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Practice on a quiet, flat road, ensure the handbrake is on, fully depress the cl

utch pedal and select first gear. You will need to provide some power to the eng
ine by gently pressing the accelerator to around the width of a 1 coin. The bite
point revs should be roughly 1500 rpm on the rev counter. Try and remain at roug
hly 1500 rpm and very slowly raise the clutch.
Listening to the sound of the engine, as the bite point starts to engage, you wi
ll hear the engine tone lower.Also,the rev counter starts to go down as soon as
you reach the biting point.This is because the clutch plates are just starting t
o join and connect the engine to the wheels and the engine is trying to drive th
e car forward.
The car will not move as the hand brake is on, so as soon as you hear this chang
e in engine tone, hold the clutch in this position. If the car creaks or groans
too much, slightly press the clutch. You have now found the car biting point.
Practice many times with the rev counter & the engine sound to develop muscle me