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Third Eye Meditation - A Step-by-Step Guide

Opening Your Third Eye (3rd eye)

3rd Eye 'Thoh' Chant
Warning: This 3rd eye chakra meditation should only be performed by people, who
know what they are doing and are absolutely sure that they want to open their 3r
d eye chakra. It can have an unceasing effect. It has to be done with caution. I
t is therefore best if you have some basic knowledge about the 3rd eye chakra be
fore you try it.
Read about the third eye chakra
Step 1
Get Comfortable
Find a Comfortable posture for you to sit in. I suggest the lotus posture with a
straight back. Do a breathing exercise to get your mind and body relaxed and co
mpletely calm. You will get the best results if you are totally relaxed. Just fo
cus on your breath and empty your mind. Release all the tension from your body a
nd relax all muscles. When you feel calm and thoughtless, you can proceed.
Step 2
Shambhavi Mudra
In this step you have to perform the shambhavi mudra, where you have to turn you
r eyes upward toward your 3rd eye chakra. You must look in the direction of your
3rd eye chakra. But this eye position must be done without straining your eyes.
You will not have a successful meditation if your eyes and head is hurting, so
that you can t relax and focus. Now with your eyes in the right position close you
r eyes.
Step 3
Mouth Position
Take a deep breath through you nose. Purse your lips and place the tip of your t
ongue gently between you teeth, and softly press your teeth against your tongue.
This is for the vibration so that are able to feel it resonate on your 3rd eye
Step 4
Chant Thoh
Now exhale through mouth and chant the word thoh . Let the th sound vibrate on your 3
rd eye chakra. Focus on opening your chakra and entering a loving spiritual worl
d. Allow your 3rd eye to open.
Step 5
The Right Tone
Try to chant in a b or c tone. The most important is that it feels right for you
. Experiment a bit and find the right tone that gives you that best vibration on
your 3rd eye chakra.
Step 6
When you exhale and chant, you should do it very slowly. Do not rush it. Let the
air exit your lungs slowly and then prepare for the next deep inhalation. Notic
e the vibrating feeling on your 3rd eye chakra on your forehead. Make sure that
your thoughts are all pure and loving. Think only of positive things.
Step 7
Second Inhalation
Take another deep breath in through your noise. Chant thoh again as your exhale
and keep your focus on your 3rd eye chakra. Do this for about 5 times, pausing b

etween every chanting exhalation (you can breathe normally in the pausing time b
etween these deep chanting inhalations)
This third eye meditation has to be repeated for 4 more days in a row, 24 hours
between every exercise.