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The film El Norte is a film depicting the struggles of undocumented immigrants crossing the

border to achieve the American dream. The film illustrates the hardships two Indigenous brother
and sister from Guatemala face to cross the boarder to get to America and the difficulties
adjusting to a new life. After watching the film, I realized the struggles many undocumented
immigrants face to get to the United States, just to find themselves in a strange place with hardly
any money, experiencing a language barrier and the daily struggles just to stay afloat. The film
demonstrates how the American Dream is often just a dream where undocumented immigrants
must work cheap labor jobs while facing the possibility of being deported back to their native
country. It become evident that as immigrants they are at the bottom of economic and social
ladder, yet they contribute largely to the American economy while being paid a minuscule
amount for their work. In reality, I came to reflect on the presidential race and in particular to the
presidential candidate Donald Trump and the comments his made over undocumented
immigrants. In essence, many political individuals in the spotlight claim undocumented
immigrants are a nuisance to the economy, that cant speak English, and who are lazy. However,
in the film it depicts the opposite and shows the struggles of life for immigrants who live in the
United States.
In the article, Do Illegal Immigrants Actually Hurt the U.S. Economy? by Adam Davidson he
claims immigrants increase economic efficiency by reducing labor shortages in low skilled
markets and as a whole have a small but net positive effect in the economy. Although at the same
time illegal immigration have some negative effects such as they lowers the wages of U.S. adults
with only a high school diploma. A statistic I found eye opening in the article stated,
undocumented workers contribute about $15 billion a year to Social Security through payroll
taxes. They only take out $1 billion. With this in mind the idea that immigrants are a major
burden to the economy is a false presumption that has developed through the political spectrum.
After reading the article I came to the conclusion that immigration isnt an economic issue but
rather a political debate.
In the segment on the Dakota Access pipeline it puts light on a standoff over the constriction of a
pipeline extension designed to run near tribal land in North Dakota. In essence the pipeline has
become an environmental and cultural clash stirring protestors to North Dakota. In reality
members of the standing Rock Sioux tribe see the pipeline as a major cultural threat as it is
ancestral land. Also it is important to note that this battleground brings an illusion to the past on
the treatment of native Americans as a protestor says And so, they came, and they flooded it.
They took all our trees, all our forest, when they flooded us. They took all of our medicines, our
plants, the things that we survive in..