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What are the conventions of your


There are many different conventions that are accumulated in the grime genre
such as; clothing, locations and props that are used. Often in a lot of grime
videos you see graffiti scattered around in certain places, this is to show the
levels of social life in these certain areas, it also shows the lack of respect
these artists have for their areas. Also by the use of graffiti people it shows
to people watching the video that its their ends.

The clothing worn in Grime and rap videos are very deliberate and carefully
chosen. In more grime videos, a lot of things like airmax and new era hats
are worn, this is to try and insinuate that they are a gangster or hardman.
Also things like baggy clothing are worn also to reiterate the point of them
being gangster. However, this can work the opposite way also, as rappers
such as Devlin where expensive retro clothing like Lyle and Scott to show
his wealth and "swagger".

There are often many different props in grime/rap videos. A lot of things that are
featured in rap/grime videos are often illegal. Things such as guns, knives
and drugs are featured often in these genre songs as they are perceived as
"hard" or "bad" because they are doing illegal things. often a kind of
negative attitude is also shown towards the police, as if the police are the
bad guys in the video.

In the video are often lots of things that rappers and grime artists show as
objects. Often there are many nice cars and other expensive objects
such as gold chains and "bling" to portray the wealth of the character.
Also in many videos, women are shown unfairly, as they are portrayed
as almost like a possession. There is a lot instances where women are
portrayed in a negative light. The girls are often dressed scantily clad
which reiterates the point of them being treated unfairly

A lot of grime/rap videos are quite high paced and contain a variety of shots
which are edited off and on the beat to create a specific effect on the
viewer. Often when you see a grime/rap video it isnt just the singer or
rapper in the video, he usually has a lot of his mates behind him, in order to
make him look popular and respected. In the picture below, you can see
that Devlin is in the centre of the frame which shows that he has the highest
status in the "gang" and that by having boys either side of him, shows he is
the leader.

Representation within grime


Grime is a genre of music that emerged in England in the early 2000s. It is

mostly a mixture of UK garage, drum and bass and dance hall. At first grime
was first played on pirate radio stations such as Rinse FM, Dj vu FM,
Freeze 92.7 and Raw mission. When grime first came out it had a number
of names such as 8-bar, nu shape, sublow and eskibeat. Since the birth of
Grime, it has become very popular and it now can be accessed on almost
every music website, it also played on lots of different radio stations.

Best known grime artists and




Bugzy Malone

Mo Stack



Tempa T


Lady Leshurr


Boy Better Know (BBK)



Section Boyz

How are grime videos


More often then not in a Grime music video we will be

presented with the main person who sings the song
singing to the viewer and he has his posse also known
as roadmen behind him. A lot of grime music videos have
quite dark lighting and can come across as very violent
and aggressive.

Stormzy - Scary

JME ft Giggs Man Dont Care

Is Grime going global?

Grime was created in the UK and for a while stayed only in

the UK however recently it has started to get popular in
places such as America and Japan. We can see that it Is
popular in the US for reasons such as Skepta a grime
artist is going on tour there and its already sold out.