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Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has lashed out at football's "Einsteins"

for criticising him over the English Premier League club's three successive defeats.
Despite winning the first four games of his tenure, Mourinho has come under
scrutiny from the media after United's slump with the club six points behind ladderleading Manchester City.

Jose Mourinho. Photo: AP

United returned to winning ways on Wednesday, beating third-tier side
Northampton Town 3-1 in the third round of the League Cup.
"We had a bad week. I know that the world is full of Einsteins; I know that they tried
to delete 16 years of my career," Mourinho told MUTV.
"They tried to delete an unbelievable history of Manchester United Football Club and
to focus on a bad week with three bad results. But that's the new football - it's full of
United can redeem their recent league defeat to City after being drawn to face them
at Old Trafford in the fourth round of the League Cup.
With home games against champions Leicester City, Russian side FC Zorya Luhansk
in the Europa League and Stoke City coming up, Mourinho hoped his side could
regain some lost momentum in coming weeks.
"We have three home matches now in a row and it is always good to be at home," said
the former Real Madrid and Chelsea manager.
"If the fans have been disappointed with the last week, I understand completely but I
am sure they will be behind the team like they always are."