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Students name: Le Bao Quyen

Date: June 19th , 2016


The maps illustrate the changes that took place in the village of Stokeford in
1930 and in 2010. Overall, in the western area,, there were houses which were
buil to replace shops, while in the eastern, the gardens were reduced in size and
the primary school was enlarged to serve more students.
The farmland in the western of then village was demolished. There are three new
branches were expanded on the left-side of the main tributary of the river. The
new houses which were contructed along the new branch at the top of the map
replaced shops. The post office still remained unchanged.
In the eastern of the village, a new branch of river was also extended which was
symmetrical to the new one in the western. The farmland was also disappeared
to make way for widening the primary school. The gardens became smaller, as a
result, a number of trees were cut down. The large house was restructured a nd
turned to retirement home. There were several houses which were erected in
close proximity the main river. The bridge was still existed. (183 words)