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CURRICULUM VITAE Khalid Hussain #322-S, Street 28 Rawal Town Islamabad-45510 Pakistan. Phone: 92-51-2842115 Cell:

Khalid Hussain #322-S, Street 28 Rawal Town


Pakistan. Phone: 92-51-2842115 Cell: 92-300-8731541

Email: dvfilmspk@gmail.com


I am a researcher, writer and journalist with 20+ years of diverse working experience in Pakistan and around

south Asia. Over the years, I have worked as a reporter, photographer, editorial writer, water researcher and as a

film maker. Presently, I am “Self Employed” consulting with corporate and NGO clients on communications and freelancing as a photojournalist.

I bring specialized knowledge and understanding to development communications. Being trained as a writer,

photographer and film maker allows me to report and illustrate coporate communications in a holistic manner. I am able to bring to bear a full advertizement agency's worth of human resource capacity to any corporate communications assignment. My personal motto is: “Sky is a limit that I do impose on my imagination”!

I have been associated with or have contributed to leading publications in Pakistan, India and Nepal. I have a good understanding of development issues in Pakistan and beyond. My sustained interest in environmental issues have allowed me to travel extensively all over south Asia as a multi-disciplinary water resources researcher with leading civil society and professional water organizations and networks.

My broader specialization is Environment and Development. Since water resources management is my area of specialization, I do understand the multiple linkages of poverty, resource degradation and their implications on peoples choices.

Professional Experience

I have worked with almost all the major English language newspapers and periodicals in Pakistan including

official news agency 'Associated Press of Pakistan', daily 'The Frontier Post', daily 'Dawn', weekly 'The Friday Times' and monthlies 'Newsline' and 'Herald' in Pakistan. I have also written for Indian daily 'Times of India'

and fortnightly 'Down to Earth' besides contributing to monthly 'Himal' from Nepal as reporter and commentator.

My unique strength is that I have personal development networking, research and publication experience at the national, south Asian and international levels that has given me a breadth of view not common in our mass media. I am at home with strategic policy issues in environment and development and their contextual importance for the media and society in Pakistan. Water is my key expertise and specialization.

I began free lancing for monthly 'Herald' shortly after starting my carrier in 1987 as an apprentice with the

'Associated Press of Pakistan' in Multan. I began my professional career with 'The Frontier Post' in Multan (my

home town) as staff reporter and moved to the headquarters in Peshawar as Assistant Editor producing Op-Ed pages. Moving to Lahore to stay close to the family, I joined 'The Friday Times' as staff reporter in 1991 and also began contributing to monthly 'Newsline'. I moved to Pakistan's largest circulating daily 'The News' as Senior Reporter in 1992 to launch their weekend magazine section called “The News on Friday' and became their Special Correspondent in Islamabad from 1995-1997.


started specializing in environment and focussed my work on water resources management in the Indus Basin

of Pakistan. I worked as consultant (1995-1996) to the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) and the Federal Ministry of Environment on Public Communications for a while. This led some of my friends to join me to launching an NGO 'Development VISIONS' in 1997 to provide support services to development actors. My last formal ties to the development sector (2002-2006) were as Country Coordinator of the Capacity Building Network for Integrated Water Resources Management in Pakistan (CapNet-Pakistan) that is a joint program of the UNDP and the Global Water Partnership.

I have traveled extensively in Pakistan and across south Asia. I have been to many countries in East Asia,

Middle East, Africa, Latin America, North America and Europe. I have excellent language skills and a flare for communication. Photography is an active hobby for I love people and places.


Editorial Content Generation


Strategic Communications

Water Resources Management in Pakistan

Documentary Film Making


November 10, 2009 to March 10, 2010

Communications Consultant

Pakistan IDP Response, World Vision International, Islamabad.

Worked for four months to take photographs and write stories reporting on the various project initiatives of World Vision International’s “Pakistan IDP Response Programme” in districts Buner and Dir.

The work has finished to the full satisfaction of my commissioning managers and all outputs have been delivered to the satisfaction of my employers. I worked independently using WVP facilities in active coordination with all relevant management and field staff.

October 2009 to December 2009

Communications Consultant

World Vision International (Pakistan), Islamabad.

I led the process of development and design for the “Pakistan Visibility Pack” to produce nine printed strategic communication instruments and one 9-minute video on the WVP’s LIGHT Project in Kaghan Valley.

August 2009 to November 2009

Consultant on Documentary Films

Pakistan Television Corporation, Islamabad.

I joined the PTV-News channel to lead the production process for a six-part documentary film series on Climate Change challenges and opportunities for Pakistan. I worked with a team of PTV technical and professional production staff as the undertaking was part of the PTV role as public broadcaster in our country.

The films were planned to have six episodes: the first one was introductory, second on water, third on agriculture, fourth on energy, fifth on health and the final one on disasters and internal displacement with a forward-looking policy perspective. We planned to shoot from the Northern Areas down to the Arabian sea covering all the major parts of our geography. Major focus was on Dasu, Gilgit, Chitral, Swat, Swabi,

Peshawar, Tarbela, Taxila, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Sargodha, Faisalabad, Multan, DG Khan, Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan, Sukkur, NawabShah, Larkana, Dadu, Badin, Thatha, Karachi, Quetta and Gawadar.

The Film Series failed to materialize owing to administrative complications forcing me to give up on the project after five months of hard work.

April 2008 – October 2009

Bureau Chief

The Financial Daily, Islamabad.

I was responsible for management at the Islamabad Bureau of the daily newspaper. Additionally, I also wrote

the daily “Editorials” for two years producing over 700 comments in the process. The 16-page daily newspaper

is published from Karachi and Lahore and is also available online at http://www.thefinancialdaily.com

TFD is the first daily newspaper focused on financial markets in Pakistan. The parent company, Data Research and Communications, is the source for all business data in Pakistan for the Reuters News Agency.

November 2007 to April 2008

News Coordinator

ATPN, Islamabad.

The Asian Television Press Network is the oldest independent television news agency in Pakistan with established international clients. I coordinated news for five different channels that hired our correspondent services. Three of our clients were in Iran –Sehar TV, Al-Alam TV and Press TV—while one was based in Syria and another in Egypt. I was responsible for news identification, research and satellite coordination for live coverage using a state-of-the-art fly away DSNG system. The job bridged two of my main interests i.e. journalism and video production.

May 2006 to October 2007

Self Employed


I became self-employed as a filmmaker, photographer, researcher and writer after a successful career in civil society where I found further growth was but very limited. My clients included many major NGOs and multilateral and bilateral donor institutions like SDPI (www.sdpir.org), Sungi Development Foundation (www.sungi.org.pk), Pattan Development Organization (www.pattan.org) and the Asian Development

Bank (www.adb.org).

I moved out of water resources research as my personal interests were in strategic and popular communication

through television and film making. I am as good as any telecom engineer or broadcast system’s engineer in digital signal processing. Computers come easy to me as do communications hardware and software that I find fascinating. So I also ran a commercial enterprise called “Broadcaste Services Pakistan (BSP)” which was my first ever venture in business. BSP designed and built two Film Dubbing & Encoding Studios for a local satellite television channel and an NLE studio in Lahore for the private production house Studio-One.

As a filmmaker I have the distinction to have produced Pakistan’s First Multimedia Art Film titled “Diary of a Psychiatrist”. I have also made two documentary films on the urban environmental crisis in Pakistan for the world social forum 2003 in addition to finishing a number of video documentation projects for NGO clients. However, I discovered that I was not cut out to be a successful businessman and closed shop at the end of 2007!

August 1997 to April 2006

Chairman & General Secretary

Development VISIONS (DV), Lahore & Multan

A group of friends started Development VISIONS to address sustainable development issues through strategic

communications and I was asked to lead. The organization focused on water resources management and

adopted networking at national, regional and international levels as its main strategy to communicate the need


sustainable development of our water resources.


joined the South Asian Consortium for Interdisciplinary Water Resources (SaciWATERs) based in

Hyderabad, India and undertook ambitious initiatives for launch of capacity building projects with national, regional and international partners and financing. The biggest achievement for DV has been the launch and consolidation of the largest network on water resources in Pakistan's history. Part of this was my leadership role

in launching and managing CapNet in Pakistan for four years. Actors from both radical as well as mainstream

networks came together in CapNet-Pakistan to find ways and means for joint action for sustainable development of our water resources .

Details of my work with DV are available on request.

May 1996 to July 1997

Special Correspondent

Daily The News International, Islamabad

I returned to my old job after leaving SDPI and the Pakistan Environmental Protection Council (PEPC) of the Federal Ministry. I was responsible for special assignments and continued investigative reporting for the newspaper. I specialized in water issues within my larger interests around sustainable development.

December 1995- March 1996

Consultant on Public Communications

Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), Islamabad & Pakistan Environmental Proctection Counci (PEPC), Ministry of Environment, Government of Pakistan.

SDPI was set up to provide advise to the Government on Sustainable Development. I was responsible for all public communications on environmental issues at SDPI. In the same capacity I was also responsible for all public communications by the Pakistan Environmental Protection Council, the apex body on environment and sustainable development for the Government of Pakistan.

August 1995 to December 1995

Special Correspondent

Daily The News International, Islamabad

I coordinated the News Bureau of Investigations (NBI) for the newspaper in Islamabad. The News is the largest

circulating English newspaper in Pakistan and NBI was the paper’s investigative reporting unit. The work was always assignment based and challenging.

June 1992-July 1995

Senior Reporter

Daily The News International, Lahore.

I worked with the weekend magazine section called “The News on Friday” to carry out news reporting and

special assignments mostly investigative in nature. I travelled across the country covering diverse subjects and earning major by lines.

June 1991-July 1995

News Reporter

Weekly The Friday Times, Lahore.

The Friday Times is the most authoritative weekly news magazine in Pakistan. I was responsible for news assignments such as on-the-scene-reporting covering environment, politics, diplomatic activities such as the OIC, ECO etc. I also carried out special assignments.

June 1990-May 1991

Research Associate

Aurat Publications and Information Services Foundation, Lahore.

Aurat Foundation is the leading NGO on women’s rights and gender issues in Pakistan. I assisted the Executive Director on a project to prepare “The Alternative 8 th Five Year Plan” for Pakistan from the women’s perspective. The document was used as an instrument to lobby with the country’s legislature for women’s rights.

December 1989-May 1990

Assistant Editor

Daily “The Frontier Post”, Peshawar.

My responsibility was to compile, edit and produce the Editorial Pages for the most radical English newspaper in Pakistan.

August 1988-November 1989

Staff Reporter

Daily “The Frontier Post”, Multan.

I was posted with the southern Punjab Bureau of the newspaper in home town Multan under the jurisdiction of

the Lahore edition of the newspaper. My job was to cover everything news worthy in the town ranging from crime to politics and economics to Arts. I was proud to have done some good reporting on agricultural issues from Multan.

February 1988-July 1988

Trainee Reporter

The Associated Press of Pakistan (APP), Multan.

I was lucky to have apprenticed with Mr.Ghani Chaudhary, Station Manager of APP in Multan. He was a

competent journalist and an innovative newsman who later became head of the agency. I learned the basics of news reporting under his tutelage in Multan.


I have always been an activist working for development in Pakistan. I have held many honorary positions in addition to my professional engagements mentioned above.


2001-2006: Core Group Member SaciWATERs, Hyderabad, India. (www.saciwaters.org)


2003-2006: Country Coordinator, Capacity Building Network for Integrated Water Resources Management in Pakistan (CapNet-Pakistan: www.cap-net.org)


1997-1999: Member Board of Directors, Journalists’ Resource Centre, Lahore.


1992-1996: President Pakistan Forum of Environmental Journalists for two consecutive terms.



I have traveled extensively all over Pakistan.

My voluntary work has taken me all over South Asia. I have traveled to India many times and have been to all major cities in the North as well the South. I have also frequently visited Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri

In East Asia I have visited Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. I have also been to Australia and Japan.

I have visited the Netherlands and the United Kingdom in Europe. In Africa I have been to South Africa and Egypt while Costa Rica is the only Latin American country that I have visited.

I have also traveled to Canada and the United States where I visited eight different states in my two visits.


Punjabi is my mother tongue and while I grew up in southern Punjab so Seraiki is my second language. I have been a professional journalist, writer and filmmaker working in English language since 1987. I am equally comfortable in reading writing and speaking Hindko while Urdu has been a compulsory medium of communications all through my schooling. I can speak and understand some Persian as well.

I have conversational command of Pashto that I picked up while working in Peshawar for daily “The Frontier Post” during 1989-90 but it is rather rustic now.


1. " The Roles & Capacities of Actors in Water Conflicts in Pakistan: A Mapping Study", a 103-page

book comprising participatory research across the country. To be published by LEAD-Pakistan, Islamabad this year.

2. "Winds of Change", a 248-page book comprising of 40 women councilor's success stories from across

the country jointly written with Zubaida Hussain. Published by Pattan Development Organization, Islamabad in 2006.

3. “PRA Compendium” a 350-page reference book in Urdu on qualitative research methodologies jointly

written with Zubaida Hussain; published by Development VISIONS, Multan in 2004.

4. “Indus Basin Irrigation System” 48-pages booklet in Urdu published by Development VISIONS,

Multan-Pakistan 2001

5. “Water Policy:Time to Review Issues and Options” 196-pages book in English co-edited with Zubaida

Hussain published by Development VISIONS-2000

6. “Decision Making in the IBIS”, Research paper commissioned by the World Commission on Dams as

part of their Global Thematic Review of Irrigation, 1999.

7. “Waterline” a fortnightly e-Magazine that I edited and published for one year in 1997-98 from Lahore.

8. “Fundamentalism and Secularism”, the Urdu translation of the Second C.A. Qadir Lecture by professor

Karar Hussain was published By Shirkat Gah Lahore in 1993.

9. “WLUML Dossier No. 1 Volume 1”, in Urdu was co-translated with Zubaida Hussain and was

published by Shirkat Gah, Lahore in 1992.


1. "Diary of a Psychiatrist”, a 30-minute multimedia Art Film on Stress in society and the need for change.

2. “What A Waste!” A 20-minute documentary on the urban environmental crisis in Pakistan.

3. “From Despair to Hope” is a short multimedia production for World Vision Pakistan

4. “Which Way Forward”, A 50-Minute dialogue with respected environmental scholar and activist Mr. Arif Hassan on the environmental crisis plaguing Karachi.


Ms. Beena Sarwar Aman Ki Asha Jang Group of Companies Karachi Cell: +92-308-2396965

Mr. Mustansar Javed Senior Journalist C/o South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA) - Pakistan

Mr. Mohammad Asif Khan CEO Asian Television Press Network Islamabad-Pakistan





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