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Tiffany Yang

Discussion 1F
1. According to Sagan, there is a very thin line between clinical rationality
and fabricated revelations of the universe. The absence of physical
evidence, the possibility of alternative theories and speculations (for
example, the reciprocated readings of light signals could be from a
familiar, non-transcendental or astrophysical source) and fabrications
of specious evidence, do not favor anectodal claims, no matter how
electrifyingly intuitive or thought-provoking, but instead orchestrates
scientific and configured methods of thorough investigation and
analysis. Regardless of how unprecedented a discovery may be when it
comes to discovering extraterrestrial beings and likely plausible (given
how the universe is infinitely large beyond peripheral scope), without
verifiable evidence or credibility one cannot expect their testimony to
be so readily believed when there are many faucets of human fallibility.
Mack, on the other hand, tries to vicariously understand the
experiencers knowledge of alien-like entities, and defends them by
trying to investigate these phenomenons, against the conventions of
rationality. He credits these people in his conclusion that these are
average, or above-average human beings who are not vulnerable to
mental illness nor have undergone therapeutic treatment. Although
there are hypotheses that doubt their narratives, reflecting a
refabricated tapestry of past recollections, he casts aside their
refutations and states, beyond the scope of contemporary wisdom,
that the message shared by these victims indispensably prophesizes a
bleak prospect of Earths future and is drawing a response from the
entities or beings in the cosmos. (LA times)
2. Kirk Allen, a young physicist who wrote dozens of scientific inquiries
and treatises, had convinced a well-educated psychoanalyst Robert
Lindner that an alternative dimension does stretch across
transcendental realms of space-time continuum. Ironically, Lindner had
been the one romanticizing the possibilities of a universe that does not
abide by the ordinance of his clinical and scientific profession. This
reinforces the whos conning who theory in that any proposal of
ground-breaking ideas can be enriching to the receivers mind, but
without any sort of verification, can never be merited. Mack (though he
had never been asked to vicariously envision an alternate gateway to
another dimension) may be astonished to find that such a whimsical
and feasible sequence of events pieced together by a credible person
is simply contrived imagination.
3. Experiencers under psychoanalytical procedures may have revelations
of empirical facts. Evidence from their pastpast recollections,
stimulating experiences or circumstances may have traumatically
triggered their wariness of unusual events in the future and can be
utilized for further investigations on whether to legitimize or

Tiffany Yang
Discussion 1F
completely reject the theory at hand. Whether they are facts or not,
(facts can be distorted to varying degree) should be delineated from
the source (situation) through investigation.
4. Radio searchings of extraterrestrial intelligence allows multiple
scientists to consolidate and reciprocate legitimate evidence to verify
and perhaps resolve this controversy into a well-formulated conclusion.
(and not just intuitive) It offers a broader spectrum of alternative
research (flashing signals, precessions, aircraft broadcastings) that
opens the doors to technological and scientific innovations and not just
an individual revelation of a theory that cannot accurately verify