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1. Which would best transmit sound: Steel, water, or gas.

> The best that transmit sound is the steel.

2. If you are in space are you capable of listening to another spaceship
why? Or why not?
> No. because the space has no medium.
3. At an atmospheric temperature of 40%celcius, what is the speed of
sound in air?
> V=331.5 m/s + (0.6 m/s c) (40c)
V=335.5 m/s
4. How would you relate pitch and frequency?
> Pitch is the highness or lowness of sound while frequency is the measure of pitch.
The higher is the frequency, the higher the pitch is.
5. What might be the reason why the walls of movie houses are designed
to be rough?
> Because rough walls can reflect sound so that all areas of the movie house will be
able to hear the sound.
6. When a wave source moves towards a receiver. Does the receiver
encounter an increase in wave frequency, wave speed or both?
> Both wave frequency and wave speed.
7. Supposed a piano tuner hears three beats per second when listening to
the combined sound from her tuning fork and the piano note being tuned
after slightly tightening the string she hears two beats per second. Should
she loosen the string? Or should she further the string why?
> She should tighten the string so that the beats will lessen and the frequency will
8. Why do different objects make different sounds when dropped on the
> Objects produce different sounds because they have different or distinct natural
9. Why can a tuning fork or bell be set into resonance while a paper
> Its because tuning fork is more audible than the paper.
10. If the handle of a tuning fork is held solidly against a table. The sound
becomes louder. Why?
> Because the table becomes it sounding board as the tuning fork forces the table
to vibrate.

11. List three advantages and three disadvantages of using a telephone.

> Advantages
> Disadvantages
- You will not buy load for it anymore.
- It is not a wireless
- You can use it in emergency calls.
- You will pay for its
electricity used.
- You can talk to the person even you are
- You cannot carry it
in a long distance.

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