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The capital would be in Lima because this is the largest trade in the
country. I would amend some laws and the other would create. One of
the laws that I would create is to improve the budget of the health,
because that budget will give citizens a better quality of life, which
could be harnessed and used for the better health of the citizens.
Other ideas is to improve traffic system and improving this system
that would reduce the amount of faults that may cause drivers using
a demanding education and severe vehicular ballots. With this money,
invest on improving roads and city planning. Other ideas is to improve
education system this will be achieved with a better education and
therefore will decrease the overwhelming violations against the law
get the best co-existence between people. Other ideas is to improve
system of harvest of garbage.
Other ideas is to improve system of harvest of garbage, I think that
with a clean public order we can get good results. The relation
community - citizen will benefit directly but before achieving this
system must achieve strengthen the educational system which will
improve the culture in children, youth and therefore for adults. After
getting a good education you may get a culture in the public order.
On the other hand, there are laws that are important to our country
and that should not change, but there are certain laws should renew,
to what in my opinion is concerned, such as I would implement a
prison system, which managed to use the performance of inmates in
work-out for social good, thus taking advantage of the time they
spend in detention in social outreach activities. Another law that can
be implemented is the creation of an organization to control water
consumption, inadequate management of water resources has led to
problems such as the spread of diseases due to lack of drinking water
or contamination, and the impossibility to ensure future supply due to
the depletion of groundwater. It is common for those least able to pay
more for drinking water, which prevents break the transgenerational
cycle of poverty. The idea is to ensure the supply of drinking water to
communities not receiving the service is a priority; it will also be
necessary to take preventive measures to maintain regular supply
and in the regions currently receive it. To achieve this goal requires
not only increase the capacity of water distribution, but also take
measures to ensure the efficient, sustainable use and reuse. Some of
the several ideas we have for the sustainable development of our
country is to create buildings that manage to be friendly to the
I would spend part of budget in education, infrastructure, health and
opportunities of job, the latter will be especially focused for the young
because they are losing part of national talent by lack of job
opportunities here at home. I would ban consumption of pill without
prescriptions or justification because the deliberate use of these pills
could cause debauchery in society.

I would invest in salary for teacher for to promote education in school

because with a better education is achieved best people for society. I
would invest in the police system. I would put to Ana Maria for that
she works in the ministry of women because I know their capacities, I
think it's the ideal person for the job, she has my confidence to
develop in that position. Also would place my primary school teacher
because there is no person who best knows the reality of teachers
that my teacher.