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An Introduction

Water and water cycle is very much essential for Life. Life cannot exist
without it. Human Civilization has flourished along the riverbanks and water
bodies. We in our greed have polluted the rivers and water bodies. We have
upset the climatic cycle, water cycle and we are caught in vortex of our own
deeds. The war for water is already on. I am overlooking the statistics of
fresh water, rainfall and its changing patterns.
We need to understand water cycle and water stress along with heat cycle.
Water cycle is the main means by which earth sustains its temperature. As
heat peaks, the cycle turns to give way to rain and snow and the cooling
phase. This peak and change over often is stressing. The main cause of
water stress is exponential increase in heat of the environment. Much of us
think that rains are decreasing causing the water stress. In fact, there is no
dramatic decrease in rainfall. The Truth is that the rain pattern is changing
and is becoming destructive. Rains and snows are coming as flash
floods/snows, dumping months rain in day and hours. The consequence is
water table dropping down and rivers are drying faster. The increasing heat
means evaporation loss is increasing.
We have two forms of heat cycle, the day and night and climatic cycle, where
the heat peaks and fall. There is a Parallel World Design to earth, which
helps counter the heat stress. When one world awakens to sun light and
goes into unwinding mode, simultaneously the parallel world goes into
darkness and winding mode. It acts as a sink for heat. When heat peaks, it
gives way to darkness and simultaneously opposite happens. This design
speaks of resistance and slow changes over a period 12 hours. Earth has
many grid points through which these changes occurs. Het flows from one
part to another and smothers out, maintaining the temperature.
The day and night cycle is enclosed in another heat peak cycle that manifest
as climatic peaks. It manifest over 12 months period. Here we experience the
water stress. What is important here both heat and water cycles are resisted
and one gives way to another, slowly, over a period in four phases? These
four phases can be divided into two phases heating and cooling. The
transitions phases are however are violent and is becoming more and more
violent because the energy of the environment is increasing exponentially.

Important Point is that Earth and the whole cosmos are designed to
self-organize. It is a Gaia as the ancient thought. The fire and water are
critical and supports Life. On earth, as heat/temperature peaks in one part,
another part acts as sink for heat thus creating an opposition to it. Heat

begins to flows as the critically reaches, and thus temperature is sustained.

Maintenance of temperature is phenomenon observed in life, on earth and
the whole cosmos.
Rain and snow thus are Earths winding reaction to oppose the
increasing heat and thus sustain the temperature of the
environment within a limit. Now we need to know that from
industrial era we have been stressing earth and her functioning
by three specific ways
We have been increasing the heat of the environment
We have been intruding into night cycle when earth cools
the system
We have been recklessly felling green plants, which
converts light and heat into biological mass thus help earth
sustain the temperature.
The consequence is sudden accelerated peaking of heat and falling of heat. If
we are to visualize climatic cycle in terms of waves in an eco-cardiogram, the
present sudden peak and falls can be compared to those peaks of beating
heart that peaks and fall abruptly before it stops.
A positive way to look at it is to visualize it as birth a pain
of pregnant woman. If the period is extended, there is
going to be immense misery, pain and even danger to
life. However, if we evolve out knowledge it can lead to a
happy period The Golden Age

What this means is that, we are heading to dangerous period, where we

would see

Large-scale destruction from exponentially increasing heat

[unwinding force] and sudden increase in temperature. We will
have increased forest fire and wind bound destructions. Much of
our oil bound industries and the industries that deals with
flammable substances are at risk. It can trigger non-linear fire
bound destruction that could be difficult to control. The world has
witnessed the best-equipped nations like America failing to fight
forest fire.

Earths reactions to winds and oppose the rise in heat and thus
temperature leads
volcanic eruptions.






These are two main trends, others include huge lightening discharge from
energized environment, sink hole etc. Since these fluctuation can break earth
protective cover of earth it also means earth becomes vulnerable to space
objects. In short, the whole biosphere becomes restless including human
minds. The restless mind become fishing field for evil self-centered minds.
Thus, we see increase of fanatic minds that take self-destructive paths
The above vision is a common sense vision and was perceived nearly three
decades back as the author left his career in biotechnology to be free in
nature and seek Truth of Nature from a point of freedom. The modern world
has awakened as Global Warming mainly driven by increased CO2. Though it
is true, the real cause and destruction is coming from heat and energy
fluctuations. I relate the present scenario to human intervention to disturb
earths functioning to sustains an energy to matter ratio and thus
temperature. The reckless felling of forest, loss through forest fire, increased
emission of CO2 is also disturbing the vital ratio of O2 to C02 of the
environment. The mass death of fish and birds are warning signals.
Noble Laureate James Lovelock, in his book Vanishing face of
Gaia The Final Warning has predicted 5/6 th of the population
dying because of heat by 2100. I dont even see that much gap.
However, by my research and awakening, I am positive. I believe
the stress we experience is call to evolve science and see the
Living Reality and Knowledge of Nature and Life that ancient east
My research efforts, were directed to evolve science and lay a foundation
that can take us higher level and lead to unearthing the Knowledge that was
known to east but was lost in time, when it was used for self and against
Truth and Justice. Science is new approach to seek Truth of Nature and God
beyond religions. Science has advanced, the only thing is that they are
failing to put together their own invention sensibly and visualize the selforganizing Cosmos.
I have discussed them in simplicity and attempted to create a platform from
where great eastern knowledge could be reinvented. Ref 2 and 3. The
water stress is part of this thinking.

Water Cycle and Water Stress

To understand water stress, it is important we understand the Quantum
Water Cycle. The Quantum Water Cycle cannot be understood in isolation of
heat or sun cycle. They are opposing and help the system balance itself. Fig
-18, 18B, speaks the relationship.
To understand the Quantum Water Cycle we do not have to be a scientist. All
we need to do is to observe and connect to nature from a point of freedom.
Fallowing point stands out
1] Earth has parallel world design [east and west] and is sustained by
two opposing forces that balance the system. The opposing forces are
heating and cooling, or unwinding and winding or energizing and
materializing that works simultaneously. We know the night cycle
cools. Further plants absorb, light and heat to form biological mass.
2] Sun, fire, friction etc., contributes to heat or energy to unwinding
cycle. Night, Water and Earth, contributes to winding cycle.
3] Earth System is designed for rhythmic changes where one cycle
gives way to other in a periodic manner. See Fig 18B, and 18C

4] The system work to sustain certain balance. The energy of the cycle
however is prone for change. When energy of the system increases, the
fluctuation becomes accelerated and gains immense power. It causes twofold destruction by unwinding and winding force. The energy contained in the
cycle is often released at the transition points of quantum climatic cycle. We
are witnessing this around the world as increased fire/wind bound accidents.

This also is accompanied by flash floods/snows. The winding reaction of

earth to cool itself is also is leading to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
We discussed them earlier.
We make huge cry when cycle stresses and water level drops. As nature
reacts to precipitate and ease water stress, we forget and continue to stress
earth. We are fast reaching a limit point where water cycle can become
destructive. We are experiencing it.
Important Note Scientist overlook the reaction of earth and the
increasing natural catastrophes, quoting the bigger catastrophes have
struck in the past. Earth struggles to sustain certain equilibrium. It has left
and right that is communicated and exchanges energy. However, any
aberrant great disturbance to the cycle occurs, it leads to trapping of energy
in the cycle. This trappings takes place in balanced manner, therefore the
system is safe. The system tries to diffuse it or expel it in the next cycle.
These trapped energies also can merge resulting in violent release leading
to huge natural catastrophes. However, there is difference between what
happens at around the first, second and third critical point of universal time
cycle. This can be understood from life that is afflicted by diseases. A child
and adult have more chances to counter the disease than an aged person.
We humans by intruding into night cycle and recklessly destroying greenery,
we have severely impeded the functioning earth. We are in for great
reactions from earth and her forces.

How Quantum Water Cycle is being stressed

The exponential heat released into the environment has direct and indirect
impact on fresh water and rainfall. The main points are
The evaporation rate of water increases exponentially with exponential
increase in energy or heat of the environment. This leads to dramatic
drought and water stress.
When cycle reverses, the precipitation per unite area in unit time
increases leading flash flood and snows.
This has many ramifications that effects life and the ecosystem
1] It leads to increase in runaway water and decrease in water
replenishing the water table. As years of stress continue, it can lead to
dramatic drop in water table. This can upset earths core and
movement in it. In short, earth begins to grow fragile and break down.
2] The fertile top soil gets flushed affecting plant life.

3] When water table sinks and evaporation rate increases, the plant
kingdom gets stressed. Any stress on plant life leads to stress on all
other levels of eco system and thus ecosystem begins to collapse.
4] This violent fluctuation of energy can wipe out many species thus
upsetting the balance of local eco-sphere. It also disturbs the Global

How we can Counter Water Stress

The Key is to observe nature and life and mimic it. The idea spoken here is
simple and is developed based on hourglass principle. Hourglass is a simple
equipment used to measure time in early days. The hourglass can be
modified with an open end such that it traps water. See Fig -19. The area of
the trap, the design, the storage and release can be varied depending on the

How it works
I feel the Fig.19 is self-explanatory. Water stress is manifesting on two main
counts. One is the environmental heat that leads to evaporation loss in quick
time and the other is flash floods that is increasing the runway water
washing the top soil and at the same time reducing the amount of water
percolating to replenish the water table. Both these critical problems can be
handled from the hour glass concept and its modification depending on
We can modify it to arrest flowing
water and help replenish the water
table by opening both ends of the
hourglass and central constricted
We can modify it in scale and size to
trap water, store water and use it for
various purposes.
We can modify this concept to apply
it to kitchen gardening to large-scale
We can use it turn desert into green.
It can be used in small and big scale
at various levels of society as per

Transpiration rate can further be reduced naturally by filling the body

with micro hourglasses, of left and right twist such that randomness
and resistance comes in against accelerated force of transpiration
exerted by the environment.
When it comes for use of feeding water to the root zone of plants, the
body can be filled with sponge or other absorbents that store and
release water.

In short, it can be extended to any scale and modified to suit any needs.
This concept can alleviate the sudden peaking and falling of energy and
destructive end to which we are moving. The concept would help fight
drought and fresh water problem that humanity is going to face due to
increased and accelerated changes in climate.
Caution The scaling should not be done with greed, it has to take
into consideration Global Reality and natural cycles. In addition, the
material used for storing should be carefully chosen. I am against
filling earth with plastic Junk. We need to choose material that
deteriorates over a period of time or is nature compatible.

Advantages of the Concept

1] Concept can be applied in large and small scales.
2] When done at medium and large scale in elevated placed it can feed the
lower levels without energy consumption. Our populations are largely
localized in lower ends in plains around running river and water bodies. We
can trap runaway water at higher ends such as mountains and use it
3] When executed intelligently, it can resist floods and erosion of top soil.
4] When executed in agriculture, it will reduce water loss in agriculture and
ensures longer and steady supply of this vital and precious resource to
plants. This can enhance productivity of plants and thus influence the
agricultural economy.
These are concepts that came out of my quest for Truth of Nature
and Life and her functioning. Ideas can manifest into reality only
when institutions and governmental bodies take it over, do it on
pilot scale, evaluate it. This however is beyond me, a small
farmer who is surviving against odds. I am circulating this

because the water stress is going to become acute in the coming

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