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Teacher: Prvan Daniela

Secondary School No. 1 Motru
Class: 7th grade, 5th year of study
Book: English Scrapbook
No. of pupils: 27
Type of lesson: Teaching reading
Lesson: Henry VIII (unit5)
Date: 5th March
Students have studied the seven wonders of the world and it will be the link for the
reading lesson with a historical theme.
Objectives 1-to raise expectation and create interest before reading
2-to obtain preliminary information from the text by predicting, scanning and
3-to read the text for general understanding
4- to read in order to extract specific information
5- to make a judgement of the text in terms of the students opinion
O 1 (10 minutes)
Activity:The teacher asks the students to read their presentations on the seven
wonders of the world and they will tell her which is their wonder and why. The teacher
asks students question such as Do you like History?, Who likes it raise your hands. The
teacher gives the students some names and asks them if they have heard about them and
to who were those people(House of Tudor: RichardIII, Henry VII,VIII, Eduard VI, Mary
I, Philip, Elizabeth I).(kings and queens of England). Who rules England? Queen, king,
president? Is it a democracy or a monarchy? Lets look at page 47. Who do you think is in
that picture?
Aids:sheets with the wonders of the world, book
Language: unpredictable
Possible problems: The students may not know too much about the kings of
O 2 (8 minutes)
Activity: The teacher asks the students to read quickly between the line in 3
minutesthe text and extract the main idea. Students scan the text afterwards to look for
the name of Henrys first wife, Henrys first child and Henrys last wife.
Language:all and any
Possible problems: some students may have problems whem skimming

O 3 (15 minutes)
Activity: The students read the text, one sentence each student. While reading the
text students fill in the chart from exercise 2 page 47. The teacher writes on the
blackboard words that students have problems with and explains or translates them.
Aids:book, blackboard and chalk
Language: History and family.
Possible problems: The pronounciation of certain words may be problematic
O 4 (5 minutes)
Activities: Students answer some question based on the text, they arrange some
sentences so that they follow the order of the actions from the text.
Aids: worksheet, book, blackboard and chalk
Language: unpredictable
Possible problems: When answering the questions students could have problems
in expressing themselves.
O 5 (7 minutes)
Activities:Students are asked to express their opinion on the text. Was Henry VIII
a good king? Why/ Why not? What do you think about his personal life? Should he have
done things differently? What do you think about his wives? Which one do you like best?
Why? .....
Aids: Language: unpredictable
Possible problems: These may occur when students express themselves