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What is gTummo ?

Gtumo means "sacred fire" and we can called them Candali, Incendium Amoris. This
power contain isoteric, exoteric and mistical energy from Tibetan Lhama.This power and
method are Tibetan secret method (Milarepa Clan) and Tibetan Lhama or Carmel Monk
don't teach that to other who they are not Tibetan Lhama or Carmel Monk. To get
Gtummo Energy you must get Activation called "Angkur". We can get Angkur Gtummo
Initiation from person who have gTummo power in their body and have learnt Vajramaster
Level. Vajramaster can give Angkur gTummo Initiation from touch, affirmation and
meditation to their student.
We can get gTummo Energy without Vajramaster lineage with energy channeling and get
Vajramaster Authority with Tibetan Tantric Ceremony. Gtummo energy can be get from
Tejas Transformation. For details the human body contain 3 energy:
a. Ojas from Drink
b. Tejas from food
c. Pranic from surrounding
Gtummo is developed by many yoga styles, for example:
Kriya Yoga and Gtummo have some energy style or energy patterns in common as:
Manas, Chakra, Kala, Anu, Tana, Prana, Kulakundalini, Niyati, Nihsanga, Shabda, Dharma,
Padma, Divya, Buddhi, and Marana Symbols,
Hatha Yoga with Chanelling symbol :
(16 symbol : J, C,S,H,M,Z,G,K,R,M,H,Ha,L,Y,L, D) and ,
Tibetan Tantric develop original ancient Tibetan Gtummo with A-H-A Method.
Carmel Monk develops gtummo (Called Incendium Amoris) and Richard Rolle try to record
all Incendium Amoris in Julian Norwich Manuscript 1413.
(Sacred fire ancient Mao-Shan)
gTummo means sacred fire (Tejas) consists of isoteric, exoteric and mystic originated from
Llamas in Tibet. Ever since and up to the late twentieth century, gTumo is highly classified
lesson and strictly kept from beyond circumference of Llamas in Tibet.
gTummo is originated from the bibles of China called Mao Shan originally of Shang Jing
ideology (1766-1154 B.C) which is initially for health-keeping purpose. At those particular
moments, Llamas in Tibet often invaded with black magic and wrapped up in extreme cold

weather of Tibet. Therefore, they tried to develop and embrace the bibles into knowledge
or ideology to prevent the invasion of black magic within religious thoughts. In Han
Dynasty (58 M) where Buddhism is imported from China,
Buddhism was conceived by the Prince of Indian called Gautama (558-478 B.C) of which
Llamas in Tibet practicing the beliefs as the highest level in achieving perfection or
enlightenment. So called gTummo is the pioneer of gTummo today developed by
practitioners of Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Tantra Buddha in America, India
and Tibet.
gTummo goes along with Kundalini in regards to Heat Energy of which Nath tradition
called Rajas or Surya while in Buddhism known as Red Bodhicitta or Candali in India.
Sanskrit Tibetan called as gTumo which means "woman with explosive anger and barely
gTummo and Kundalini is separated energy even though they remain in regarding
manner. In digest manner, gTummo shall be incorporated with Kundalini in practice and
involves incorporation method as in Kundalini and gTummo Stir.
The Practitioners dividing gTummo in 3 different manners as follow:
1. gTummo Exoteric
Mastering exoteric gTumo is mostly beneficial in terms physical, mental, emotional and
spiritual healing. Applying exoteric gTumo is very simple since it does not require any
concentration matter as the healing process will occur simultaneously in holistic manner.
There are 16 (sixteen) symbols of energy in practice (in Level 2 upwards) which require
visualization or depiction in supporting the healing process.
2. gTummo Isoteric
Isoteric gTummo in intermediate level (second level upwards) applies 16 energy patterns
(non-symbols) and instead for healing process concentrated, it is effective in non-healing
process as well such as spiritual consciousness encouragement, materialization and so
Practicing isoteric gTummo would enable the person to survive in extremely cold weather
even without any clothes attached like in Lachi Kang, near Everest peak at Himalaya.
3. gTummo Mystic
Mystic gTumo uses distinctive spell-cast in practice for all occasions within its main
purpose to enhance spiritual conscious comprehension. Practicing mystic gTumo will
bringing up tremendous soul satisfaction.
For the record, the number of symbols to acquire should not consider as definite standard
because some other gTummo stated there are 24 symbols. More importantly, derive what
essentials to be in bibles.

Advanced gTumo taught various application of heat-cooling energy with varied positions of
Mudra to empower energy towards unlimited manner.
gTummo is inner fire cosmic heat energy from astral body that increases spiritual
achievement of a human being. gTummo also functions to cure various types of physical
and psychical diseases. Application of gtumo to heal is not followed by concentration,
breathing techniques and medicines. It can be said that gTummo flows when we think of
other things beyond healing effort. Application of gTummo for first grade practitioner is
done by palm-hand touch, while for second grade, Master grade and Vajra master grade
practitioners is done by palm-hand touch and using energy patterns enabling distance
healing to one or more patients collectively.
gTummo has been practiced by Llamas (tantra buddhist monk) on Tibet for since
Buddhism enter Tibet. Still practicised now by selected monk, included Dalai Llama
Everyone can apply gTummo after get the attunement of gTummo. Vajra Master grade
practitioner can attune to gTummo in 10 minutes for each grade and instantly the new
practitioner can aplly gtumo to him / her self and others by only touching palm of hand.
Application to your self is done by palm-hand touch on both thighs generally, while for
others does touching palm of hand on the patients shoulder do.
Before do all this meditations you have to get Angkur or initiations from Vajra Master of
gTummo. There are three levels practitioner + Vajra master of gTummo, practitioner for
each level must have Angkur first from Vajra Master before practice and use it. Totally
there are four levels of gTumo: three levels for practitioner; Respa, High Respa, and
Personal Master. One level for Master Teacher: Vajra Master.
Generally, gTummo consists of this 4 grades or levels, as follows in:
Grade 1 (Prayer in Incendium Amoris / Respa)
First Level
(Known as RESPA GTUMMO or SAKAKALIRAN in Candali Bible) Student should be attuned
with gTummo energy that his or her energy channels will be disclosed (at sushumna, ida,
pinggala and other nadis as well), gTummo energy enters Below Dan Tien Respa which is
the initial force of Respa.
In first level, students are taught with self-healing and others both in short and long
distances without using symbols or energy patterns so called basic distance learning. A
Respa shall deliver gTummo energy to other(s) by laying both palms on the back of neck
(medulla oblongata).
A first grade Respa can apply gtummo for many purposes by touching the object with his
palm of hand. The gtumo distribution done by only think 'I distribute the gtumo energy' at
a time before put his hand on the object. When distributing the gtumo, Respa must not

think about the gtummo distribution but he must think about another things outside the
gtumo distribution, and it would be much better if he doing such meditation while
distributing the gtumo. In the application of gtumo to heal someone, a Respa's palm of
hands touch the shoulder of the patient with his both thumbs touch the Medulla oblongata
which is the top of spinal column and as the entrance of gtumo to the patient's whole
body. Gtummo distribution in order to heal someone would take place for 20 to 30
minutes. For the best healing process, gtummo distribution repeated at least three days
after the last distribution.
In daily, a Respa can use gtummo to support his every effort by put his hands face to face
one each other and distribute the gtumo between 20 to 30 minutes, then mention the goal
he wants to achieve, and not the process of achieving the goal. (Goal is the same as
Healing process in gTummo does not require concentration, breathing manner and
medication as well. Rest assures gTumo flows through the mind while thinking beyond
healing process.
Meditation for gTummo Level 1 (Respa of gTummo)
gTummo: #1--a gentle chakra-lights meditation
This might not be so for everyone, but it's been my experience that when a meditation is
too complicated and intricate, it's difficult if not impossible to maintain the meditative
state. Trying to remember the right colors, how many petals the lotus has, etc., will pop
you right out of alpha or theta, and right into wide-awake beta. In my meditation, I can
tell when I've done this easily: I go from a feeling like gliding over a perfectly calm lake to
bouncing along in choppy water. So it is, that for me, one of the best chakra meditations
I've tried is the first one ever taught me, long before I even knew what a "chakra" was.
You can vary it somewhat to emphasize one chakra or another, but here is the "bare
bones" of it: Begin at the base, and imagine a light there. Don't worry about colors--did
you know that different systems are going to give your charkas different colors anyway?
So your colors just might vary anyway. Thusno particular color, but a light. If you see
it in a particular color, fine; if not, also fine.
Accept whatever it is you see as your personal gift. It is yours. Never mind the size of it:
just acknowledge the light, and enjoy it, love it. Now up to the next centre, the spleen
center; do the same, noting the light in that center. And so on to the crown, which is
where we now change directions. Moving down now, we return to the 3rd eye, then to a
place WITHIN the head, right in the center of it in fact; now down to the throat, and to
the heart. Change directions again. Back to the throat, the 3rd Eye, and crown. Change
again, back to the 3rd Eye, the place in the middle of the head, throat & heart. Repeat
this sort of figure-8 as many times as you feel comfortable with, dwelling on each light as
long or as short as you like. End the meditation, always, with the heart centre. As to
removing a particular block, as in the throat (a real common one!), I've found the harder
you "try" the more stubborn it becomes. It's almost as though by concentrating on that
one spot, and the problem you believe is there, the more energy you send to the block,
making it stronger. If I do the work on all the centres more or less equally, I notice
"blocks" gradually dissolving, sort of like a sand castle in the wind, a few grains at a time,

but over time, the castle smooths, then diminishes, and then it's gone, absorbed into the
universe of the Beach. Full body Reiki is a wonderful help for this process, but it does
take time for most folks.
Grade 2 (Advanced Prayer in Incendium Amoris / High Respa)
Second Level
(Known as HIGH RESPA GTUMO or SADHANA/SADHAKA in Candali Bible)
At this level, a gTummo practitioner will be empowered with 108 times folds energy
through Mid Dan Tien activation. Disclosing new paths of energy and cleansing body
components is procured simultaneously as in Chakras, nadis, aura and so forth.
High Respa is given the authority of symbol utilization and/or energy paths for all
occasions. There are 4 symbols and/or main energy paths within 9 symbols and/or
additional energy.
A High Respa can apply the gtummo for many purposes by touching his hands to the
object or by using such symbols in exoteric gtumo. In a direct application of gtumo in a
patient's body, a High Respa put his hands on patient's shoulder with his both thumbs
touch the Medulla oblongata. A gtummo distribution, which is done by a high Respa,
would take 10 to 15 minutes of times. In the application of gtumo for long distance
healing, a high Respa using symbols in exoteric gtummo. In daily life, a high respa can
use gtumo to support his every support by using the symbols of Johre, Chokurei, Seheiki,
Honshazeshonen, Merkafalisma, and distribute the gtumo in 10 to 30 minutes, then
mention the goal that he wants to reach, and not the process achieving this goal. (Goal is
the same as result!).
Meditation for gTumo Level 2 (High Respa of gTumo)
Working with the gTummo fires:
NOTE: This meditation has been adapted from Llama Thubten Yeshe's meditation in his
book, "The Bliss of Inner Fire." Although there are references to kundalini nectar, this is
the nectar from the kundalini as the fires heat up. It's very blissful, but this is not the
same as kundalini rising--although in time, it might, but very gently. So, to begin. You can
do this any time you have a few moments. First make yourself peaceful and centered.
You can lie down or sit; if you sit, make sure your back is straight and your legs
uncrossed. Use the lotus position for other things, but not this. Start with the basics, and
become comfortable with that practice, then move on to "Blazing the Inner Fire", practice
that awhile, then move on to the next and so on. If at any point you feel discomfort,
stop, and try again at a later time. Basic. Now, first picture all your chakras. Start from
the root and go up, and see each one as a lotus. Now envision your entire body, with all
the chakras, all the lotuses present and shining. The petals are sort of waving, as though
a fine breeze is caressing the petals of all the lotuses.

Enjoy the feeling a few moments. Now focus on the area just below the navel, which is
the gTummo. See a flame, reddish in color, like a lit candle flame. The lotus petals again
stir as you take in a deep breath, making sure it enters the central channel. Release the
breath, again through the central channel, stirring the lotus petals. Make that small flame
grow taller, rising up the central channel. As it reaches upward, it rises past the solar
plexus, the heart, throat, third eye and crown lotuses. It is like a flame suddenly blazing
up--and now it dies down again. You will feel a blissful heat, which should be soft, not
harsh, very warm, but not painful. If painful, stop awhile, but so far, I've not had that
happen. Repeat your deep breath sequence, and become one with the flame, and
intensifying your inner fire now. The brilliant red fire now radiates up the central channel
to embrace the heart, throat, and crown charkas (lotuses). From crown to feet, your
entire body is filled with blissful radiant red light. The heat from this should be subtle,
gentle, and pleasant. Blazing the Inner Fire: Again, the breath sequence, and remember
to concentrate on the central channel. As you breathe, imagine you are drawing in all
your negativity to be absorbed, burned, and cleansed by these fires. Take another breath,
and swallow, pressing down firmly, whilst also tightening your lower muscles. Notice the
increase in heat in the gTummo area as it becomes greatly enlivened. Now the fire
explodes, blazing up 3-4 inches up the inner channel. Before, the fire was small and only
lasted a few moments. Now it is powerful and doesn't die down. The blissful heat shoots
up the central channel and automatically stimulates the other chakras. The lotuses are
now on the verge of melting into blissful kundalini nectar. Hold your breath as long as its
comfortable, then release it, imagining winds shooting up your central channel. Feel the
bliss. Tighten the lower muscles again slightly; this adds more bliss and more explosions
of heat. Repeat tihs deep breath again, imagining the gTummo as a sort of chalice of fire;
the winds from your breath whip around the edges of the chalice shape causing the fires
to blaze and to generate incredible heat. The more heat there is, the more response you'll
feel from the upper chakras. The heart chakra begins to vibrate, and it's almost ready to
melt. Soon the throat chakra follows suit, and then the crown. Blissful Kundalini is about
to drip from these lotuses. Every movement of energy encourages your consciousness to
unify with bliss and the Divine. Your entire body is filled with bliss and Divine heat. Blazing
and Dripping. Repeat the breath sequences, tightening the lower muscles as before.
Negative energies now no longer exist; only the positive energy in the central channel.
Feel a new movement of energy coming from the gTummo now, intensifying your inner
heat and melting the kundalini. The flames blaze all the way up to your heart chakra; it
wraps around the heart lotus 3 times, and it becomes superhot. The lotus fills with blissful
kundalini, which then flows downward to the gTummo; it's like pouring liquid butter over a
fire: it blazes even higher. Your entire nervous system becomes fire, causing still more
blissful k. to flow down. Concrete concepts automatically wither and disappear; you rest in
the feeling of utter satisfaction. Blissful energy explodes into an intense awareness of
wisdom and universal reality. As more wind enters the central channel, preconceptions
disappear, and you transcend your current reality. Again, the breath sequence & the
tightening of the lower muscles, causing the flames to again blaze up, higher now, beyond
the heart and to the throat chakra. The fires fill up the throat lotus and wraps itself around
it three times, superheating it. Blissful Kundalini now drips down from the throat lotus,
through the heart lotus, to the gTummo, causing the flames to flare up still more. You are
filled with much bliss. Again, the breath sequence & the tightening of the lower muscles;
again the flames blaze up, still higher now, past the heart & throat to the crown. The
crown lotus begins to melt and flow downward, filling the throat with intensely blissful

Kundalini, which mixes with the throat Kundalini and flows down to the heart; here also it
mixes with the heart Kundalini and then flows down to the gTummo. The gTummo fires
now bursts limitlessly, filling your entire body (spiritual and physical) with blissful
heat. Every nerve, every hair, every pore is one with bliss. Extraordinary blazing and
dripping. As before, do the breath & tightening of the lower muscles; the flames flare up
again. They blaze up to the heart, filling it with fire, while the heart drips downward; the
throat, filling it with flames, while it drips Kundalini downward; the crown, filling it with
fire, while Kundalini drips downward. Flames are moving up, while k. drips down. Now the
fires blaze downward to your feet, from just below the navel to your feet; your entire body
is filled with blissful inner fire. Your chakras and channels are filled with it. You're one
with blissful inner fire. Now imagine your brow chakra (3rd eye) and your right nostril
shooting out, lightning, this blazing fire into the universe. It reaches all the supreme
beings, bodhisattvas, great teachers, and Masters, and it enters their bodies through their
left nostrils, touches their 4 centers (gTummo, heart, throat & crown), and melts their
Kundalini. Now the blissful energy comes out their right nostrils and enters your body
through your left nostril, and their supremely blissful energy comes to your energy
centers, generating supremely blissful heat throughout. The bliss itself, says Llama
Thubten Yeshe, should be digested and transformed into wisdom. Bliss becomes wisdom;
wisdom becomes bliss.
Otherwise, the experience is only pleasure, which can create desire, which will create
nervousness and other negative conditions. Integrate what you experience into blissful
wisdom to avoid this. It activates all the chakras, clears them of negativity, literally melting
away any blocks you might have created in this lifetime or brought with you from others.
With your Reiki, you might find, as I do, that this practice also makes your hands a little
Master Grade (Incendium Amoris Master/ Gtummo Master).
Third Level
(Known as MASTER GTUMO or UCCHATTAN / VASHEEKARAN in Candali Bible) gTummo
practitioner is empowered with 1000 times fold of energy during the current level by
activating Below, Mid and Above Dan Tien as well as some techniques for energy
A Master can apply gtummo for many purposes by touching his hands to an object or by
using such symbols in exoteric gtummo. In a direct application of gtummo in a patient's
body, a Master put his hands on patient's shoulder and with his both thumbs on the
medulla oblongata. A gtummo distribution, which is done by a Master, takes 10 to 15
minutes. The differences between gtummo of Grade 2 and the Master Grade gtummo are
the quantity and quality of energy that is distributed into the patient's body. At the Master
Grade, the gtummo energy distributed is much higher and softer compared to the Grade 2
gtummo, it means that the whole process of healing happen in much shorter time.

Meditation for Level 3 (Personal Master of gTumo)

Meditation using hand positions:
Here is a series of hand positions you can use to work with your gTummo a little more
directly. As you work with it, you can imagine the sacred flames being fueled by your
blocks, any illness that might be present, past traumas that might still be hanging on,
etc. Just imagine the flames reaching these (you don't even have to name them), and as
the blocks, etc., get hotter, they begin to melt. As they melt, they drip down to the
gTummo, and feed the flames. Your impurities will feed and fuel your soul's growth. Begin
by placing both hands at about the gTummo area. This is located about three fingers (or
so) below the navel, but as with the acupoints, the "general area" will suffice. Call forth
the fires, or allow them to flame up (either will work ok). Hold the position as with the
regular Reiki hand positions, 3-5 minutes OR until you feel some heat. If no heat, continue
with the rest of the meditation/hand positions. Eventually you'll feel it. Once you get the
heat going, imagine the fires building until they move upward, and as they do, move one
hand (I'm using the right hand) to the solar plexus, leaving the other hand at the
gTummo. Imagine that you're taking all that heat with it as you do so. It should be hot
from gTummo all the way to the s.p. Now hold that position (one hand at gTummo, one at
s.p.) until you feel the heat at the s.p. area. Next, imagine the s.p. fires moving upward,
and as you do, move your left hand (which was at the gTummo) up to the heart area,
leaving the rt. Hand at the s.p. Hold this position until you feel the heat at the heart area,
3-5 minutes or however long it takes. When the heart fires begin to move upward, move
your rt. hand (which was at the s.p.) up to the area just below your throat, the place
between the collar bones, where there's a little hollow. Imagine the fires following it
up. Meanwhile leave the left hand at the heart. When the heat at this center begins
intensifying and moving upward, move your left hand to the 3rd eye area on the
forehead. You might not feel as much heat here, but imagine the fires anyway. The right
hand remains at the base of the throat. When you imagine the fires are growing brighter
(and warmer) from the 3rd Eye area, now move your right hand up to the crown--now you
are likely to feel more heat in the entire head area, very yummy heat at that! Wait until it
"feels right" or a minimum of 3-5 minutes, then move your left hand up to join your right
hand on the crown. Let the hands sort of form a circle around the crown, and leave them
there about 3-5 minutes or until you feel it's "done." This sounds complicated, but it's
simply a little "hand over hand" thing, and you can start with the right hand or the left
hand--experiment with it a bit. The places I get the most sensations are when I have one
hand at the heart, the other at the base of the throat--and the 3rd eye/crown. I suspect
that others will have different areas where this happens. What I SUSPECT this does is give
those gTummo fires a little "assist" in rising up to melt all the impurities, etc., along the
central channel. When I'm done, I really feel "light" and blissful/peaceful. So in brief, it's:

Both hands at gTummo

Rt. hand at s.p., left hand at gTummo
Left hand at heart, rt. hand at s.p.
Rt. hand at throat hollow, left hand at heart
Left hand at 3rd Eye, rt. hand at throat hollow
Rt. hand at crown, left hand at 3rd eye
Both hands at crown.

Hands on gtumo and applications

There are several good sets of hand positions. We'll cover a few of them here. The first
one is good for general, all-around healing and relaxation. Although it might seem to be
based on the chakra system at first glance, if you examine traditional Chinese acupuncture
charts, you would note that many important acupuncture points are covered with this first,
basic set of hand positions. Use this set for your first self-healing, and for most of your
daily work.
Now, to begin. First, do the front of the body.
1. Open the aura, then the crown chakra. Visualize it, or use an "opening" motion with
your hands.
2. Place your hands over the eyes, palms toward the forehead, fingertips toward the
mouth. Gently--and if your palms are at all sweaty, spare your client the discomfort, and
place a hankie or kleenex between your hands and the person's face.
3. Place hands under the back of the head, just over the occipital ridge, fingertips toward
the neck. Your hands will have to be slid under the head if the person is lying down. Brief,
gentle pressure on the stillpoint (the indentation just below the hairline) can increase
4. Hands over the cheekbone, fingers pointing down. Little fingers should be near or
lightly touching the bottom of the ears.
5. Fingertips together, place hands lightly over throat. It may be that the patient is more
comfortable if you don't touch the throat at allask if they are comfortable when doing
this position.
6. Hands just above the breast for the heart chakra, one hand in front of the other,
forming a line with your hands. Some teachers suggest placing hands between the
breasts, but some women may be squeamish about this.
7. The solar plexus--hands just below the breast, one hand in front of the other, forming a
line with your hands.
8. The navel area--hands as in #6 and #7.
9. Just below the navel, across pelvic area and above pubic bone, hands as before.
10. Hands on either side of the hipbone area.
Now it is time for your patient to turn over, so you can do the back.

The back is done differently, working from the bottom up, following the energy's natural
flow of down the front, up the back. There are only two back positions.
1. Place one hand at the base of the spine, and one at the base of the head.
2. Place both hands at the top of the head (at the Crown).
Additionally, you might want to consider doing the legs and feet, cradling the knee and
ankle joints in both hands, and holding each foot in that way.
Time and intuition will be your guides.
How long should you hold each position? Ideally, between three and five minutes--or until
you feel the flow of energy lessen or stop. You might be guided to hold one or more
positions even longer. Time might be a consideration in this, too. Use your best judgment.
As you move through the hand positions, the patient might experience relief and release
from conditions that were longstanding. Emotional blocks could be removed, releasing
buried feelings. It is not uncommon to hear a long intense sigh after about ten minutes or
so. There can also be weeping or groaning. These reactions do not occur in every
patient, however. If your patient reacts this way, let him or her know that this is fine, and
not to fight it. Mentioning it before the session, however, could be like a "self-fulfilling
prophecy." There's no point in bringing it up unless it occurs. Each person is unique, and
will have unique experiences.
When you are done, soothe the aura with gently sweeping motions from top to toes, and
back again. Then close it. Do not close the crown chakra.
In all likelihood, your Reiki client will be "spacey" when you're done. Don't rush him or her
off the table or out of the room. Allow time to reorient, and for questions. Often, there
are lots of questions, especially with a first-time patient!
Some Teachers say that it takes three treatments to get the job done, but some cases will
require more, and some clients will come only once or twice. You'll have to be flexible in
your work: life demands it.
Reiki, along with Huna and one or two other methods, is almost unique among the
spiritual healing modalities, in that it works as well on yourself as it does on your clients.
This is because you are not using your own energy. You are using energy channeled from
the universe, and there's a never-ending supply of this type of energy. When you are
done with a client, you should feel energized, as some of the Reiki stays with you as you
pass it on to the patient--a little bonus for the healer.
Every Reiki practitioner should take care of him or herself first. A healthy channel is a
good channel, after all. It's not self-indulgence, it's good maintenance. Follow the hand

positions for healing others, and apply them to yourself with these exceptions: the first
and third positions should have the fingertips pointing upward; rather than hands pointing
in the same direction on the torso positions, point fingertips inward, hands facing one
another. In the throat position, it might be more comfortable to point the heels of the
hands inward--experiment, and do what works best with you.
You should do self-healing daily, without fail. If you haven't the time to do it all at once,
split them up--maybe the head positions in the morning, the front of the torso at lunch,
and the back at bedtime. At least do the front positions--a little Reiki is better than none!
In other matters, consider your diet and lifestyle carefully, and drink at least six,
preferably eight glasses of water daily. Reiki will cleanse the body of a lot of collected
toxins, and the water helps wash it out. Try to include potassium-rich foods, or take a
supplement, and add a little more protein to your daily diet.
Sometimes, because of an imbalanced kundalini flow or for other reasons, including
emotional upsets, the chakras will become imbalanced.
This hand position set is good for restoring the balance to the chakra system.
1. Begin with one hand at the 3rd Eye, in the middle of the forehead, and the other hand
at the root chakra. Hold the position until the energy feels the same in both hands.
2. Next, place one hand at the throat chakra, and the other at the spleen chakra. Hold as
3. Now, place one hand at the heart center, and the other at the hara area. Hold as
4. End with both hands at the Solar Plexus. Hold at least three minutes, or longer if
This set has been widely published on the Internet and in books, and is excellent for
bringing the entire body--physical, mental and spiritual--into balance. Originally, it was
designed for use with acupressure, but it's perhaps even more effective when used with
Reiki. In all, there are ten hand positions to be held for a minimum of three minutes each.
1. Place the RIGHT hand atop the head, on the crown chakra area, while at the same time
placing your left hand over the 3rd Eye area.
2. Leaving the right hand atop the head, now move the fingers of the left hand to the tip
of the nose.

3. The right hand is still at the crown; move your left hand to the heart center area.
4. Leave your right hand at the crown, and now move your left hand to the solar plexus
5. The right continues to remain at the crown, while you move your left hand to the
spleen center area.
6. The LEFT hand remains at the spleen center, and now the right hand moves to the
corresponding area on the back (back side of spleen center).
7. Now move your right hand to the back of the left shoulder, at that point where the
neck joins the shoulder. At the same time, your left hand holds or rests upon the left
buttock at the point where the buttock meets the leg.
8. Leave your right hand at the back of the left shoulder, and move your left hand to the
front of the body, at the position of the left groin.
9. Now place your left hand on the back of the right shoulder, while your right hand holds
or rests upon the right buttock at the point where the buttock meets the leg.
10. Leaving your left hand on the back of the right shoulder, now move your
right hand to the front of the body, at the right groin.
Vajra Master Grade (Incendium Amoris Vajramaster.. Incendium Amoris Monk).
Fourth Level
(Known as VAJRA MASTER GTUMO/VMG or RISHI in Candali Bible)
At this level, gTumo practitioner has been well-advanced in practicing gTumo in daily lives
while this Vajra empowered with 10,000 times fold of energy. A Vajra Master gTumo or
VMG in short has been vested with authorization of bestowing gTumo initiation.
Upon initiation, below, mid and above Dan Tien have been completely utilized and
combined encouraging others gTumo energy as in Chi Kung called Chi Huo means flaming
A Vajra Master can apply gtummo for many purposes by touching his hands to an object
or by using such symbols in exoteric gtummo. In a direct application of gtummo in a
patient's body, a Vajra Master put his hands on patient's shoulder and with his both
thumbs on the medulla oblongata. A gtummo distribution by a Vajra Master takes 10 to 15
minutes. The differences between Vajra Master Grade and the Master Grade are the
quantity and quality of energy that is distributed into the patient's body. At the Vajra
Master Grade, the gtumo energy distributed is much higher and softer compared to the
Master Grade gtummo so that the whole of healing process happen in much shorter time.

At the Vajra Master Grade, someone can give Angkur to other people. In Vajra Master
gTummo, there is a unique special character, that is, the gTummo will automatically flow
to someone who needs to be healed - even though this person doesn't meet the Vajra
Master directly - only by saying the spiritual name of the Vajra Master for a few times in
In gTummo tradition, VMG usually bestowed with spiritual name in Sanskrit and gTummo
Vajra Master distinction lies upon delivering the energy for those in need even in distance
by uttering his or her spiritual name and/or visualizing his or her face.
There are 2 energy paths and/or Vajra symbols functioning as gTumo initiation key point
into others and bestowing negativity such as killing and so forth. Therefore, only
authorized and distinctive VMG will receive this energy and/or negativity symbols in order
as it may cause serious threat. Authors will not tolerate this issue and sternly disowned
the vested authorization from Vajra's body if violation occurs.
Practicing gTummo does not require concentration, breathing manner as well as
medication. gTummo will flow in time when our mind thinking beyond the healing process.
Gtummo is applicable after attunement and initiation both in person and in distance.
GTumo practitioners in level 4 called Vajra Master in 10 minutes for each level procure
gTummo attunement and new practitioner instantly applies gTumo for self-needs and
others through palms. Generally, self application is proceed by laying palms on both thighs
or either way left palm onto belly button towards two fingers below called Tantien and
right palm in mid chest known as Heart Chakra while for other people proceed with laying
a palm his or her shoulder.

Gtummo Meditation:
Generally to improve Gtummo Energy you need more practice and meditation like this:
1. Do affirmation to flow Gtummo Energy in your palm (hold your breath in your
abdomen, 3 times.
2. Distribute Gtummo Energy to all Chakra in your body (each chakra need 3 minutes).

To receive Ankgkur Gtummo initiation:


Find quiet place

Sit down and relax
Use comfortable shirt, don't use metal tools and accessories.
Do Affirmation, Visualization (read Affirmation, Visualization).

A. Incendium Amoris Afirmation, Visualization

Prayer (LEVEL 1)
Do Affirmation "I (mention your complete name) receive fire of Love Incendium Amoris
level 1 from God Bless to me. This Energy cleans all my chakra, help myself and other
people who need thatThanks! Thanks! Thanks!. Do meditation 15 minutes (left hand at
your chest and right hand like pray to God, then do affirmation: "I (mention your complete
name) do meditation open Incendium Amoris Energy level 1 in my body, flow, charge,
clean and trash negative energy in my bodyThanks! Thanks! Thanks! Do meditation and
you can Pray, Sing Holly Song. Thanks God for YOUR BLESSING. Do this 7 day
continuously before to get level 2.
Advanced Prayer (LEVEL 2)
Do Affirmation "I (mention your complete name) receive fire of Love Incendium Amoris
level 2 which more powerfull from level 1 from God Bless to me. This Energy cleans all my
chakra, help myself and other people who need that. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Do
meditation 15 minutes (left hand at your chest and right hand like pray to God, then do
affirmation "I (mention your complete name) do meditation open Incendium Amoris
Energy level 1 in my body, flow, charge, clean and trash negative energy in my body.
Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Do meditation and you can Pray, Sing Holly Song. Thanks God
for YOUR BLESSING. Do this 7 day continuously before to get level 3.
Self Healing / Distant Healing
1. Pray to God, Give God Bless for healing (mention name sick people)
2. Hold you left hand (palm) on your chest and right hand on sick people.
hold your breath in your stomach.
3. Hold your right hand to sick place.
4. Quiet, cool and relax,
5. do this min 15 minutes.
For Distant Healing, you can imagine a human with nametag in their chest and do
visualization Sunlight arises sick people.

B. Practice to increase Gtummo / Incendium Amoris Energy

Level 1 (Prayer)
Pray to God and do affirmation "i activate Incendium Energy level 1 to clean all my chakra
and can increase with God Blessing. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!


left hand
move your
move your
move your

in your chest, right hand (your palm) in bottom chakra (3 minutes)

right hand in solar plexus for 3 minutes.
left hand in heart chakra (right hand still at solar plexus) for 3 minutes.
right hand on throat chakra

Repeat that 1,2,3,4 to Ajna chakra and Crown chakra.

Level 2 (Advanced Prayer)
Pray to God and do affirmation "i activate Incendium Energy level 2 to clean all my chakra
and can increase with God Blessing. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

left hand in your chest, right hand (your palm) in bottom chakra (3 minutes),
move your right hand in solar plexus for 3 minutes.
move your left hand in heart chakra (right hand still at solar plexus) for 3 minutes.
move your right hand on throat chakra

Repeat that 1,2,3,4 to Ajna chakra and Crown chakra.

Level 3 (Master)
Practice like level 2 but have Master Symbol.
A Vajra master gtummo can use >> Johre, Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, Hon Sha Ze Sho nen,
Merkafakalisma, Zonar, Gtummo, Kulakundalini, Raku, Mara, Halu, Harth. Lensomi, Yod,
Lonsaii (negative energy). Usage of Lonsaii with reinforcement cho ku rei symbol can
cause death, be careful!!), Daikomio, (function? Explore by your self:).
Level 4 (Vajra Master)
Vajra master gtummo meditation:
I am now do meditation of gtumo level 4 perfectly, active and emit a stream the holy
energy of gtumo fire 10,000 times stronger than before to all body and coat of body
energy, all chakra and all nadi, happened by permit of the God thank, close your eyes
and do meditation about 15 minutes.
Practice like level 3 but more powerfull and can give Angkur Gtummo initiation to others.

For those meditations and practices above, you have to get an Angkur or Diksha
(initiations) to awaken your gTumo sacred fire by a Vajra Master.
The gtumo tradition that we are speaking here is gtumo exosoteric (Yulius lineage), the
western gTummo version, not the gTummo Isoteric since the gtumo Isoteric was never
allowed to be shared freely. The differences between them is gTummo exosoteric combine
gTummo and Reiki symbols in healing; and gTummo Isoteric is pure gTummo healing
system from Tibetan Llama with very complicated teachings & lineages and not everyone
allowed to get the full transmission til the Vajra Master level. Vajra Master level is the
highest spiritual level in Tibet.
Nowadays, the differences of gTummo Isoteric & exoteric is not really much, since
gTummo Isoteric has changed from the inner power training to the healing functions only.
But, in fact that's not going on like that. Yulius gTummo Isoteric can not be categorized as
gTummo Isoteric but western gTummo exoteric version. gTtummo Isoteric itself in Tibet is
a system used to survive in the very cold temperature. gTtummo exoteric is for healing.
Besides, there is also a gTummo system called gTummo Mystic. This system function is to
reach Samadhi by repeating some Mantras or doing Visualizations.
Generally, gtumo has 4 grades learning and that is Respa, High Respa, Master and Vajra
Master. Respa was come from Milarepas name (repa's),and the Vajra Tantric Masters had
Milarepa as the head of the lineage. Mainly the Kagu School.
The Yulius gTummo lineage: in Tibetan / Candalias I know he get the Vajra Master from
Spirit (Babaji Nagaraj) and he ever learn something from Institute Llama Tzong Khapa.
This is one of the gTummo Manual.
Love & Lights,
Jos Marinho Visuddhavajra