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Essay Checklist

1. Is the essays title informative?

2. Does the introductory paragraph begin with or have near the beginning a sentence that
identifies the title of the work being discussed, its author, and an abstract topic?
3. Does the section following point 2 briefly identify the evidence the essay with focus on,
and is there a statement that connects the evidence to the theme?
4. Does the introductory paragraph conclude with a thesis statement that identifies a theme?
5. Is the statement of theme effective? Does it posit an argument that can be challenged? Is
it specific?
6. Does each analytical paragraph begin with a clear, effective, analytical claim?
7. Are the claims directly connected to the thesis?
8. Do the claims form a logically sequential argument that supports the thesis?
9. Is evidence presented immediately after each claim?
10. Does the analysis in each analytical paragraph include phrases that refer directly to the
11. Does the analysis in each paragraph show, specifically and directly, how the evidence
supports the claim?
12. Are the quotations properly integrated into sentences?
13. Are literary events referred to in the present tense?
14. Does the essay have an effective conclusion?
15. Does the essay adhere to MLA formatting guidelines?
16. Does the essay have a Works Cited page?