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Update Information Service for Practitioners who have a previous professional registration in


To open an E-account on the Mumaris system , click on New account from the login page

Read the general instructions well and then click on the Agree button

Answer the question (Do you have a previous professional registration?) by clicking the Yes button and then clicking

Insert your professional registration number as it exists on the professional registration card without (-) and then click on
Find button to retrieve your existing data

Your data will appear; you can amend it if necessary, fill in the fields and make sure the data matches your official
documents, fill in the date fields using either Gregorian or Hijri calendars

Email and mobile number must be correct and active. Then click on review information

After reviewing your information and making sure it is correct, Click on the Submit button to submit your application
to the Commission. This opens an account in the Mumaris system

The last screen will show your reference number and application status, which is Submitted to SCFHS
Click on the Finish button, your request will be reviewed and you will receive an e-mail with a link to activate your

To activate your account


1 - Login to your e-mail, which has been entered in the system

2 - Click on the activation link that appears in the e-mail you have received from SCfHS


1 - Create your own password: it must contain more than 5 digits, including at least one number


2 - Select a security question, which will be used in case you forget your password, then enter the answer, and then click
on the Activate button. Your Account will then be activated


In case the Update Information Request is returned


Upon receiving the email about the returned Update Information Request, log in to your account in the Mumaris System


A notification message will appear about your application status

Click on My Requests in Inquiry Services to reach the request and fulfil the requirements


You'll see a list of requests that have been submitted by you , click on (display request)


Three screens will appear

1 - Attachment screen to upload the necessary files


Three screens will appear

2 - Remarks screen to display the notes and respond to them


Three screens will appear

2 - Experience Screen to add work experience if requested to do so


Once completed you need to submit the request again by clicking on the button submit


Once your application has been accepted, you will receive a confirmation email


You can login to your account and use the Commission electronic services


Thank you for using the Mumaris E-services System

For more information, please visit SCFHS website