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The Crucible

Act Two Questions. All questions are in order of events in Act Two.
1. How do Proctor and his wife Elizabeth treat each other? What seems to be the problem in their relationship? 2. How are the townspeople treating Abigail? Include a QUOTE: 3. How did Mary Warren save Elizabeths life? Whom do you suspect accused Elizabeth? 4. How does Mary Warren act once she returns home from court? Why do you think she has this attitude? 5. What motivations would Abigail have for accusing Elizabeth of witchcraft? 6. Why has Mr. Hale come to the Proctors house? What kind of questions does he ask? 7. What remark does Elizabeth make that shocks Mr. Hale? 8. What has Rebecca Nurse been charged with, specifically? 9. What evidence is there of Elizabeths practicing witchcraft? Do you believe Elizabeth was set up? 10. What does Proctor claim is walking Salem?

11. Who was Pontius Pilate and why does Proctor mention Pontius Pilate? 12. What has Abigail told Mary Warren about Proctor?

13. What does Proctor mean when he says, we are what we always were?

14. What lies are told and what truths are revealed in Act Two? How might these truths and lies relate to the development of the plays theme? 15. There are four themes in The Crucible: Puritanism and Individuality, Hysteria, The Danger of Ideology, and Reputation and Integrity. What two theme(s) have you seen so far in The Crucible? Write the themes and examples below: THEME EXAMPLE