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De-Wet Visser

I am a driven young man that strives to perfect my culinary skills with
every day that I step foot in the kitchen. I have been working as a
Professional Chef for the past 5 years. In this time, I have proven to
myself and the chefs that I have worked with that I am a hardworking
and disciplined individual. Some of my strong points include but are
not limited to: fast learner, flexible and adapt easily to the style of the
Chefs I work with. I am never late and always make sure the work is
completed. Over the past 5 years I have had the opportunity to work within South Africa as a
Demi Chef de Partie, in Kuwait as a commis chef and in Dubai as a Chef de Partie. This
exposed me to many different cultures and people from many different countries and enabled
me to learn how to work well and effectively with any person regardless of their nationality,
culture or color. The past two years I have really been able to step up to the leadership roles
as I had to be responsible for three different areas of the Sheraton Grand Hotel. These
included Garde Manger in Main Kitchen, Garde Manger Feast Restaurant as well as Preparation
Kitchen. In total I looked over 10 chefs; three of which are Demi Chefs and the rest were
commis and trainees. In addition, I had set up all recipes and helped with the development of
their recently launched IRD, Link Caf and Feast Menu. Furthermore, I have a very good
understanding of Basic food and HACCP standards and have been able to bring the Garde
Manger to the top average in the hotel. I have also completed Level 3 Food Safety and HACCP
Certificate set by the Dubai Health and Safety Department.
Most recently I was the Chef in Charge (Head Chef) at Serendipity Bistro and Bar in Gansbaai
to help with the launching of the menu. I was fully responsible for all the ordering of the
kitchen equipment, stock and cleaning materials at Serendipity. I set up and did the whole
menu for the restaurant and did the overall menu testing with my team. Now that the
restaurant is up and running I seek out my new challenge abroad once more. I am still very
eager to learn and develop my skills and abilities under experienced chefs. Overall, I am a
positive person who believes that the best way to lead your team is by leading by example;
and that means I always have to be on point and do things to the best of my ability. I know
that I will be a great addition to any kitchen and add a lot of experience and knowledge, while
being a team player with unlimited passion for what I do.

Personal Details

194 De Kelders, Western Cape South Africa

Telephone Number:


Best time of day to contact:

13:00 local time



Skype ID:


Date of Birth:




Country of Citizenship:

South Africa

Country of Residence:

South Africa

Date available to start training:

Right Away

Marital Status:




Peacanwood College
Education start date:
Graduation date:
Field of Study:

Hartebeesport Dam, South Africa

Matric Grade 12

University of Pretoria
Education start date:
Field of Study:

Hatfield, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

2011-02-11/ 2011-5-30
Human Movement Science & Sports Management

South African Chefs Academy

Education start date:
Graduation date:
Field of Study:

Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa

City & Guilds Professional Cookery & Pastry/ Diploma from South
African Chefs Academy

Work Experience:
Name Position:

Makiti Wedding Venue

Waiter, Buffet
Kromdraai, South-Africa
January 2007- December 2008


Set up of entire wedding venues which included setting up tables.

Cake stand set ups (weddings ranging from 80 guests 350 guests)
Setting up of cocktail station & serving canopys
Food service to guests ranging from buffet menus to plated menus
I would also help in the pre-preparation of certain item on the menu such as the salads,
saut mushrooms, prepare and bake the puddings.
Clean-up of entire wedding venue

Company Name:

Plantland Coffee Shop

Krugersdorp Cnr R28 & Robert Broom Drive, South-Africa
January 2007 December 2007

- Receiving of stock
- Served guests for lunch and breakfast
- Set up of birthday parties (adults & children), baby showers and other events and was the
main waitress for these events.
- Ensured proper clean-up at the end of each day, made sure fridges were fully stocked,
coffee machine was cleaned and that general grounds were clean.
- Trained new waiters and waitresses

Company Name:

South African Chef Academy


Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa
16/01/2012 - 06/12/2012

- Helping with mentoring the guests on Gourmet Evenings
- Catering for Pink Polo event on the Val de Vie Polo Estate in Cape Town
- Help with the preparations of dishes as well as plating at the Dewetshof Wine Awards Event on
the DewetsHof Wine farm in Cape Town
- Helping with big functions outside of the college
- International Rugby Games (IRB) between Springboks vs Argentina Pumas
- Big compony catering and event catering
- For all the above we were responsible for making sure the food was well prepared and up to
standards as well as warm
- On some occasions we had to prepare the food in large amount but still keeping the quality.
Company Name:

The Saxon Boutique Hotel & Spa

Demi Chef de Partie
Sandton, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
10/12/2012 - 10/03/2013

- Responsible for all the preparation for the al a cart menu items for breakfast and lunch. This
included baking, saut, grilling, roasting, boiling and several other cooking methods.
- Preparing the items when on order and plating the dish and making sure it looks good and
appetizing to the guests.
- Ensuring all stock was well rotated to prevent wastage. This stock rotation included, placing
newly arriving stock to be place at the back and old stock to be brought to the front. (First in
First out rotation system)
- Ensuring all items were dated with expiring date as well as production date.
- On the days my CDP was off I would also be responsible for doing all preparation for functions,
which ranged from 20 guests to 150 guests.
- Making sure all the items used was readily available and that all stock orders were placed on

In charge of all preparations e for breakfast and lunch.

- Every other day I was also responsible for coming up with a 5-star Fish of the Day dish, using
items, which were abundantly available.

Company Name:

Personal Chef
Sandton, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
10/12/2012 - 10/04/2013

- Responsible for preparing lunch and dinner for the family which consisted of three people.
- On certain occasion I would also prepare food for there guests or business functions. This
would consist of a three course meal most of the times. With this came the responsibility to
buy all ingredients and working with the given allowance I was given.
- I was responsible for costing all the dishes I had prepared and making sure I did not exceed
the budget limit. As well as made sure portion control was implemented.

Company Name Position:


Self Employed/ Personal Chef

Middleburg, South Africa
10/04/2013 - 30/01/2014

- Hosting personal Gourmet cooking classes for groups of people
- Demonstrate several different culinary skills ranging from beginners all the way to advanced;
along with various different cooking methods.
- Three course menus were then cooked with the different cooking methods learned followed
with a talk with regards to each persons performance and identifying improvement points.
- Tasting and evaluation of dishes.
Company Name Position:

M.H Alshaya brand Katsuya by Stark

Avenues Mall, Kuwait
18/02/2014 30/10/2014

- Checking labels of products to ensure items are not expired or incorrectly labeled.
- Cleaning and ensuring hygienic rules and regulations are upheld from my side and of those
who work along side me. (Knowing and practicing HACCP)
- Receiving produce and making sure it is checked and matching the order sheet.
- Once done, checking the quality and temperature to ensure best quality.
- Working with FMC to book delivered items and ensuring delivery note corresponds with the
order placed by the Executive Chef.
- Checking pricing and quantity as well to ensure volume match exactly for each item.
- Placing orders which the Executive Chef has approved, and then sending order to relevant
- All FMC and receiving of items are only when Receiver is not available or sick.
- Checking of mise en place of all station and checking of temperatures of fridges and cold
- Logging of temperatures and cooked item temperatures and cooling times and temperatures.
- Production of sauces and stocks for all stations.
- Working on the line, preparing of dishes when orders come in.
- Worked on Saute station.
Company Name:

Sheraton Grand, Dubai

Demi CDP


Dubai, UAE

- Responsible for maintaining the PIC (Person In charge) standards, which include HACCP and
Basic Food Hygiene.
- Ensure all produce needed in Cold Kitchen are ordered and always available.
- Maintain the standards set by the Executive Chef for all outlets that Cold Kitchen supply which
include Club Lounge, Al a Chart, Link Caf, Dawn & Dusk Pool Bar and all functions and
coffee breaks.
- Training the interns, commis and any new members that join the kitchen to ensure everyone
knows how to produce all dishes and do it the same way.
- In charge of three commis chefs and one Demi Chef who is incharge when I am absent from
the kitchen.
- Review and draw up the recipes for all canaps done for club lounge and functions to hand
over to my Sous chef which then uses it to do food costing for each canap.
- Responsible for creating new canap Ideas and Al a Chart items when we have menu changes.
Company Name:

Sheraton Grand, Dubai

Chef de Partie
Dubai, UAE

Within this role I maintained the same tasks and responsibilities as I did within my role as the
Demi CDP, however I had more responsibility overseeing the junior chefs in several different
departments. Furthermore, I had to ensure all display stations in all outlets were checked twice
a day for display and food quality. Additionally, I worked more closely with the Sous Chef on the

Stock Rotation
Basic Food Hygiene and HCCAP
Ordering of Ingredients
Menu Development
Staff Trainings

Company Name:

Serendipity Bistro & Bar

Chef in Charge
Dubai, UAE
1/06/2016 - Current

- Set up of the menu and assisting with the pre-opening of the Restaurant.
- Set up of the menu with the owner.

- Sourcing of all the ingredients from several different suppliers. Choosing the best quality
products to have the best dishes.
- Costing and pricing of all dishes on the menu.
- Set up of the layout of the kitchen and ordering of all the equipment within a budget allowed.
- Kitchen staff recruitment which included interviews with several people to fill the positions
under me to be trained of the complete menu and basic food safety, HACCP and Gas and fire
safety regulations set out by South African and International Standards.
- Outside of the culinary experience I also helped with the physical construction of the kitchen
bar and most of the other parts of the restaurant.

Language & Computer Skills

Afrikaans (Fluent, Native Read, Write & Speak)
English (Fluent, Read, Write & Speak)
Windows ready, able to operate MS word, excel, powerpoint and database.
Mac, beginner

Certificates & Awards

- Professional Cookery and Pastry Diploma with all distinctions City and Guilds Diploma with all
- Toastmasters Youth Speech Course Certificate
- Toastmasters International and Most improved
- SA Chefs Academy most Attendance at functions
- Level One Gas and LPG gas safety License
- Charity work while at Pecanwood College for under privileged children



Lecturer at South African

Chefs Academy
Name: Chef Paul Hartmann

Number: +27832653078

Position: Lecturer at South African Chefs


Number: +27716777324

Name: David Higgs

Email: paul@sachefsacademy.com

Position: Head Chef at The Saxon Boutique

Hotel and Spa

Name: Chef Garth Stroebal

Number: +27828251242
Email: davidh@saxon.co.za


MBW Art part Owner and

Number: +27713632878
Name: Mikel Allati
Name: George Cohen

Company: Sheraton Grand Dubai

Position: Managing Director at The Saxon


Boutique Hotel and Spa

Number: +971553586786

Number: +27 (0) 112926000

Email: mikelallati@live.com

Arabic/Cold Sous Chef

Email: georgec@saxon.co.za
Name: Craig Woolfson

Name: Johann Visser

Company: Serendipity Bistro & Bar
Restaurant Manager
Number: +27 73 433 0941
Email: johannvissermw@hotmail.com