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Why do you think football is the worlds most popular sport?

Why does football attract hooligans?
Is there anything else that joins the world in celebration like the football World Cup?
In 30 seconds, can you explain what football is?
Do you think womens football is as exciting as mens?
Some people believe football is a matter of life and deathI can assure you it is much, much more
important than that. What do you think of the thoughts of this famous football manager?
How can football authorities change the rules to make the game more exciting?
What do you know about the history of football?
Football or soccer - Which word is best?
Pele or Maradona Who was better?
Do you think football is a sport and an art?
Do you think professional footballers get paid too much?
What do you like and dislike about football?
Do you think the bosses of American sports like baseball and American football are jealous of the
worldwide popularity of football?
Where is the worlds best football played?
What do you understand by the term football widow?
Do you think football will one day become the number one sport in the USA?
Is there a better feeling in life than to score the winning goal for your country in footballs World Cup final?
Is it a problem that so few goals are scored in football?
Do you think football will be different 50 or 100 years from now?

The world is watching

The World Cup finally kicked off on Friday, with 32 teams hoping to reach the final in Berlin on July 9. Newspapers
around the world have been full of stories about the event and the Bangkok Post is no different. Let's look at some
of the stories that have been making headlines.
Match the headlines to the pictures.
1. Punters get World Cup fever
2. Beckham aims for trophy
3. Ronaldo struggles with new boots
4. German relief as team finds form
Now talk in groups about what you expect to read.

1. Match the opening sentences to the headlines and fill in the missing words.
a. David Beckham says he would probably burst into tears if England were to win the _____ ___.
b. _______ eased their homeland's worries by thumping Columbia 3-0 while Italy and Sweden were stuck with
draws in World Cup warm-ups on Friday.
c. Betting on football matches has swept the country, becoming more _______ than legalised sports betting -

such as on horse ______ - and now probably on a par with the government lottery.
d. Brazil star _______ will definitely be fit for the champions' World Cup opener despite a foot problem believed to
be caused by new _____ he has been wearing, team doctors said yesterday.
2. Write a headline and opening sentence for this World Cup story about Guus Hiddink and the Australian team
following their game against Holland.
Hiddink was in a buoyant mood after his previously unheralded team overcame the second half sending off of
Luke Wilkshire to battle to a highly impressive draw at the home of the team ranked third in the Fifa world
Now, the man who sensationally took South Korea to the semi-finals on home soil four years ago believes his new
charges can also shock the world after taking huge strides under his tutelage.
``The progress we have made in just a few months is incredible compared to the level we were at six months
ago,'' beamed Hiddink after Sunday's game where Tim Cahill cancelled out Ruud van Nistelrooy's opener.
``We have had a glimpse of what awaits us in the World Cup in physical and tactical terms.
``This is a result which will give us even more confidence, although the players were far from lacking in that
department during qualification.''
Australia dug out a draw against the highly fancied Dutch through sheer grit and hard work, and not a little
muscle either, as they battled to keep in touch with opponents who were technically far superior. AFP
3. Answer the following questions.
1. Which team does Hiddink coach?
2. What team is third in the Fifa world rankings?
3. Who did Hiddink coach at the last World Cup?
4. Which player scored the first goal?
5. Did Australia have enough confidence during qualification?
6. Which team was better technically?


a. 2, World Cup
b. 4, Germany
c. 1, popular, racing
d. 3, Ronaldo, boots
2. Anything similar to the original headline and opening sentence is acceptable.
Socceroos ready to make an impression
Australia are ready to take on the world according to their Dutch coach Guus Hiddink after he watched his side
hold the Netherlands to a 1-1 draw in Holland.
1. Australia
2. Holland
3. South Korea
4. Ruud van Nistelrooy
5. Yes, they were "far from lacking in that department."
6. The Netherlands


far from lacking


very happy

have more than enough of

burst into tears


highly fancied

suddenly start crying

not praised

expected to do well



sheer grit

beating heavily

people you are responsible for


on a par with


on the same level as