen P. Jamin, Faculty, UE19 LIS, C. M. Recto, Manila
21 - F. T. Secretario, NSCB, Makati
Loreta and William Walker, VA
Tech, Blacksburg, VA
Kim Tae Hyun, Researcher,
28 Han-Nam University, S. Korea

The Library Newsette/ BalitangAklatan
is published by the
DLSU University Library
2401 Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila 1004
Cresencia B. Valenzuela
Marita G. Valerio (valeriom@dlsu.edu.ph)
Associate Editor
Melton E. Jo (jom@dlsu.edu.ph)
Web Editor
Antonio B. Meneses (menesesa@dlsu.edu.ph)
Administrative Assistant
Amelia G. Maula (maulaa@dlsu.edu.ph)
Gregorio Guinto (guintog@dlsu.edu.ph)

4 - DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 36 No. 3, March 2005


BR Christianity

The DLSU Library would like to acknowledge

with great appreciation the following donors:

Aristotle East and West : metaphysics and the

division of Christendom. David Bradshaw.
BR100 . B7 2004. 3rd floor, Circulation

Advertising Supplies Association of the

Apostolic Nunciature
Asia-Europe Foundation
Asian Development Bank
Bernardo, Allan Benedict
Bray, Mark
Department of Trade & Industry
Elverio, Felix
Engineering Freshmen 70, Inc.
GEF/UNDP/IMD Marine Pollution Program
Gonzales, Raymond
Gonzalez, Andrew FSC
Korean Womens Development Institute
Kyoto University
Kyushi Yamaguchi Economic Federation
Luistro, Armin FSC
Mistades, Voltaire
Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation
Philippine Military Academy
Polymer Society of Korea
Scheiter, Joseph FSC
The University of Oklahoma Law Center
Wright, Gregory FSC
Yabes, Rod Vincent


BS The Bible
Reading and hearing : the Old Testament in
Philippine context. Noriel C. Capulong.
BS1171.2 . C36 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana
BT Doctrinal theology
Earth literacy modules : toward ecological
spirituality and ethics. Mary Luz T. Bantilan.
BT695.5 . B36 2004. 3rd floor, Circulation
BV Practical theology
Believing unto discipleship : Jesus of Nazareth.
[authors, Reynaldo Dumpayan ... et al.] ; Lode
Wostyn, editor. BV4501.3 . B44 2003. 3rd floor,
Discipleship in community. Sammuel Bartolome
... [et al.] ; Lode Wostyn, editor. BV4501.3 . D57
2003. 3rd floor, Circulation
I believe. Reymundina Sales ... [et al.] ; Edited
by Lode Wostyn. BV4501.3 I24 2003. 3rd floor,
BX Christian denominations

1. Books
AS Academies and learned societies
Great men and women of Asia : Ramon
Magsaysay awardees, 1958 -1967. AS911. R39
G74 2004. 2nd floor, Information-Reference
BD Speculative philosophy
Experience, reality and beauty : from the
aesthetics of ontology to the mystagogy of art in
metaphysics. Macario M. Ofilada. BD331 .036
2002. 3rd floor, Circulation

Depth psychology and vocation; a psycho-social

perspective. Luigi M. Rulla. BX2380 . R834
2003. 3rd floor, Circulation
Theo week 2002 : faith, violence, values ;
proceedings of the Third Theology Week of the
Faculty of Sacred Theology in cooperation with
the Graduate School, Institute of Religion, The
Social Research Center and the Commission on
Higher Theological Reflection of the Dominican
Province of the Philippine, University of Santo
Tomas, 8-13 April 2002. edited Fausto B.
Gomez, Virgilio T. J. Suerte Filipe. BX1751.2.
A1 T44 2002. 4th floor, Filipiniana

BF Psychology
CB History of civilization
Filipino adolescents in changing times. Ma.
Cecilia Gastardo-Conaco, Ma. Carmen Jimenez,
Cherrie Joy F. Billedo. BF724 . C648 2003. 4th
floor, Filipiniana

The action-image of society : on cultural

politicization. Alfred Willener. CB427 . W5413
2001. 3rd floor, Circulation

___________________________________DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 36 No. 3, March 2005 -

DS History. Asia
Agonies and dreams : the Filipino Muslims and
other minorities. Jainal D. Rasul ; edited Amir
T. Rasul. DS666. M7 R29 2003. 4th floor,
Cagayan Valley and Eastern Cordillera, 15811898. Pedro V. Salgado. DS688. C3 S25 2002.
4th floor, Filipiniana
Chinese Filipinos. DS666 C5 C4445 2003. 4th
floor, Filipiniana
From nipa hut to presidential palace :
autobiography of president Diosdado P.
Macapagal. DS686.6M24 A34 2002. 4th floor,
Heart and soul of the archipelago. Alice Colet
Villadolid. DS686.5 V48 2003. 4th floor,
Inculturation of Filipino-Chinese culture
mentality. Jose Vidamor B. Yu. DS666. C5 Y8
2000. 4th floor, Filipiniana
The intangibles that make a nation great :
selected speeches, lectures and writings. Jovito
R. Salonga. DS686.6.S3 A5 2003. 4th floor,

A stun of islands. Amadis Ma. Guerrero. DS660

G8435 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana
Through the eyes of the law : an account of the
legal consequence of People Power 2. Narciso
M. Aguilar. DS686.62. A37 2003. 4th floor,
Treasures of the mind, heart, and spirit : selected
speeches. [Cicero D. Calderon]. DS686.6. C34
C35 2004. 4th floor, Filipiniana
Tubod : the heart of Bohol. edited by Ramon N.
Villegas ; [foreword, Jaime C. Laya]. DS688.
B67 T8 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana
Understanding Mindanao conflict. Patricio P.
Diaz. DS688. M2 D4 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana
Views on Philippine revolution. [project leader,
Teresita A. Alcantara ; editor, Lydia Arcella].
DS678. V54 2002. 4th floor, Filipiniana
G Geography (General)
The voyage of Ferdinand Magellan = Viagem de
Fernao Magalhaes. transliteration and English
translation P. G. H. Schreurs. G420. M2 O413
2002. 4th floor, Filipiniana
GN Anthropology

Mansaka. Bernardo Limikid. DS666. M35 L45

2002. 4th floor, Filipiniana
Maranao. Nagasura T. Madale. DS666. M37
M34 2002. 4th floor, Filipiniana

Tatu : a guidebook for tattoo artists and body

piercers. GN419.3 T37 2002. 4th floor,
H Social sciences (General)

Mr. White : a Thomasite history of Tarlac

province, 1901-1913 (in honor of Frank Russell
White). Lino L. Dizon. DS688. T37 D57 2003.
4th floor, Filipiniana

Applications of case study research. Robert K.

Yin. H61 . Y56 2003. 3rd floor, Circulation
HA Statistics

Ninoy and Cory. DS676.8 A6 N54 2001. 4th

floor, Filipiniana
Occupation '42. Benito J. Legarda. DS686.4 L45
2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana
Pasig City : portrait of a new Metropolis. Manuel
D. Duldulao. DS689. P367 D84 2000. 4th floor,

Census of population and housing. HA4611.5.

4th floor, Filipiniana
HB Economic theory. Demography
Statistics for entrepreneurs. HB615 .S7 2002. 4th
floor, Filipiniana
HC Economic history and conditions

Pocket stones : a child's story of World War II in

the Philippines. Barbara-Ann Gamboa Lewis ;
illustrated by Barbara Pollak. DS686.4 L48
2000. 4th floor, Filipiniana

A review of the components of the MediumTerm National Action Agenda for Productivity

___________________________________DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 36 No. 3, March 2005 -

(MNAAP) 2000-2004. Epictetus E. Patalinghug.

HC79. I52 P37 2001. 4th floor, Filipiniana

Rosario ; foreword by Roberto Pagdanganan.

HD57.7 D48 2002. 4th floor, Filipiniana

Boss Danding. Earl G. Parreno. HC452.5 C8

P37 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana

How to profit from the $27 billion Filipino

American market. Edgar T. Pascual. HD1379 .
P37 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana

Japanese pioneers in the Northern Philippine

Highlands : a centennial tribute, 1903-2003.
Edited by Patricia Okubo Afable. HC79. C3 J29
2004. 4th floor, Filipiniana
Partnership for international development :
rhetoric or results?. Jennifer M. Brinkerhoff.
HC60 . B74 2002. 3rd floor, Circulation
Trade reforms, income distribution and welfare :
the Philippine case. Caesar B. Cororaton. HC453
. C67 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana
HD Economic history and conditions.
Industrial management. Production
Assessing the situation of women working in
CALABARZON. Divina M. Edralin. HD6195 .
E37 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana
Benefits (and losses) from rent control in the
Philippines : an empirical study of Metro Manila.
Marife M. Ballesteros. HD7288.82 . B34 2003.
4th floor, Filipiniana
Between the state and the market : the nonprofit
sector and civil society in the Philippines. Edited
by Ledivina V. Carino. HD2769.2. P6 B47 2002.
4th floor, Filipiniana
Builders directory Philippines. HD9715. P62
B84. 4th floor, Filipiniana
The dynamics of housing demand in the
Philippines : income and lifecycle effects. Marife
M. Ballesteros. HD7366. A3 B34 2002. 4th
floor, Filipiniana
Essentials of supply chain management. Michael
Hugos. HD38.5 . H84 2003. La Salle-Greenhills
The handbook of employee benefits : design,
funding, and administration. Edited by Jerry S.
Rosenbloom. HD4928. N62 U635 2001. 2nd
floor, Information-Reference

Handling meetings : can you handle it? : a

simplified parliamentary guide for cooperatives
(with practical illustrations). Anthony Ma. Del

Managers, not MBA's : a hard look at the soft

practice of managing and management
development. Henry Mintzberg. HD30.4 . M56
2004. 3rd floor, Circulation
Managing people in Asian organizations : text,
cases, readings and exercises. Edited by Gloria
S. Chan. HD31 . M3574 2002. 3rd floor,
The new business road test : what entrepreneurs
and executives should do before writing a
business plan. John W. Mullins. HD62.5 . M85
2003. 3rd floor, Circulation
HE Transportation and communications
Philippine domestic shipping transport industry :
state of competition and market structure. Myrna
S. Austria. HE562 . A9 2003. 4th floor,
HF Commerce
College accounting : a practical approach,
chapters 1-26. Jeffrey Slater. HF5635 .S5417
2002. 3rd floor, Circulation
Cost accounting : principles and practice. Alan
Upchurch. HF5686. C8 U64 2002. 3rd floor,
Harvard business review on finding and keeping
the best people. HF 5549.5 R44 H37 2001. GSBRCBC
Marketing research : an applied orientation.
Naresh K. Malhotra. HF5415.2 . M34 2004. 3rd
floor, Circulation
Principles of auditing and other assurance
services. O. Ray Whittington, Kurt Pany.
HF5667 . M45 2004. 3rd floor, Circulation
Remaking the global economy : economic
geographical perspectives. Edited by Jamie A.
Peck and Henry Wai-Chung Yeung. HF1359 .
R45 2003. 3rd floor, Circulation

___________________________________DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 36 No. 3, March 2005 -

HG Finance
Wealth within your reach : pera mo, palaguin
mo!. Francisco Colayco. HG179 . C65 2004. 4th
floor, Filipiniana
HJ Public finance
ArandiaVillanueva. HJ209. P6 V44 2003. 4th floor,
HM Sociology
Methods for testing and evaluating survey
questionnaires. HM538 . M47 2004. 2nd floor,
Negotiation : communication for diverse
settings. Michael L. Spangle, Myra Warren
Isenhart. HM1126 .S69 2003. 3rd floor,
HN Social history. Social problems. Social
Community immersion : toward becoming
agents of community empowerment. Rex T.
Linao ; Edited by Ernie T. Bhagwani. HN720.
C6 L55 2004. 4th floor, Filipiniana
The survey research handbook. Pamela L.
Alreck, Robert B. Settle. HN29 . A46 2004. 3rd
floor, Circulation
HQ The family. Marriage. Woman
Beyond the crisis : questions of survival and
empowerment. HQ1240. B49 2003. 4th floor,
Buhay bading. Danton Remoto. HQ76.2. P6 . R4
2004. 4th floor, Filipiniana
Coming home : women, migration and
reintegration. Estrella Dizon-Anonuevo and
Augustus T. Anonuevo, editors. HQ1757 . C6
2002. 4th floor, Filipiniana
Guidebook in using statistics for genderresponsive
HQ1240. G8 2002. 4th floor, Filipiniana

Ways to gender responsive organizations : tools

and guides for sowing gender responsiveness in
government organizations. HQ1240. W39 2002.
4th floor, Filipiniana
HT Communities. Classes. Races
Managing urbanization under a decentralized
governance framework. Edited by Rosario G.
Manasan. HT169. P6 M36 2003. 4th floor,
Rehabilitating nearshore fisheries : theory and
practice on community-based coastal resources
management from Danao Bay, Philippines.
Arjan Heinen ; edited by Lenore Polotan de la
Cruz. HT395. P6 H34 2003. 4th floor,
HV Social pathology. Social and public
welfare. Criminology
Flor Contemplacion and Delia Maga : the
victims of injustice.
Irineo B. Angeles.
HV6250.4 W65 A5 2002. 4th floor, Filipiniana
US terrorism & war in the Philippines. Jose
Maria Sison ; edited by Fidel V. Agcaoli.
HV6433. P6 S47 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana
Vanguards of youth against illegal drug abuse.
Mitzi Flores Piad. HV5840. P6 P54 2003. 4th
floor, Filipiniana
JS Local government
Decentralization and good urban governance :
papers and proceedings of the 3rd International
Conference on Decentralization. Edited by Alex
B. Brillantes, Jr. ... [et al.]. JS113 . I57 2003. 3rd
floor, Circulation
Innovations and excellence : understanding local
governments in the Philippines. Alex B.
Brillantes ; [foreword Aquilino Q. Pimentel].
JS7303. A3 B74 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana
JV Emigration and immigration
Philippine migration journalism : a practical
handbook. Paullyn Paredes Sicam, editor.
JV8685 . P5 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana
KF Law

Mainstreaming gender in development planning :

framework and guidelines. HQ1240. M34 2002.
4th floor, Filipiniana

The ASHRAE member's survival guide,

contracts : a self-help tool for managing risk

___________________________________DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 36 No. 3, March 2005 -

through the use of contract terms. Maralynne

Flehner. KF905. B87 F54 2002. 2nd floor,
A treatise on government contracts under
Philippine law. Bartolome C. Fernandez, Jr.
KF5625.21. P8 F47 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana
KPM Philippine law
Bar tips : observations, principles and techniques
in preparing for the bar examinations. Denis de
Leon Pacas. KPM53.55 . P34 2003. 4th floor,
Batas Republika blg. 8504 : the Philippine AIDS
Prevention and Control Act of 1998 :
nagpapatupad na mga alituntunin at regulasyon.
KPM1494. A53 B37 2001. 4th floor, Filipiniana
Commercial laws of the Philippines. AFA
editorial staff ; Aguedo F. Agbayani, chairman.
KPM856 A28 2002. 4th floor, Filipiniana
Corporation Code of the Philippines. The
Corporation Code of the Philippines (Batas
Pambansa Blg. 68). compiled & edited by CBSI
Editorial Staff. KPM479 . A2 2002. 4th floor,
Government procurement tool kit : R. A. No.
9184, annotated. Sofronio B. Ursal. KPM850 .
U77 2004. 4th floor, Filipiniana
Juridical quotes culled from Supreme Court
decisions, June 1901-June 2001. Oscar L.
Paras, Rosario Amatong-Buendia & Corazon L.
Paras. KPM252 P37 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana
Martial law diary and other papers. Danilo P.
Vizmanos ; [foreword
Satur Ocampo].
KPM2232. A4 V49 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana

Social justice and human rights in the

Philippines = Katarungang panlipunan at
karapatang pantao sa Pilipinas. Alberto T.
Muyot, editor. KPM2095 .S6 2003. 4th floor,
Teaching the 1987 constitution. Carmelo V.
Sison. KPM1744.51987 S47 2000. 4th floor,
The law on alternative dispute resolution :
private justice in the Philippines : how to resolve
legal dispute without a courtroom trial. Jim V.
Lopez. KPM3755 . L6 2004. 4th floor,
L Education (General)
A handbook on colleges and universities. L961.
P6 H36 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana
LA History of education
Historical, philosophical, and legal foundations
of education. Rosalinda A. San Mateo, Maura G.
Tangco. LA11 . H57 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana
LB Theory and practice of education
College fee structure and Philippine inflation.
Edita A. Tan. LB2342.2 . P6 T36 2003. 4th
floor, Filipiniana
Glosari sa edukasyon. mga gurong awtor,
Marietta Reyes-Otero ... [et al.]. LB15 . G46
2002. 4th floor, Filipiniana
The unwritten rules of PhD research . Gordon
Rugg and Marian Petre. LB2386 . R8 2004. 2nd
floor, Information-Reference
LC Special aspects of education

Obligations and contracts : (with introduction to

law). Justo P. Torres, Jr. KPM810 . T6 2003. 4th
floor, Filipiniana

Studying at a distance : a guide for students.

Christine J. Talbot. LC5800 . T34 2003. 3rd
floor, Circulation

Passing through life. Leopoldo E. Petilla.

KPM110. P47 A35 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana

LG Education. Asia

Procedural rules in criminal actions :

fundamentals of the New Criminal Procedure
with amendments as of 2002. Narciso M.
Aguilar. KPM3790. A54 2003. 4th floor,

Diliman : homage to the fifties. Elmer A.

Ordonez. LG215. O7 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana
N Visual arts (General)
Espiritu Santi : the strange life and even stranger
legacy of Santiago Bose. [Krip Yuson, editor].
N7329. B67 A2 2004. 4th floor, Filipiniana

___________________________________DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 36 No. 3, March 2005 -

NA Architecture
Edifice complex : power, myth and Marcos state
architecture. Gerard Lico. NA1527 . L4 2003.
4th floor, Filipiniana
NX Arts in general
Sanghaya : Philippine arts + culture yearbook.
NX581. A1 S26. 4th floor, Filipiniana
P Mass media
CMMA : 1978-2003, 25 years of Philippine
mass media through the eyes of CMMA. P96.
A92 P64 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana
PE English language
The Cambridge grammar of the English
language. Rodney Huddleston, Geoffrey K.
Pullum in collaboration with Laurie Bauer ... [et
al.]. PE1106 . H78 2002. 3rd floor, Circulation

PL6165.4. T37





Gloria : Roman Leoncio's Kapampangan

translation of Huseng Batute's verse novel, Lost
and found. edited Virgilio A. Reyes and Juan D.
Nepomuceno Center for Kapampangan Studies :
annotated Albina Peczon Fernandez ... [et al.].
PL 6165.4 L5 G5 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana
Manga gogodanun nang manga Kalagan =
Kalagan traditional stories. stories Azucena Buat
; art work Ritsy Yamami. PL6188. K32 B8
2001. 4th floor, Filipiniana
Minanga : mga babasahin sa varayti at varsasyon
ng Filipino. mga editor, Jovy M. Peregrino,
Pamela S. Constantino, Nilo S. Ocampo. PL5503
. M56 2002. 4th floor, Filipiniana
Mukhang maarte. Glecy C. Atienza. PL6165.4.
A855 M8 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana

PL Philippine language and literature

Onyx. Romulo P. Baquiran. PL6165.4B343 O5

2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana

30 piling kuwento. PL6164 . T6. 4th floor,


Palasyo ni Valentin. Mario O'Hara. PL6165.4.

O45 . P34 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana

7 x 10 : world poetry choice seven Filipino

poets. Alfred A. Yuson, editor. PL6154 .S48
2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana

Tabi-tabi sa pagsasantabi : kritikal na tala ng

mga lesbiana at bakla sa sining, kultura, at wika.
Eugene Y. Evasco, Roselle V. Pineda, Rommel
B. Rodriguez, mga patnugot. PL6141 . T34
2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana

Ang pambihirang buhok ni lola ; o kung bakit

matatag ang mga Pinay = Lola's extraordinary
hair ; or, why Pinays are strong women. kuwento
ni ... Rene Villanueva ; guhit ni ... Ibarra
Crisostomo. PL6165.4. V719 P35 2001. 4th
floor, Filipiniana
Bokabularyong Yakan-Filipino-Ingles. PL6115 .
Z5 B6 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana
Bokabularyong : Maranao- Filipino- Ingles.
PL5957.4 . B6 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana
Dagiti kapintasan nga avant-garde a daniw iti
Iluko, 1995-1999. Cles B. Rimbaud, editor.
PL6177.6 D34 2000. 4th floor, Filipiniana
Feast and famine : stories of Negroes. Rosario
Cruz Lucero. PL6164.5 . L8 2003. 4th floor,

Talinghaga ng gana : ang banal sa mga piling

tulang tagalog ng ika-20 siglo. Rebecca T.
Anonuevo. PL6165.4. A5819 T34 2003. 4th
floor, Filipiniana
Ti darak, ti pammatik, ti tawidko, kadagiti
nagkauna, a tattao. dandaniw ni Francisco
Tenoso Lazaro. PL5754. L39 T5 2003. 4th floor,
Tilad na dalit : (mga piling tula, 1973-1999).
PL6165.4. A596 T44 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana
Tilamsik ng panitik. Rustica C. Carpio. PL6161 .
C37 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana
Tinik sa dila : isang katipunan ng mga tula.
Cirilo F. Bautista. PL6165.4B348 T56 2003. 4th
floor, Filipiniana

Flores de Mayo : tatlong piling kuwento. orihinal

sa Tsino ni Cua Ching Tam ; salin ni Joaquin Sy.

___________________________________DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 36 No. 3, March 2005 -

Wow! bulaga : at iba pang mga kuwento para sa

pamilya. Armando DC. Caleon. PL6165.4. C147
W68 2002. 4th floor, Filipiniana
PN Literature
Feature writing for Filipinos. Maria Cecilia M.
Genove ; foreword Crispin C. Maslog. PN4784.
F37 G46 2004. 4th floor, Filipiniana
Frequently asked questions about poetry : a
review and discussion of topics from the writers
workshops. Ophelia A. Dimalanta and Gemino
H. Abad ; Ramil Digal Gulle, editor. PN6101 .
D54 2003. 2nd floor, Information-Reference
Humor from the Internet. collected and edited by
Gloria F. Rodriguez. PN6231. I62 H85 2004. 3rd
floor, Circulation

The blairbitch bounces back yet another book of

bitchy poetry.
Chinie Hidalgo-Diaz ;
illustrations by Krie Reyes-Lopez ; cover design
by Mitzi Mapa. PS9993. D477 B4 2003. 4th
floor, Filipiniana
The Da Vinci code : a novel. Dan Brown.
PS3552. R685434 D3 2003. 3rd floor,
QA Computer science
Ontological engineering : with examples from
the areas of knowledge management, ecommerce and the Semantic Web. Asuncion
Gomez-Perez, Mariano Fernandez-Lopez, and
Oscar Corcho. QA76.76. E95 G56 2004. 3rd
floor, Circulation

The Kambayoka book : the first thirty years of

the Sining Kambayoka of the Mindanao State
University, Marawi City. Arthur P. Casanova ;
introduction and edited Rolando C. Esteban.
PN2911 . C37 2004. 4th floor, Filipiniana

Programming Microsoft Windows with C#.

Charles Petzold. QA76.73. C154 P48 2002. 2nd
floor, Information-Reference

Mga gintong salita. tinipon ni Rosario P. Nem

Singh. PN6409. T3 G45 2003. 4th floor,

An introduction to modern nonparametric

statistics. James J. Higgins. QA278.8 . H54
2004. 3rd floor, Circulation

PR Philippine literature in English

Introduction to probability models. Sheldon M.

Ross. QA273 . R64 2003. 3rd floor, Circulation

Mga talutot na dugo. Ngugi Wa Thiong'o ; salin

ni Romeo G. Dizon. PR9381.9N42 P419 2002.
4th floor, Filipiniana
PS Literature
A painted house : a novel. John Grisham. PS
3557 R5355 P3 2001. 3rd floor, Circulation
A tropical winter's tale and other stories.
Charlson Ong. PS9993. O45 T76 2003. 4th floor,
Adventures of a child of war. Lin Acacio-Flores.
PS 9993. F59 A38 2002. 4th floor, Filipiniana
Literature is life. Rustica C. Carpio. PS9993.
C328 . L57 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana
Museum of absences. Luis H. Francia. PS9993.
F77 A52 2004. 4th floor, Filipiniana
Performing the self : occasional prose. J. Neil C.
Garcia. PS9993. G22 P4 2003. 4th floor,

QA Mathematics

Riemann's zeta function. H. M. Edwards. QA241

. E38 2001. 3rd floor, Circulation
Simulation. Sheldon M. Ross. QA273 . R67
2002. 3rd floor, Circulation
Statistics with Stata : updated for version 7.
Lawrence C. Hamilton. QA276.4 . H35 2003.
3rd floor, Circulation
QD Chemistry
Essential mathematics for chemists. John
Gormally. QD42 . G67 2000. 3rd floor,
QH Natural history (General). Biology
Marine life of the Philippines and the IndoPacific. text Gerald Allen ; photographs Gerald
Allen .. [et al.]; edited by Fiona Nichols and
Michael Stachels. QH 187 A5 2000. 4th floor,

___________________________________DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 36 No. 3, March 2005 -

QK Botany

SD Forestry

An atlas of orchid pollination : America, Africa,

Asia and Australia. N. A. van der Cingel.
QK495. O64 C56 2001. 2nd floor, InformationReference

The social dynamics of deforestation in the

Philippines : actions, options and motivations.
Gerhard van den Top. SD 418.3 P6 V36 2003.
4th floor, Filipiniana

RA Public aspects of medicine

T Technology (General)

Counseling persons with HIV/AIDS : a manual.

with special article by Margarita Go SingcoHolmes. RA644. A25 C68 2001. 4th floor,

Gender and technology. Amelia C. Ancog. T14.5

A5 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana

A handbook on medical services. RA410.55. P6

H36 2002. 4th floor, Filipiniana
RC Internal medicine. Practice of medicine
Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental
disorders : DSM-IV-TR. RC454.4 A4 2000. 2nd
floor, Information-Reference
RT Nursing
Empire of care : nursing and migration in
Filipino American history. Catherine Ceniza
Choy. RT17. P6 C46 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana
RX Homeopathy
therapies for people living with HIV/AIDS.
RX226. A35 E96 2001. 4th floor, Filipiniana
S Agriculture (General)
Averting the water crisis in agriculture : policy
and program framework for irrigation
development in the Philippines. Wilfredo P.
David. S616. P6 D38 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana
SB Plant culture
In the gardens of the Philippines. Lily Gamboa
O'Boyle ; photographs
Patrick De
Koenigswarter ; introduction Felice Prudente
Sta. Maria. SB 466 P6 O26 2000. 4th floor,
Local seed systems for generic conservation and
sustainable agriculture sourcebook. Pamela G.
Fernandez.. [et al.], editors.SB113.3 L6 2002.
4th floor, Filipiniana

Operations research : an introduction. Hamdy A.

Taha. T57.6 . T3 2003. 3rd floor, Circulation
Quantitative analysis for management. Barry
Render, Ralph M. Stair, Jr., Michael E. Hanna.
T56. R4 2003. 3rd floor, Circulation
TD Environmental technology
Laboratory experiments in environmental
chemistry. D. Neal Boehnke and R. Del
Delumyea. TD193 . B64 2000. 2nd floor,
TK Electrical engineering. Electronics
Data communications and computer networks :
for computer scientists and engineers. Michael
Duck and Richard Read. TK5105.5 . D84 2003.
3rd floor, Circulation
Digital integrated circuits : a design perspective.
Jan M. Rabaey, Anantha Chandrakasan, Borivoje
Nikolic. TK7874.65 . R32 2003. 3rd floor,
TN Mining engineering. Mineral industries
Mercury pollution due to small-scale gold
mining in the Philippines : an economic analysis.
Danilo C. Israel and Jasminda P. Asirot. TN416.
P6 I8 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana
TS Manufactures
Operations management. Roberta S. Russell,
Bernard W. Taylor III. TS155 . R86 2003. 3rd
floor, Circulation
Pabalat : pastillas wrapers. [Reynaldo G.
Alejandro, Vicente Roman S. Santos] ; editors,
Lita Torralba-Logarta, Renan S. Prado.
TS1124.5 . A44 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana

___________________________________DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 36 No. 3, March 2005 -

2. Instructional Media Resources

$ CDs

The Battle Over Citizen Kane

The Glory of Korea, the Glory of the World
Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth
Key Largo
Shakespeare in Love

$ Equipment

10 pieces wall mount (for stationed TV units

at Miguel Bldg.)

Cruz, Elfren
Framework : De La Salle in the Philippines
Framework : made in the Philippines
Framework : the Philippines best university
Framework : why I teach

Cruz, Isagani

Mini critique : billionaires play bridge

Mini critique : intellectual property

Dayag, Danilo
Foregrounding and framing social events in
news stories : a critical discourse analysis

De Castro, Renato
U.S. war on terror in East Asia : the perils of
preemptive defense in waging a war of the
third kind

De la Cruz, Rena
The view from Taft : show me the money

Escalante, Rene
A comparative analysis of the American
land reform program in Japan and the

Espiritu, Benjamin
Greenlight : corruption in the private sector

Faraon, Emily
Business focus : Christmas remnants

Ferro, Ria Valencia

Greenlight : fearless forecasts
information technology 04

Hutchinson, Nicholas, FSC

Framework : Catholic social teaching and
Framework : moral and social obligations of
Framework : questions and answers

3. Archives Resources
$ Faculty Papers

Baguisi, Ma. Theresa

Greenlight : goodbye, teacher

Bautista, Cirilo
Breaking signs : the subject of creative
Breaking signs : speaking for the left-handed
Breaking signs : short notes on new books

Buensuceso, Mosses
PCB laboratory manual

Carandang, Ernesto
Pelikula sa panitikan/panitikan sa pelikula :
pagtuturo ng magkaiba magkaakbay na
Empowerment ng ikatlo sa lipunang Pinoy
A life shaped by music
Kayat ibubulong ko na

Castell, Marvin
Business focus : are Filipinos natural born

Correa, Ramilito
A.V. Hernandez : propagandista, sa
tradisyon nina Rizal, Del Pilar, atbp., at ang
kanyang impluwensya sa mga makata ng
mga dekada 70 at 80
Sina Peones, Bobis, Alano, at iba pang
makatang Bikolnon sa wikang Filipino (o
kung paano nagsalin sa Filipino ng tulang
Bikolnon ang di-katutubong Bikolano)


Juico, Philip Ella

Sports for all : for the greatest, nothing is
Sports for all : memories of EDSA 1 and La
Salle homecoming
Sports for all : too many cooks?

Lagman, Oscar
To take a stand : a brazen display of power

___________________________________DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 36 No. 3, March 2005 -

To take a stand : pathetic

To take a stand : there will be no EDSA 111

Leoncini, Dante Luis

The (Hi) story of sexual discourse

Manalang, Anna Bella

An assessment of the Philippine leather
tannery industry

Maximiano, Jose Mario

Greenlight : renaissance of corporate
The view from Taft : integration of CSR into
the management curriculum

Wright, Gregory
The United States and the Philippines war
for national liberation - a Lasallian

$ Dissertations

D. E. Educational Management

Towards an integrated religious education

curriculum for the St. Paul University
system (tertiary level) in the Philippines
[computer file]. Bautista, Hilaria Suzette C.,
SPC. 2004. TG-03695 (CD).

Doctor of Business Administration

Applicability of the fractal market

hypothesis (FMH) to the Philippine stock
market [computer file]. Vital, Villamor de
Guzman. 2004. TG-03707 (CD).

Marcos, Nelson
Successive rule refinement in a hybrid
intelligent system

Olao, Servillano
ASEAN Journal of Chemical Engineering
Experiments in unit operations
Reviewer for chemical engineering licensure

Salazar, Zeus
Liktao at epiko : ang takip ng tapayang
libingan ng Libmanan, Camarines Sur

Privatization strategy for the improvement

of Indonesian state-owned enterprises
performance [computer file]. Muchlasin.
2003. TG-03702 (CD).

Ph. D. Chemical Engineering

Suplico, Luz
East meets West online (A cross-cultural
project in the net)
E-trade report on the Philippines
Factors affecting the electronic commerce
adoption of firms in the National Capital
Region exporting holiday decorations
State of the sector report : furniture
State of the sector report : holiday dcor
State of the sector report : Philippine house
Sy, Dante
Economics to live by : balanced scorecard

Degradation of polychlorinated biphenyls in

water matrix using UV/H2O2 [computer
file]. Centeno, Carmela Romero-. 2004. TG03698 (CD).

Ph. D. Development Studies

Power bequeathed : generational shift and

elite reproduction in the eleventh House of
Representatives. Teehankee, Julio Cabral.
2001. TG-03188.

Ph. D. Science Education Physics

Working memory capacity, disembedding

ability and problem solving techniques
among college students in physics
Ragandac. 2004. TG-03706 (CD).

Tullao, Tereso
Wealth watch : Christmas and the publishing
Wealth watch : social capital and human
Wealth watch : cleanliness and the tourism
Verzosa, Fe Angela
The future of library
Southeast Asia



$ Theses (Graduate)

MA Asian Studies - Japanese Studies

Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers

(JOCVs) in the Philippines : motivations,
challenges, strategies and benefits gained.

___________________________________DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 36 No. 3, March 2005 -

Tsubotani, Maria Vilma M. 2003. TG03492.

Master of Engineering - Environmental


MA Counseling

Self-construal and attribution styles of

Filipino and Filipino-American basketball
athletes [computer file]. Evangelista, Roel
Manuel L. 2004. TG-03711 (CD).

An evaluation of available treatment

technologies to process used oil and depot
sludge [computer file]. Keh, Lily M. 2004.
TG-03658 (CD).

Master in Health Social Science

MA Education - Special Education

Teacher training modules for the instruction

and management of student with disabilities
in inclusive settings [computer file]. Leyson,
Hope. 2004. TG-03714 (CD).

Factors affecting Cebuano women's choice

of an ob-gynecologist [computer file].
Pineda, Bernadette Clarisse J. 2004. TG03727 (CD).

Factors affecting recommended modern

family planning methods : the case of
selected midwives from Metro Manila,
Philippines [computer file]. Curaming, Ma.
Amor M. 2004. TG-03725 (CD).

Factors that influenced the involvement of

adolescent Buntogs in Davao City in sex
trade [computer file]. Megarbio, Mildred D.
2004. TG-03726 (CD).

Male involvement in the prevention of

violence against women and children in
Metro Cebu : influences, extent and effects
[computer file]. Armecin, Graeme Ferdinand
D. 2004. TG-03724 (CD).

MS Accountancy

A study on the incentives influencing the

practice of creative accounting in selected
business establishments in Davao City
[computer file]. Padayogdog, Christie R.
2003. TG-03598.

MA Educational Management

An evaluation of the pullout program for

fast learners in mathematics of St. Paul
College, Pasig grade school department
[computer file]. Agana, Teresita A., SPC.
2001. TG-3708 (CD).

MA Early Childhood Education

Influence of selected maternal-and childrelated variables on child directed speech of

Chinese-Filipino mothers [computer file].
Liu, Chiung-Jao (Sr. Aloysius). 2004. TG03713 (CD).

MA Philosophy

Without slipping into futility : Rorty and

making sense of life [computer file].
Apolega, Dennis de Guzman. 2004. TG03723 (CD).

MA Religious Education

MS Chemistry

Proposed facilitators' manual on Christian

parenting education for the Archdiocese of
San Fernando. Aguas, Rodel Sanchez. 2003.

Antihypertensive tetranortri terpenes and

macrophylla King. Sy, Arlene A. 2000. TG03115.


MS Computer Science

Banco De Oro - Dao Heng Bank merger.

Isidro, Ma. Concepcion Magno. 2002.

AutoCor : automatic acquisition of corpora

of closely-related languages [computer file].
Dimalen, Davis Muhajereen D. 2004. TG03719 (CD).

___________________________________DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 36 No. 3, March 2005 -

MS Environmental Engineering

assessment of coconut biodiesel and
automotive transportation and industrial
boiler application [computer file]. Pascual,
Liezzel M. 2004. TG-03674 (CD).

MS Guidance and Counseling

Counselors' and clients' experience of

counselor self-disclosure [computer file].
Chin Mary Augustine, SABS. 2004. TG03709 (CD).

Influence of self-concept, appraisal of life

events and social support on subjective wellbeing of Filipino adolescents [computer
file]. Chacko, Azhakath. 2004. TG-03710

MS Information Technology

Adopting capability maturity model

integration (CMMI) technology in a
Philippine organization [computer file].
Tiong, Veronica T. 2004. TG-03721 (CD).

A centralized student information system for

Technology Center (ICTC) of Ateneo de
Naga University [computer file]. Rojano,
Froilan B. 2004. TG- 03720 (CD).

Church operations information system

[computer file]. Ngo, Victor Shua. 2003.
TG-03669 (CD).

Design of integrated student information

systems for Mapua Information Technology
Center [computer file]. Casio, Michelle
Cidro. 2004. TG-03718 (CD).

MS Psychology-Clinical Psychology

Conceptual translation & validation of the

neuropychiatric inventory (NPI) in Filipino
[computer file]. Resurreccion, Ron R. 2004.
TG-03676 (CD).

MS Psychology Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Big-five personality and leader-member

exchange among employees in hotel
industry. Guina, Mariel V. 2003. TG-03491.

Quality of work life in a financial institution.

Hernando, Othella Gae C. 2002. TG-03339.

Project paper - MBA

A strategic management plan for Finman

Rural Bank, Inc. Garrido, Jennilyn R. 2003.

$ Theses (Undergraduate)

AB Behavioral Sciences

The East Binondo volunteer fire fighters :

their profile and experiences. Cariaga,
Yasmine Rose. Joson, Maricar. Lim,
Beverly Wendy. 2002. TU-11148.

AB Psychology

Feel the rush : motivations and

consequences of street racing. Ibe, Joel
Raymond. Karingal, Catherine V. Pena, Ma.
Rosario Michelle B. 2002. TU-10990.

BS in Accountancy

Assessing Edward I. Altman's Z-score

model of bankruptcy prediction in the
financial service industry of the Philippines.
David, Maria Gisela Angelique T. Ganipan,
John Michael S. Macasaet, Virgilio, Jr. I.
2004. TU-12275.

The considerations in implementation of a

point-of-sale system in fun and family
dining restaurants in the City of Makati.
Gesilva, Kathryn S. Tabunar, Kristine P.
Tan, Gayle Marriane S. 2004. TU-12281.

Corporate governance in family corporations

in the Philippines. Balangue, Lee Hazel T.
Dela Cruz, Lyanne M. 2004. TU-12282.

Fast food industry in the Philippines :

Strategies used in reducing purchasing costs
while maintaining or improving product
quality. De Castro, Angeli Frances. Lao,

___________________________________DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 36 No. 3, March 2005 -

Leslie Anne Dianne. Ramirez, Mary Joy.

2004. TU-12276.

A feasibility study for a butterfly farm in

Victoria, Laguna. Dela Cruz, Mark Joseph
D. Enoc, Elaine L. Mia, Dan Oliver A.
Sanqui, Anna Merceditas B. 2004. TU12277.

A feasibility study on the opening of a new

hot spring resort in Pansol, Calamba,
Laguna. Gamutan, Catherine. Maliksi,
Jenifer. Mesina, Michael Andrew. Racelis,
Mary Joy. 2004. TU-12279.

Industry analysis : The non-alcoholic

beverages sub-sector. Diaz, Ernest Paul S.
Fadera, Clint Daniel S. Poh, Joel DL. 2004.

The level of stress, stressors, and perceived

proximate coping mechanisms of BSA
Fernando, F. E. J. Parumog, Genalyn.
Villalon, Benedict. 2004. TU-12280.

AB International
European Studies

A study of the European Union's

enlargement process and its influence to
Gonzales, April V. Cheng. Ramirez, Mary
Joy. 2003. TU-11258.

BS Commerce

A study on the relationship of risk and

performance of mutual funds in the
Philippines in terms of fund category and
time frame from 1998-2002. Badillo, Rose
Christine D. Chang, Julie L. Lagamayo,
Shirley C. Lim, Beverly Wendy. 2003. TU11795.

Project paper (BS Business Management)

Virtuoso Inc. Chang, Mark Nikolas.

Cipriano, Ma. Angelique Ernestine. Ibe, Joel
Raymond. Karingal, Catherine. Ortiz, Anna
Camille J. Pena, Ma. Rosario Michelle.
Pesigan, Evangeline Marie. Rosario, Carla
Fatima A. 2002. TU-11711.




___________________________________DLSU Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 36 No. 3, March 2005 -