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With issue 27 we have set a new step. Once

again, the quality for the fetish art photography has been the basis for this new issue,
together with a complete color portfolio of
the worldfamous fetish art photographer,
Christophe Mourth. As in all our magazines,
we have selected for you the main topics of
the fetish world, like the new books by
James&James, Dave Naz, Martin Class, JeanPaul Four or Thomas van de Scheck, but also
exclusive interviews with Rubberdoll, Eve
Ellis, Amanda Wildefyre and Valentina, the
fetish doll. Pictures and stories who will
show you the inside world, the glamour &
glitter, but also the dark sides of an unknown
world. Come and see for yourself, enjoy the
fetsin of beautifull creatures dressed in shiny
rubber or tied up in rope. As most of you
know, Secret Magazine has been publishing
for over 15 years now and has been an important part in the development of the fetish
scene as we know it today. Other magazines have been more important as to the
fashion, or rubberwear, but Secret was the underground magazine. The one who was
banned from England, seized by the Canadian customs and very much sought after in
Japan & the USA for its bold, extravagant choise of B/W photography. Thanks to
them, Secret has become what it is now, a legendairy fetish magazine, who is holding
on to its principles and basics. The world has changed. the internet has taken over
communication and the paperworld as we know it today has very rare news, but being
in print is quite something else than having your picture on some website. Help us
keep Secret magazine alive and order your copy, either with the orderform bellow or
by going to our website www.SecretMag.com - a special price of only 12.5 euro is
reserved for the first to order.....

by David Lawrence

A trip into the fascinating world of

Japanese Rope Bondage
Those of you seeking provocative, creative, fine art shibari imagery laden with
visceral sensual emotions need not look any further than David Lawrences new
hardcover publication Bound. This black and white coffee table book explores the
psyche and headspace of handfuls of beautiful women, emotionally-charged and
aching for the cinch of the ties. Through the imagery of hogties, harnesses, and
suspensions, each chapter tells a story about each ladys personal experience with
the ropes as the ties progress. Lawrence captures the expressions, the moods, the
release so well creatively from various angles, that when you finish a chapter you
feel as if youve vicariously ridden the same roller coaster of emotion each of his
subjects has. Coupled with Lawrences use of contrasting textures, dramatic and
dynamic lighting, and verbage from each of his subjects, this publication is nothing
short of a virtually interactive, tactile wonderland that will appeal to all of your
senses and leave you begging for more.
David Lawrence is a worldwide aclaimed photographer who has had several
expositions in the USA and is one of the rising stars in bondage photography, due to
his excellent lighting, skills and ropework. His shibari inspired technique is
refreshing, daring and highly dramatic. He is one of the key artists of his time whose
work has since made a huge impact on the bondage world.
A special price of 40 euro has been reserved for the first orders.
(for all price postage will be calculated accordingly country)
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Fetish Photo Anthology volume 4 - price 35 euro
BOUND by David Lawrence - price 40 euro
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