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End-of-Year Test


Units -
Units 9 & 10

/ 60 marks

Read the article about earthquakes.

Waiting for the next big one

A The Hayward Fault, a long crack in the earth, runs
along the base of the Berkeley Hills and directly
through the University of California near San Francisco.
It passes under a theatre and then continues along
under the steps outside California Memorial Stadium.
The Hayward Fault continues along underneath the
stadium. You can stand on both sides of the fault at the
same time, one foot on either side.

Back in the 1920s, when architects were designing

this football stadium, they refused to let the fault
affect their plans. Even though earthquake science
was still young, the architects realised that there was
a fault where the stadium was to be built. So they
built the stadium in two halves; one half on either side
of the fault. This was done so that if an earthquake
happens along the Hayward Fault, each half can move
independently without causing too much damage.

Scientists now know that the Hayward Fault is slowly

but gradually opening up. The result of 80 years of
opening can be seen at the edge of the stadium.
There is a ten-centimetre gap in the concrete, held
together with a piece of metal. Faults open up slowly
and they cause breaks in the earth. The slow change
can be seen, but earthquakes take everybody by
surprise. Hayward is a particularly dangerous fault,
but it hasn't caused a major earthquake since 1868.
However, sometime soon, it could.

D Its almost impossible to know when an

earthquake will happen since they follow their
own irregular schedule. Earthquake faults develop
slowly and then they suddenly break loose. It's
been over a hundred years since the last big one
in California, the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.
That was the one that helped give birth to modern
earthquake science. A century later, we have a
highly successful theory, called plate tectonics, that
explains why earthquakes happen. Despite the
fact that scientists are able to explain how and why
earthquakes occur, its still impossible to forecast
when an earthquake will happen.

Read the article again to find the following information. Which paragraph(s) tell(s) us ...
roughly how many years have passed since the big earthquake in San Francisco?

that the people who built the stadium didnt let the fault stop them?

that earthquakes cannot be predicted?

how faults develop?

about a construction technique used to avoid a lot of damage?

the dates of two big earthquakes that hit California?

when the California Memorial Stadium was designed?

the path of a particular dangerous fault?



(___ / 10 marks)
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End-of-Year Test

Use your English


Complete the second sentences so that they have a similar meaning to the first sentences, using the
words given. You must use between two and five words.
1 Mr Baker trained the new employee.
The new employee

Mr Baker.

2 Ill buy you lunch to celebrate your promotion, said Celia.


lunch to celebrate my promotion.

3 Hairdressers styled the models hair for the fashion show.

The models

by hairdressers for the fashion show.

4 If you dont go on the cruise, I wont go either.

I wont go on the cruise


5 The secretary answers the phone and replies to emails.

Not only

the phone, but she also replies to emails.

6 The thief forced the customers to give him their money.

The thief

him their money.

7 Did you watch the news last night? Mark asked me.
Mark asked me

the news the night before.

8 The victims of the drought received some food. They were very thankful.
The victims of the drought,

, were very thankful.

9 I find it really annoying that Mario smokes indoors.

I wish Mario


10 I went on a short holiday because I didnt have much money.


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money to go on a long holiday.

(___ / 20 marks)

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End-of-Year Test

Choose the correct answers.

You are what you wear

Some people think that what they wear isnt really that important. They (1) ____ their clothes without giving it
much thought. They just want to get dressed and out the door. They use the (2) ____ that they are too busy.
Sometimes they wear something that doesnt really (3) ____. It may be a little too big or a little too small. If you
are one of these people, then its time to (4) ____ your ways.
You can begin by going through your wardrobe. Throw away anything that is (5) ____ or damaged. Make sure
that you (6) ____ the clothes that dont fit you anymore to charity; even if its a favourite jacket. It can be really
(7) ____ to give away something you like. Then you should make a list of what is left. Dont forget to note the
colour of each item. Then you can begin to plan what you (8) ____ in order to put together a variety of attractive
outfits both for going out and for work.
(___ / 6 marks)
Dressing well for work requires time and effort, but it does pay off in the end. Is it a coincidence that employees
who dress well are often the ones who make the highest (9)____? And everyone knows that how you dress at an
(10) ____ can make the difference between getting the job and going home disappointed.

1 a get around

drop off

d pick up

2 a motive

b excuse


d report

3 a fit

b offer


d design

4 a go

b make


d try

5 a tried on

b dressed up

worn out

d taken off

6 a borrow

b donate


d hire

7 a affordable

b exclusive


d glamorous

8 a must have bought

b cant buy

need to buy

d could have bought

9 a salaries

b vacancies


d strikes

b application


d alibi

10 a itinerary

b pick out

(___ / 10 marks)

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words.

and travel the world to report the news.

1 I want to become a


this wet in the summer.

2 Its been raining all week. Its not


3 It was very windy when the plane arrived at the airport. We had a really bumpy
4 I think Ill get a

for my favourite magazine.


5 My uncle went to the North Pole last year. Hes so

6 Do you think Marilyn would like some

8 Barcelona is well-known for its stunning


for her birthday?

7 I would never get too close to a volcano. Its too



9 I read an interesting article about how to dress more

10 A holiday in Portugal isnt terribly expensive. In fact, its quite





(___ / 10 marks)

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End-of-Year Test

Read the extract from an article below and write an essay about the pros and cons of using the Internet to
learn about what is happening in your country and around the world. (120-180 words)

It is generally believed that traditional media like

newspapers and TV provide more accurate news
than new media like the Internet. However, many
people nowadays access various sites on the
Internet for the news.

(___ / 10 marks)
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End-of-Year Test