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Tuesday Conference

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Theology e-weekly

To make humanity united in worshipping God

A Reflection on
Catholic Education

Our Heavenly Patron

Dear Father,
Tuesday Conference is an attempt to reach Catholic
doctrines, new trends in theology, biblical studies and Church
history to priests and seminarians who tirelessly do service to the
Mother Church.
The 15th issue of Tuesday Conference aims to supplement
reflections on catholic education and our vocation as teachers on
the background of teachers day celebration. We have articulated
the theme based on the Vatican II document on catholic education
and the 2014 Intrumentum Laboris from the Pontifical Council for
Catholic Education.

We should always remember, we are brothers and

sisters, and therefore teach others and teach ourselves
not to consider our neighbour as an enemy or as an
adversary to be eliminated. Pope Francis, Message
for World Day of Peace (2014).

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Parents must be acknowledged as first and

foremost educators of their children and family is
the first school.

Every man has
an indeniable
right to an
to his proper
should pave
way to
with other

The purpose of Gravissimum

Educationis was to draw the
attention of all baptized to the
importance of education by providing
basic guidelines on educational
issues. It should be considered within
the Councils overall teachings and
read together with the other texts
approved by the Council.
Educations Plenary Assembly, in
2011, entrusted to the Dicastery the
task of preparing for the anniversary
celebration of the Gravissimum
Educationis (50 years). The aim is
to give new stimulus to the Churchs
involvement in the field of
The Instrumentum Laboris, Educating Today and
Tomorrow: A Renewing Passion, is addressed to Christian
communities to reflect on the importance of education in the
context of the New Evangelization.

School ripens the capacity to right judgment, provides

introduction into the cultural heritage won by past
generations, promotes sense of values and
readies for professional life.

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True Essence of Christian Education as in GE

Most positive statement of the true essence of the Christian
education and its principal aims:

To grow more conscious of the gifts and faith which he has

in their
choice of

received (to a baptized person).

Learn to adore God in Spirit and in truth especially their

liturgical worship.

Train to conduct his personal life in righteousness and in

sanctity of truth.

To promote Christian transformation of the world by

natural values may contribute to the good of the society as
a whole.

The Teaching Vocation

Beautiful and truly solemn is the vocation of educators and
school teachers. Teaching is not simply a job but a vocation that we
must encourage. This calling requires extra ordinary qualities of
mind and heart, careful preparation and a constant readiness to
begin a new and to adopt. Let teachers realize that to the greatest
possible extent, they determine whether the Catholic schools can
bring its goals.
Education is a journey that reveals the
transcendental elements of faith, family,
Church and ethics, highlighting their
communal character. Let them work
strenuously to inspire the personal
initiative on their students part. Even
after studies teachers should continue to
assist them with advice and friendship.

Education, right now, is like the metaphor of the Good Sower who is
busy sowing without always having the possibility to see the fruits of his
work. Educating requires working with hope and confidence.

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Educating is not a profession but an attitude, a way of

being; to educate it is necessary to step out of
ourselves and be among young people, to accompany
them and to set ourselves beside them.

Duties of the Church in the Field of Education

The Church is keenly aware of her very grave obligation to give zealous
attention to the moral and religious education of all her children.

They should be trained to take their part in social life.

They should be trained to be given positive and prudent sexual education.
The children and young people have a right to be encouraged to weigh moral
values, to embrace them by personal choice and to know and to love God
more adequately.

Those in charge of education has to see that youth is never deprived of this
sacred right.
Be present with special affection and helpfulness to non-catholic students.
She does it through the living witness of those who teach. The Church feels
cordial esteem for their schools which contain large number of non
catholic students, found esp. where the church is newly established.

The most effective way to

oppose the mindset of arrogance,

inequality and social division is to
invest in the field of education.
Pope Francis to Bishops of
Mozambique, Sat 9, May 2015, during
their ad limia visit.

The church looks for rich results from the painstaking work
of faculties of the sacred science, confides to them the most
serious task of preparing her own children.

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In catholic
colleges and
lacking a
faculty of
Theology, a
chair of

Contemporary culture is affected by several

problems that are causing a widespread
educational emergency.

Catholic Schools in Mission

The presence of the Church in the class room may precede her
presence in the surrounding culture . Catholic schools, with
its goal, make the Church present.
In missionary
countries the Catholic school are frequently the first seed-beds
of divine love, the vehicles of human culture and they make a
strong apostolic impact.

should be
set up; so
that lectures
designed for
lay students
can be given.

Catholic Schools for the Poor

Those who find themselves in greater difficulties, who are
poorer, more fragile or needy, should not be seen as a burden or
obstacle, but as the most important students, who should be at
the center of schools attention and concerns. Through poor
children in particular, the Lord gives a special sign of his
presence to the Catholic school.

Your words on the occasion of Teachers

Day still keep ringing in our ears: If the
people remember me as a good teacher that
will be the biggest honour for me. (in an
interview to The Hindu on September 5,
2013.). He transcended Indias young
generation by teaching to dream big and chase
it until it comes true.

Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not
let you sleep. Dream, Dream and Dream, for dreams transform into thoughts and
thoughts result in action.


1. Building an Educational
Catholic schools and universities
educate people, first and foremost,
through the living context, i.e. the
climate that both students and
teachers establish in the environment
where teaching and learning activities
take place.

3. The Centrality of Learners

Schools and universities, work to
provide students with training that
will enable them to enter the labor
market and social life with adequate
skills. Learning is not just equivalent
to content assimilation, but is an
selfimprovement and the common good.
It allows our students to develop their
creativity, strive for constant learning
and become more open towards

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2. Teaching as an Instrument

for Education
Nowadays, the way in which
students learn seems to be more
important than what they learn,
just like the way of teaching seems
to be more important than its
contents. Teaching that only
without favoring students active
participation or sparking their
challenging to elicit motivation.

A boy is better unborn than

untaught Gascoigne

4. The Diversity of Learners

Teachers are called upon to rise up to a major educational challenge, which is
the recognition, respect and enhancement of diversity. Teachers must be open
and professionally knowledgeable when they are leading classes where
diversity is recognized as an educational asset.

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Concluding Remarks
The young people we are educating today will become the leaders of the
2050s. What will religions contribution be to educating younger generations to
peace, development, fraternity in the universal human community? How are we
going to educate them to faith and in faith? How will we educate them to prayer?
Pope Francis words encourage us
to renew our passion to educate younger
generations: Do not be disheartened in the
face of the difficulties that the educational
challenge presents! Give them hope

and optimism for their journey

in the world.
Teach them to see the beauty and goodness of creation and of man who
always retains the Creators hallmark. But above all with your life be witnesses of
what you communicate. Tuesday Conference greets all who are ministering in the
field of education and bow before all great teachers who impart knowledge to us.

Readers Desk
You are doing a wonderful job. Keep it
up. Also in coming future you can add other
possibilities, such as video links, talks, self
composed songs of brothers matching to the
context .
And we expect more from you. You can do it also.
All the best.
Fr. Tom Mulanjanany VC

Thank you for

the invitation and the
valuable message of the Assumption of Our
Lady (TC 10).
Congratulation and prayers for your work.
Fr. James Kurian

Thanks for the reflection on the life of St

John Vianney( TC 09). Tuesday Conference
"Tuesday Conference"is a wonderful idea is a good attempt to give spiritual thoughts to
and service. I find it very very useful.
The outlook is very attractive and effective.
Fr. Sebastian Naduthadam
Fr. Anto Thekkudan