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1. When were you born? I was born on april 3 1994.

2. Where were you born? I was born in La Dorada.

3. What was your first school? My first school was liceo infantil personitas" . It
was in La Dorada.
4. When did you start school? I started school in 1998. I was 3
years old.
5. When did you finish school? I finished school in 2009. I was 15
years old.
6. What was your first job? my first job was as a distributor. I
Work on a Electrodomestics store.
7. What did you want to be when
you were 8 years old?
When I was 8 I wanted to be a
8. What was your favorite toy when
you were a child?
My favorite toy when I was a child
was a car that my father gave me.
9. Where did you live when you
were 10 years old?
When I was 10, I lived in Laureles in La Dorada.
10.What did you do on your last
On my last vacation I went to
Medellin, I went to an amusement park and I went to the stadium.
11.What did you do on the

On the weekend, I travel to Ibague, to visit my brother.

12.What was the most important
event in your life last year?
The most important event last year
was that I started my studies on the environment.