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E-mail ID: mohitkalra.iitr@gmail.com

Educational Qualifications




B.tech and M.tech

(Electronics and
Communication Engg.)


IIT Roorkee





Twelfth Class
Tenth Class

*GPA on a scale of 10

Current: Research Analyst, Stellarix, Jaipur (Jan 2015 onwards)
I am working as Research Analyst and handling various IPR research projects independently in
Electronics Domain. I am also involved in automating various processes using Excel Macros.
Family Business (Oct 2013- Dec 2014): Returned in September 2013 from Singapore due to
family contingency. I was involved with family business for a year.
Analyst, Barclays Capital, Singapore
Barclays Capital (Jul22,2012-Sept1, 2013)
Developed and enhanced internally owned Fixed Income Settlement System and Regulatory
Reporting tool for the Bank. Technologies involved were C# .NET, Oracle Database, Perl,
Autosys, NDM/MQ file transfer, SQL Server 2008 and Java.
Research Paper
Image compression using wavelet based compressed sensing and vector quantization
Signal Processing (ICSP), 2012 IEEE 11th International Conference on, Beijing, China.
Barclays Capital, Singapore
Barclays Capital Internship Program (Jun26-Sept02, 2011)
Internship is done in one of the leading Global Investment Banks, Barclays Capital, in Singapore.
Learned the principles behind the Banks business and supported an internal team at Barclays
Capital. Automated various routine processes at the Bank using VBA for excel for invoice
generation and developed a reporting tool based on Pivot Tables.
Fraunhofer IISB, Erlangen, Germany
Computer-Aided Analysis Tool for Measured Diode Characteristics ( May15-July28, 2009 )
Internship work included characterization of semiconductor diodes on silicon, germanium, and
silicon carbide by different metrology techniques, programming of an evaluation software in
Matlab, application of this software on measurements and documentation of results.
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Dissertation-Image Compression using Compressed Sensing and Vector
Quantization (May2010-May 2011)
Implementation of a novel Compressed Sensing (CS) based SPIHT inspired algorithm for Image
Compression that can take advantage of CS and produce results similar to SPIHT standard.
Implementation of Multiple Sparse Signal Recovery using l0-LMS Algorithm and StOMP algorithm
to achieve high compression.
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Implementation of Wavelet based SPIHT algorithm on FPGA kit ( July-October 2010 )
Hardware implementation of existing Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Trees (SPIHT) Algorithm on
Spartan 3 based FPGA kit(MXS3FK-DSP). SPIHT is a wavelet based image compression
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Hindi Character Recognition System (HCRS) (Jan-May 2010)
HCRS is a program developed in MATLAB that can recognize Hindi characters drawn with the

help of mouse/touch pad based on training done with Support Vector Machine(SVM). This
program has applications in mobiles, kiosks and other touch screen applications where human
input in hindi language is desired.
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Sign Language Translation System (SLTS) (March 2008)
SLTS is an interactive program developed in MATLAB which is capable of translating camera
captured images of signs in sign language into equivalent intended characters and speak out
sentences so formed with them. This program helps dumb and deaf persons to communicate with
persons unacquainted with sign language.
Computer Languages:
Software Packages:
Academic Achievements:

Languages Known:

C, C++, Perl, C# .NET, Java, Oracle SQL and SQL Server

2008, VHDL, Visual Basic , VBA for Excel
MATLAB, Xilinx, OrCad, Circuit Maker, LabVIEW, ADS
(1) AIR-1042 in JEE-2006.
(2) IIT Roorkee Branch Rank: 2nd
(3) Represented IIT Roorkee in Indo-German Winter
Academy 2008, held at Chennai from December 13th to
December 19th.
English ( S/R/W ); Hindi ( S/R/W );

Cognizance - Annual Technical Fest of IIT Roorkee ( 2011 )
Served as Convener of Electronics and Computer Department Organizing team during
Cognizance 2009.
IEEE Student Chapter, IIT Roorkee ( 2010 )
Served as Chairman of IEEE Student Chapter, IIT Roorkee.
iFest ( 2010 )
Held the position of Convener (Administration) during iFest'2010, the online technical festival
organized by IEEE student Chapter IIT Roorkee.
Cognizance - Annual Technical Fest of IIT Roorkee ( 2009 )
Served as Organizing Secretary of Electronics and Computer Department Organizing team during
Cognizance 2009.
Electronics Section, Hobbies Club, IIT Roorkee ( 2009 )
Served as Joint Secretary of Electronics Section in Hobbies Club, IIT Roorkee.
GeekGazette Magazine ( 2008 )
Served as News Editor for GeekGazette magazine during 2008-09.
Srishti - Annual Techno Exhibition of Hobbies Club, IIT Roorkee ( 2007 )
Won second prize for the exhibit of Google Earth (Static Model)in Srishti'07.
Fathers name : B R Kalra
Date of Birth : 21-06-1988
Gender : Male
Category : General
Permanent Address :
#S-2, B4/24,Chitrakoot-Sector 4, Jaipur, Rajasthan - 302021
Present Address :
#S-2, B4/24,Chitrakoot-Sector 4, Jaipur, Rajasthan - 302021
Permanent Phone No : 08302971071
Phone No : 08302971071