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WinHL-Booster MM Plugin v1.

by Jussi Kivilinna <hullu@hullu.cjb.net>

- Booster makes server run with higher FPS by making 'sleep' function for more
HLDS.EXE tries to sleep 1ms but default minimum sleep time in Windows is usua
lly 10ms.
This causes server fps be always under 100fps. This tweak has no effect on li
as listenserver doesn't sleep between frames. With default settings WinHL-Boo
ster sets
minimum sleep time to 3ms allowing server to run higher FPS (333fps when empt
y). For
example when server is running at 100fps with booster server is sleeping 3ms
and working
7ms every frame. Without booster server would sleep 10ms and work 7ms causing
fps to be
around 60 (1000/(10+7) = ~58).

1. You need Metamod or Adminmod. (see LINKS)
2. Extract booster_mm.dll to your "c:\halflife\moddir\addons\booster"-folder.
3. Add following two lines to either "c:\halflife\moddir\metamod.ini" or "c:\ha
win32 addons/booster/booster_mm.dll
If you reinstall Adminmod you have to add this line again!

CVars (you can copy these to server.cfg):

// booster_show_connmsg --
// 2: Large connmessage
// 1: small connmessage
// 0: disabled
booster_show_connmsg 1

// booster_autofps --
// Automaticly changes value of sys_ticrate to get server run at fps value
defined in this cvar.
// Minimum sys_ticrate that set is 100, maximum 1000.
booster_autofps 100

// booster_minsleepms --
// Minimum sleep time set to mmsystem. 1.41-1.44 used 1ms which might cause
some timer problems
// with Win2k.
// 1ms makes server to run at max 1000fps
// 2ms -||- max 500fps
// 3ms -||- max 333fps (booster default)
// 4ms -||- max 250fps
// 10ms -||- max 100fps (OS default)
// Default value is 3ms. Value range is 1 to 10.
// !NOTE! systemwide effect! all timers will get accurency that booster set
// !NOTE! If you run other programs that use multimedia timer tweak values
that booster has set
// might get overridden!
booster_minsleepms 3

// booster_force_systicrate --
// Less than 50 : Disabled
// More than or equal to 50 : Forces value of sys_ticrate to value of this
// !NOTE! Setting more than or equal to 50 overrides booster_autofps featur
booster_force_systicrate 10000

* uses kernel timer tweak now on Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003
- no longer cause system wide timer accurency change
* similiar changes on Windows 95/98/ME
- only enables higher accurency just before sleeping and disables right afte
* booster_force_systicrate is set to 10000 by default now
* made filesize bigger (don't ask)
[1.45 beta]
* booster_minsleepms cvar for adjusting sleep timer tweak
* booster_autofps 100 for better ping and better server stability
* Oh .. did I skip 1.43 .. oops I think I did :D
* Name changed back to WinHL-Booster
* sets sys_ticrate to 10000 instead of 1000. Seems to help ping problems that b
ooster causes on some servers.
* removed url from connmessages
* !! Makes server run with higher fps than 100 !!
- Uses multimedia timer tweaking of Windows
- Same effect than with flash-ani trick
- OS wide effect .. only one server running booster -> all servers boosted
* No more Linux binary (sorry .. no mm timer tweak in linux that I know off (Yo
u might want to try multimedia timer tweaked kernel(search net))))
* Connection message can be disabled
* Removed all extra stuff that were causing more bad than good
- Underrun £@&$ removed
- Dynamic sys_ticrate adjusting for fps removed
- Cleaned connection messages from extra crap removed
* New installation directories in booster_mm.txt (http://www.unitedadmins.com/i
* Fixed targetfps system to work under linux
* Tested with DoD3 (works fine with me)
* sys_ticrate/targetfps system is now deactivated on listenservers!
* Setting "booster_targetfps 0" deactivates targetfps system (you can still use
underrun mode with this)
* Trying to fix XP problems
* targetfps default value is now 133 ;)
* booster_maxsysticrate, booster_mixsysticrate cvars to
set maximum and minimum boundaries for target-fps system
* Small connection message is now default
* booster_underrun_scale changed to booster_underrun_finalrate (thanks to !2SX!
* Booster's day off.. Sauna & Vodka
* sys_ticrate, sv_maxupdaterate are now visible in server info
* targetfps system for better function with
* [bugfix] Fixed (hopefully) current players counting :P
* Shows current map in connection message
* [bugfix] Now underrun even works :D .. fixed current players counting
* [bugfix] rewritten underrun code
* Comes with Linux binary by default (LinHL-Booster)
* Added 'booster_small_connmsg' for those who don't want that big connection me
ssage ruin other messages
* Speed tweaks (this was in 1.15 already)
* [bugfix] Underrun works now even if force settings is enabled
* Changed connection message 'made by' to 'plugin-url' so that people stop emai
l-asking me for url ;)
* [bugfix] Removed "meta-interface version mismatch"-warnings
* Jumped over this version (I don't like number 13 :D)
* [bugfix] booster_forcesettings should work right way now.
* [bugfix] booster_underrun should work right way now.
* [bugfix] Current players on server counter function fixed.
* Added 'booster_forcesettings'
* [bugfix] Removed debugging message that I left in 1.10
* Added 'booster_underrun_on', 'booster_underrun_players' and 'booster_underrun
_scale' cvars for servers with low bandwidth.
* Shows how many players are present on server to joining player.
* Small code tweaks
* -

* -[SBV]-MeGaHuRtZ, Rage, Mikee and all others for betatesting

Unitedadmins: http://www.unitedadmins.com/
Metamod: http://www.metamod.org/
Adminmod: http://www.adminmod.org/