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Code of conduct for Born Ki

llers (-BK-)

Code of conduct for Born

1. Purpose The reason for this Code of Conduct (COC) is to maintain a common pla
tform of values (and rules) between the clan members in Born Killers (-BK-).
It is the clan captain´s responsibility with support from the co- captains, t
o raise them awareness of these values, and refer to this document.
It is important to underline that the rules in power soccer does also apply i
n -BK-. These rules can be read by using this link: http://powerchallenge.com/?p
However there will always be some difference in what that is inappropriate to
do in public in relation to what you can do in private arenas.
Changes in this COC can be made when at least 2 of the 3
members in the captain team agrees.

2. Basic values: The below list describe the basic values in -BK-. It is importa
nt that these values reflect our attitude in public as well as in internal arena
The values are:
There are no losers, only quitters.
We are role models in fair play towards the community.
We can face everyone in clan cups as long as we don´t experience them
as unfair.
Amount of rating points to the clan is not one of our basic goals.
We always do our best representing -BK- in matches.
We respect the rules in power soccer.
A user´s nationality is irrelevant for becoming a member in -BK-
A membership in -BK- is a long time membership (exception: the 2 week
rule; section 6)
We stay together and will not leave unless this is a well thought out
decision with a solid reason.

3. Attitude towards other clan members in -BK-: The most important thing about b
eing a part of -BK- is to have fun.
All members have therefore their responsibility to contribute to a pleasant a
tmosphere inside the clan. Below are listed some basic
factors about this responsibility:-
Respect your clan mates: Each member is unique in his/her own way. We
may have different views on a certain subject, which is fully accepted, but alwa
ys remember to see each and
everyone as the contributor for what they are.
Appropriate feedback: It is always nice to give each other positive fe
edback, congratulations etc., both in private chat and in forum. Negative feedba
ck should however be kept outside the forum.
Making yourself available for other clan members to contact you in pri
vate chat: Some members allow all users to contact them in private chat. If you
choose to allow friends only,
please take the responsibility to add friends and accept friend reques
ts from your clan mates.

4. Attitude to other clans and users for internal communication: It is important

that -BK- members have a sensible way of giving the other clan members informat
ion and thoughts about other clans and users.
The basic rule is that -BK- respect all other clans and users. It is natural
for a clan to discuss other clans. The purpose of these type of discussions shou
ld be related to
the idea of a fair (and off course fun) competition between the clans.
The general rule should be that when you write about another clan or a user i
n a clan, you should write it as if they were going to see it, and would not be
offended by it. This rule has the following
To inform the clan members about clans that is dominated with unfair p
layers, and that we should not meet in clan cups, because it would challenge the
idea of having fun.
Other relevant information about other clans that the clan members sho
uld know about in order to have fun while representing -BK-.
Note: The exceptions do not allow you to put out particular use

5. Applications The clan captain has the full rights to accept or reject all app
lications from users who want to join -BK-.
However, all the members in -BK- can suggest new clan members by making a thr
ead in the forum.
Each clan member can then vote. In order for the members to help the captain
with the decision, the
votes should be reasoned. The captain should as a basic rule put all applicat
ions up for voting.
The guidelines for dealing with applications should be related to the values
in this COC. Other
User should 1: be at least level 25, or
2: have spent a significant period of time in the game.
The user has to have a minimum of the characteristic; mature.
Minimum 3 stars sportsmanship

6. Joining/ leaving -BK-: It is the captain´s responsibility to make sure that t

he other members know when a user has either joined or left -BK-.
A welcome thread to new members should be made. It is the captain team´s resp
onsibility to decide whether a member should be kicked from the clan or not.
Every member deservers a second chance before they eventually get kicked. A w
arning can be made by one in the captain team. It is inappropriate put a kick is
sue up for voting among the members.
Alternatively, the captain can first kick the user, then put up a vote about
whether the user should get in again, or not. The idea about this is related to
the value of a pleasant atmosphere inside the clan
(section 3).
If you are a new member in -BK-, we respect your need to compare this clan wi
th other clans, so you in the end find the clan you that is best for you to be i
n. You can therefore leave the clan within 2 weeks,
and still expect to come back if you want. Otherwise this will be dealt with
as any other application.
These are the basic code of conducts which every
clan member should follow. Signed by : fairplayer_84, dr_death (Captains).