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Date: 3rd of September 2016-09-03

To: Netherlands Embassy in Bucharest

Address :Bd. Dimitrie Pompeiu, no. 5-7
Hermes Business Campus, 8th floor
Bucharest sector 2, 020335
From: BacauMUN organizing team
Address: ???

Her Excellency, Ambassador Stella RonnerGrubai,

Many attempts are now being made to engage young adults in social and
political contexts, and Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, has
greatly contrived in gaining the interest of many, on a global scale. An educational
simulation and an academic challenge, delegates take on the role of diplomats,
ambassadors, journalists, and debate on various topics to defuse the impending
crises our world faces , striving to address ones assigned country own interests and
philosophical system.
BacauMUN, the first MUN to ever be organized hitherto in our town,
Bacau,Romania, is a project initiated by eleventh-grade students, back in 2014,
impelled by a desire to bring prosperity to the community, and to challenge
youngsters attitudes towards politics and foreign affairs. BacauMUN at its first
edition, in 2015, provided viable solutions to problems such as the refugee crisis,
terrorism, and gender pay gap, in committees such as Human Rights, Political,
ECOSOC.With a large contingent of delegates, reaching a total of 100 scholars from
the local district and foreign students from the British School Of Bucharest, the
conference proved to appeal to the audience targeted, ensuring a three days stay in
our town full of fruitful experiences.
As the proceedings for the second edition, with its date established on 14-1516 of October this year, have commenced we developed a theme on which every
advertising material or speech will center on, namely EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES.
This year, unlike the previous edition, four committees have been formed, the new
addition being Security Council , for the challenge it represents.On social media we
promote UNs Sustainable Development Agenda, ergo adding more weight to the
consensus that involvement is much needed from the young adults in nowadays
problems.During the conference, there will be debate sessions, followed by formal
dinners , and board-games nights, so as the networking process can be smoothly

Taking everything into account, we would like to put forward an invitation at

the conference, as the community, the delegates, and the organizers show great
respect and admiration for such commitment to fighting for the better good , as the
one expressed by ambassadors. Were we to be honored by your distinguished
presence at the conference, as your position is one at which many participants
aspire to in the future, we would have a remarkable example to show the students.
Our gratitude for reading this is immense and we are in advance apologetic for
taking your time.We are looking forward to your presence at the conference if there
is a possibility.

*insert semnatura Vlad*