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Computer Assignment Sem-1

Ch-1 Evolution of Computers
1. Which calculating device is still in use today?
A] Pascaline
b] Abacus c] Difference Engine
d] Analytical
2. The first adding machine was developed by ___ in the year 1642.
A] William Aughter
b] Blaise Pascal C] Mauchly d] Ada Lovelace
3. Which computers are battery operated and can be carried in briefcase?
A] Laptop b] Desktop c] Mini Computer d] None
4. ____ were used in the second generation of computers.
b] Transistors
c] IC d] Vacuum Tubes
5. Fourth generation computers use ___ as input device.
A] Keyboard
b] Mouse, Keyboard
c] Punched Crads d] Magnetic
6. _____ was the first commercial electronic computer.
A] ENIAC b] Mark1 c] UNIVAC
d] Napiers Bones
7. _____ was the first automatic sequence controlled computer.
A] ENIAC b] Mark1 c] UNIVAC
d] Napiers Bones
8. Which computers are used in large business organizations and banks?
A] Micro Computer
B] Mini Computer
c] Mainframe
Computer d] Super Computer
9. ______ were used as storage device in the 3rd generation of computers.
A] Magnetic Tape b] Punched Cards c] None
d] Magnetic disks
10.Which device was developed by Charles Babbage?
A] ENIAC b] Mark1 c] Difference Engine
d] Napiers Bones
11.The era of second generation of computers was ____.
A] 1940-56 b] 1941-51 c] 1956-63 d] 1955-69
12.ENIAC was the first _____ computer.
A] Electronic
b] Mechanical
c] Automatic
d] Instrumental
13.Andre Truong Trong Thi, _______ engineer is considered to be the Father
of Personal Computer.
A] American
b] French c] German d] British
14._____ was the first mechanical device for calculations developed in China.
A] Abacus
b] Pascaline
c] Leibniz Calculator
Tabulating Machine
15.Abacus frame is divided into _____.
A] Heaven and Hell
b] Earth and Heaven c] Sun and Earth d]
Hell and Sun

16._____ invented the first mechanical calculator in the year 1642.

A] Leibniz b] Charles Babbage
c] Dr. Herman Hollerith d] Blaise
17.___ is the worlds fastest Super Computer.
A] Tianhe-2
b] Tianhe-1 c] IBM
18.The first general purpose electronic computer was ______.
A] ENIAC b] Mark1 c] UNIVAC
d] Pascaline
19.Analytical engine was invented in ____.
A] 1822
b] 1833
c] 1951
d] 1890
20.____ improved on Pascals machine in 1671.
A] Herman Hollerith
b] Charles Babbage
c] Leibniz d] George
21.____ is considered as the Father of Computers.
A] Augusta Ada Lovelace
b] Blaise Pascal c] Howard Aiken d]
Charles Babbage
22.____ created the Thomas Arithmometer.
A] Charles Xavier Thomas b] Charles Babbage
c] John Mauchly
d] John Von Thomas
23._____ was used for supervising all the units.
A] Store
b] Mill
c] Vacuum Tubes d] Control
24._____ was the first Lady Programmer.
A] Herman Hollerith
b] Augusta Ada Lovelace
c] Leibniz d]
George Boole
25.Herman Hollerith invented a machine called______.
b] Thomas Arithmometer
c] Calculator
Tabulating Machine
26._____ is the Father of disk drive.
A] Charles Babbage
b] Charles Xavier c] Christopher Sholes
Reynold Johnson
27.CRAY-1 and CRAY-2 are the examples of______.
A] Super Computers b] Mainframe Computers
c] Micro
Computers d] Mini Computers
28.______ marks the birth of IBM_PC.
A] August 12
b] August 19
c] August 21d] August 18
29.IBMZ series and SystemZ10 are the examples of _____.
A] Super Computers
b] Mainframe Computers
c] Micro
Computers d] Mini Computers
30.____ were used in the first generation of computers.
A] Tansistors
b] Punched Cards c] Vacuum Tubes d] IC
31.______ invented the difference engine.

A] Blaise Pascal b] George Boole c] Charles Babbage

32.EDIVAC was built using binary code in ______.
A] 1950
b] 1944
c] 1951
d] 1833

d] Howard

Ch-2 Software And Its Types

1. ______ controls the overall activity of a computer.
A] System Software
b] Operating System
c] Application Software d]
Utility Programs
2. ______ programs perform specific tasks, usually related to managing a
computer, its devices or its programs.
A] System Software
b] Operating System
c] Application Software d]
Utility Programs
3. ____ is regarded as the inventor of QWERTY Keyboard Layout.
A] Charles Babbage
b] Vinod Dham
c] Sir Christopher Latham Sholes
d] Seymour Rubinstein
4. _____ is known as the Father of Pentium.
A] Vinod Dham b] Reynold Johnson
c] Charles Babbage
d] Sir
Christopher Latham Sholes
5. The _____ is the example of Operating System.
A] Windows XP b] CD
c] Winzip d] Wordpad
6. The ____ is the example of Application Software.
A] LINUX b] Flash Drive
c] PkZip
d] Ms Word
7. DBMS means _______________.
A] Database Management Software b] Data basic Management Service c]
Data Base Management System
d] Detailed Base Management System
8. _____ founded MicroPro International Inc. in 1978.
A] Reynold Johnson
b] Vinod Dham
c] Seymour Rubinstein d] Sir
Christopher Sholes
9. ____ is the soul of a computer without which it cannot exist.
A] Hardware
b] Software c] Application
d] Utility
10. A _____ helps us to create professional looking documents quickly and
A] Electronic Spreadsheet
b] Desktop Publishing Softwarec] Graphics
d] Word Processing Software
11. _______ software is used for drawing.
A] MS Word
b] MS Excel
c] MS Paint
d] MS PowerPoint
12. _____ software helps us to arrange and store data in computers in an organized

A] Database
b] Data Basic
c] Detail Base
d] Deal Base
13. _____ acts as an Operating system in your school.
A] Teacher b] Principal
c] Trustee d] Students
14. ______ software can combine text and graphics to design professional
A] Coreldraw
b] MS Word
c] FoxPro d] AutoCad
15.______ software is used to create documents like letters, notes, etc.
A] MS Excel
b] MS Word
c] Windows Media Player
16. ____ is presentation software.
A] Power Point b] dbase
c] MS Excel d] MS Word
17. _____ is compression programs that shrink files to consume less disk space.
A] PkZip b] FoxPro c] Lotus 123d] Paint
18. Which of the following is an Antivirus Program.
A] Flash drive
b] Power Point
c] Norton d] Writer
19. Who received the Turing Award in 1973 for his outstanding contribution in
database technology?
A] Charles Bachman b] Reynold Johnson
c] Sir Christopher d] Vinod
20. Name the software that can display results in the forms of graphs.
A] MS Word
b] MS Excel
c] MS Paint
d] MS Dos
21. ______ software controls the operation of a computer.
A] Hardware
b] System Software
c] Application Software d] Utility
22. ______ software displays data in the form of a report.
A] MS Access
b] MS Dos c] Coreldraw
d] Photoshop
23. ______ types of software is used to create images such as charts, graphs,
photographs, logos, cartoons,etc.
A] Graphics Software b] Multimedia Software
c] Presentation Software
d] System Software
24. ______ software creates full motion video, animation, sound with high degree
of interaction.
A] Graphics Software
b] Multimedia Software
c] Presentation Software
d] System Software
25. Which was the most popular operating system chosen from IBM-PC?
A] MS Access
b] MS Dos c] Coreldraw
d] Photoshop
26. _____ was the first computer spreadsheet program.
A] MS Excel
b] Lotus 123
c] Visicalc d] Libre Program
27. Software are of two types:- ______

A] Application Software and Utility Programs

b] System Software and
Presentation Software c] Multimedia Software and Graphics software
System Software and Application Software
28. _____ is that part of a computer which cannot be touched or seen.
A] Hardware
b] CPU
c] Software
d] Mouse
29. Operating System provides _____ by means of passwords to prevent misuse of
a computer.
A] Processor
b] Memory c] File
d] Security
30. ____ is a process of recovering data in case of damage or accidental loss.
A] Antivirus
b] Back up c] Compression d] DBMS
1. The Start button is placed on the left side of the _____.
A] Taskbar
b] Ruler bar c] Title bar d] Access Toolbar
2. _____ works like a trash bin used for throwing the unwanted papers.
A] Network
b] Restore c] Recycle bin
d] None
3. Which option do we select to change the wallpaper when we right-click on the
blank area of the desktop?
A] New
b] Personalize
c] Refresh d] Restore
4. Which icon is indicated with a small jump arrow on its lower left corner?
A] Computer
b] Application
c] Shortcut d] Network
5. Press ____ + Delete key combination to delete files or folders permanently.
A] Altb] Ctrl
c] Shift
d] None
6. Name the first edition of Windows which included a new user interface.
A] Windows 98 b] Windows ME c] Windows 95 d] Windows XP
7. Select the _____ option from the shortcut menu to change the name of the file or
A] Restore b] Create shortcut c] Properties
d] Rename
8. IBMs version of DOS was called _____.
c] IBM-PC d] None
9. Name the option that offers the most direct way to locate file.
A] Office Button b] Search box
c] None
d] Organize Button
10. Which button do we use in Explorer window to copy the files?
A] Organize
b] Open
c] New Folder
d] Library
11. Which is the most important program to control the activities of a computer?
A] Application Software b] Operating System
c] My Documents d] Computer
12. Windows contains Mini programs called_______.
A] Recycle bin
b] Gadgets c] Computer d] Organize
13. Who is the founder of Microsoft?

A] Rey Johnson b] Charles Xavier c] Bill Gills d] Bill Gates

14. Name the company that owns Windows.
A] Microsoft Corporation
b] Supersoft Corporation
c] Minisoft
d] Macrosoft Corporation
15._____ is the latest version of Windows.
A] Windows 98 b] Windows 8
c] Windows XP d] Windows 7
16. What do we call the graphical images that give a quick access to the related
A] Application Icons b] Utility programs
c] System software
Paint Icons
17. Which key will you hold to select a consecutive group of files?
A] Shift
b] Del
c] Ctrl
d] Enter
18. What do we call the area of taskbar which includes a Clock and some icons?
A] Jumplist b] Application Icons
c] Network d] Notification Area
19. A _____ is like a file cabinet in which you can store files.
A] Icons
b] Folder c] Taskbar d] Start Menu
20. ______ is an operating system that acts as an interface between the user and the
A] Hardware
b] Application Icon
c] Memory d] Windows
21. Windows 8 is available for download in _____ language.
A] 11
b] 13 c] 14 d] 41
22. _____ in Windows 7 takes you right to the documents, songs or websites you
see every day.
A] Taskbar b] Jumplist c] Start Menu
d] Notification Area
23. ____ is a folder that holds the deleted objects.
A] My Documents
b] My Computer c] Recycle bin
d] Network
24. A _____ contains a direct route to a specific application, documents or folder,
A] Shortcut Icons b] Computer
c] My Documents d] Application Icons
25. Originally, Windows7 was named as _____.
A] Blue Comb
b] Black Comb c] White Comb
d] Red Comb
26. ____ allows you to access the shared files or devices on different computers.
A] Computer
b] Documents
c] Network d] Shortcut
27. You can restore the document window by clicking on the ____.
A] Document Icon
b] Network c] Shortcut Icon d] Application Icon
28. To copy multiple files or folders, press and hold down ____ key and click on
the files to be copied.
A] Shift
b] Ctrl
c] Delete
d] Caps lock
29. To change the clock name, click ____ button and make the desired changes.
A] Slideshow
b] Documents
c] Option d] Clock


1. Header and Footer are not displayed in the view.
A] Outline b] Normal c] Print Layout
d] Portrait
2. Which bar do we click to set the Tab stops?
A] Scroll bar
b] Ruler Bar
c] Title bar d] Menu bar
3. The shortcut key _______ is used to delete files or folders permanently.
A] Shift+Del
b] Del
c] Ctrl+Del
d] Backspace
4. _____ means the spaces left towards the edges in a document.
A] Orientation
b] Size
c] None
d] Margins
5. The Page Layout tab is present on the ____ group.
A] Insert
b] Page setup
c] Mailings d] View
6. The Increase Indent button moves the text ____ inch away from the left margin.
b] c] 1 d] 2
7. The columns button is present on the ____ tab.
A] Insert
b] Page Layout c] Mailings d] View
8. _____ is used to move the cursor at certain spaces in a document.
A] Shift key
b] Delete Key
c] Tab Key d] Insert Key
9. Tab stops are set at every ___ inch.
A] 0.25
b] 1 c] 0.5 d] 1.25
10. _____ option is used to format the document in newspaper style.
A] Margins b] Columns c] Header d] Footer
11. _____ is the amount of space between the lines of text in a paragraph.
A] Margins b] Indenting
c] Line spacing d] Styles and formatting
12. The size button is present on the____ tab.
A] Home b] Paragraph
c] Page Layout
d] None
13. Which application software is used for Word processing?
A] Microsoft Word
b] Microsoft Excel
c] Microsoft Paint
Microsoft PowerPoint
14. Which group contains the Format Painter button?
A] Tab
b] Shapes c] Clipboard
d] Tools
15. Microsoft Word is a/an _____.
A] Application Software
b] System Software
c] Utility Program
d] Presentation Software
16. Which format places the text slightly below the line of normal printed text?
A] Superscript
b] Subscript
c] Effect
d] Enter
17. Which format places the text slightly above the line of normal printed text?
A] Superscript b] Subscript c] Effect
d] Enter
18. Which tool is used to copy the formatted the text effects to another selection?

A] Header and Footer

b] Indenting c] Format Painter
d] Page Layout
19. Which indent button is used to move a paragraph away from the left margin?
A] Decrease Indent
b] Column break c] Header and footer
d] Increase
20. What is the temporary name of a blank document?
A] New File
b] Document 1 c] Document New d] Blank Document
21. Which bar displays the name of the current document and application?
A] Scroll bar
b] Ruler bar
c] Title bar d] Tool bar
22. Which key is pressed to cancel a search?
A] Tab
b] Enter
c] Escape d] Delete
23. Which shortcut key is used to save a document?
A] Ctrl +N b] Ctrl +Z c] Ctrl +S d] Ctrl +P
24. Which shortcut key is used to find option?
A] Ctrl +H b] Ctrl +F c] Ctrl +1 d] Ctrl +S
25. Which shortcut key is used to replace any word?
A] Ctrl +H b] Ctrl +C c] Ctrl +V d] Ctrl +S
26. Which shortcut do we use for Single line spacing?
A] Ctrl +H b] Ctrl +F c] Ctrl +1 d] Ctrl +S
27. Which file extension is created when we save a file in MS Word 2007?
A] .docs
b] .docw
c] .docz
d] .docx
28. What is the default setting of paper orientation?
A] Outline b] Normal c] Print Layout
d] Portrait
29. Which group contains the Replace button?
A] Editing b] Format c] View
d] Page Layout
30. Which pointer shape do we get when we select the Zoom Button?
A] Arrow b] Magnifier Lens
c] Printer d] Tickmark