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Intelligent Solutions

for High Productivity

A Profile of the Bossard Group

The Bossard Group is a global group of companies. It is still
molded by members of the founding family, now representives by
the seventh generation.
Our focus is on fasteners and fastening technology. Thus, in
addition to our broad range of quality products, we provide full
engineering support for fastener applications and offer logistics
services for fasteners and other C parts. Among our customers
there are many industrial companies with international operations.
Our holding company, Bossard Holding AG, is headquartered in
Zug, Switzerland, and is listed on the Swiss Exchange.
With some 1,800 employees, the group reports sales in the region
of half a billion Swiss francs.

Fasteners and fastening elements:

the world of Bossard for more than 150 years

Enchanted by Fastener Expertise

Reducing manufacturing costs,
participating in developing
technical innovations, improving
service quality Bossards
approach to fostering the
success of their industrial

customers varies, but the result

is always the same:
Their competitive position is
strengthened and their service
quality enhanced worldwide.




convenient secure
procurement, consistent
quality worldwide

better products and lower

production costs

higher productivity,
lower inventories

comprehensive support, everywhere and locally

No need for detours
A guarantee of supply, through a global procurement network of highly-qualified manufacturers,
all with a special eye for quality. The extensive
distribution network with its many locations
ensures that the customer worldwide is provided
with the optimum relationship between price,
availability and quality.
Dont make detours
when purchasing special
and standard articles!

Measurable rationalization effect
Call on the help of specialists in fastening technology at an early stage of the development of a
new product. This will help you to save substantial production and assembly costs. Bossard
engineers analyse where an optimization of a
product range can reduce the number of parts
and where the use of multifunctional parts can
simplify production and assembly.
Take the right measures
to optimize your

Bim your warehouse
Bossard helps to reduce or eliminate costs along
the whole procurement and value-added chain.
The logistics systems are developed to meet
customer requirements. They simplify procurement, reduce inventories and at the same time
prevent bottlenecks in supply.

Receive your C-parts in

the right quantity,
anytime and in good


Screws and
fasteners the
world of Bossard
The many potential
sources of supply
ensure the availability
of products. More
than 50,000 articles
for use in industrial
fastening technology;
all reflecting the
current state of
technology and all
available from stock.


Bossard e-Shop

The comprehensive Bossard

Catalogue has been the reference
document on fastening technology
for many years. It is seen as a
benchmark by the industry. The
catalogue is available in a number
of languages.

Bossard e-Shop is the modern, reliable Internet platform

for the procurement of fasteners accessible worldwide,
around the clock.

n Technical section
n Overview of standards
n Detailed sketches with dimensions

n Personalised, thanks to the stored article

numbers and your preferred settings.
n Secure, thanks to a three-stage login
procedure and encrypted data transfer.
n Fast, thanks to an intelligent search
procedure and information on the availability
of the article.

Industrial fasteners
more than 50,000
articles on stock

Socket fasteners
Hexalobular socket screws
Socket set screws
Screwdriver inserts

Hex cap screws

High strength structural bolts
Flange bolts
Clam screws

Nuts, hex lock nuts

Rivet nuts, insert nuts
Blind riveting nuts
Threaded inserts

Semi-finished bolts
Lifting eye bolts and nuts

Machine screws
Slotted machine screws
Cross recessed machine screws

Machine screws machined

Threaded pins
Stand offs
Hose clamps

Securing elements
Disc springs
Retaining rings

Pins, Keys, Rivets

Dowel pins
Spring pins
Angle joints

Self-tapping screws
Self-drilling screws
Thread forming screws
Screws for thermoplastics


Wood screws
Chipboard screws
Drywall screws
Spacing screws


12 15

Fasteners in stainless steel

Fasteners and elements in
INOX A1, A2, A4

Other fasteners
Fasteners in plastic
Operating elements
Technical information

Dont mak

Special articles
More, new and applicable special articles are being created
every day.
The right solution, from the design phase to final product test.
Bossard develops safe, cost-saving approaches.
Custom-made solutions for individual customer requirements
either using standard or special articles to ensure competitive

Material, optimal type of driving form,

production tolerances and similar performance targets decide whether a special
article can be produced by the more
economic, cold forged procedure.

When high precision, demanding tolerances and complicated forms are required,
then a metal-removing process involving
turning, milling and drilling is often to be

Safety features, washers and many other

elements involved in fastening technology
are produced using punch or bending

Special requirements to match customerspecific solutions can be produced through

finishing and refining work on standard or
special articles.


A potential for rationalization



The cost-effectiveness of a fastener joint

depends only to a small extent on the cost
of a fastening element.



Much more important are the costs of the

preparation and of the assembly of the parts
to be assembled.
The cost of the fastening element accounts
for only about 15 percent of the cost of a
fastened joint. The remaining 85 percent of
the cost is generated by the technical and
logistical effort involved up to the time the
fastening element has been fixed into place.
This shows that the choice of the correct
fastening technology is of major importance.

Designs suitable for ease of production and assembly are
produced through intensive collaboration between the designer
and Bossard. Together with the right selection of the fastening
element, the safety of the end product will be ensured.
Optimization of the range of stock kept, and the use of
multifunctional fastening elements which can be used for several
different tasks these both reduce the cost of engineering and
logistics and so significantly reduce overall costs.
Bossards seminars and detailed technical documentation provide
information on the current state of the technology and help avoid
errors at all stages.


Simultaneous Engineering
Call on the help of specialists in fastening
technology at the early stage of the development of a new product. This will help you to
save substantial production and assembly
costs. Bossard engineers investigate where
an optimization of product range will reduce
the number of parts and where the use of
multifunctional parts can simplify production
and assembly. Recommendations on materials and optimal assembly conditions lead to
a permanent increase in the quality of the
end products and at the same time optimize
production costs.

Application technology
Laboratory trials are used to test the suitability of different fastening elements to assemble the parts provided by the customer. The
trials are made in conditions which closely
resemble those experienced in production.
This helps optimize design and assembly
procedures, before any expensive tools or
equipment are manufactured.

Tensile and proof

load tests

Driving and breaking

torque measures

Determine the
assembly parameter

Vibration tests



Bossard has been developing

and testing a number of different
logistics systems over several
years now. Most of them have




proven to be particularly useful

and have become well
established they are seen today
as the industry benchmark.

The ABC analysis

The cost of procuring C-parts makes up
around 50 percent of the total cost of
procurement, although in terms of value
they are only worth around 5 percent of
the total spent.
This is an area which offers an enormous
potential for rationalization. Bossard logistics systems reduce the cost of procuring
C-parts, allowing the customer to spend
more time on his core tasks.


Product cost


Purchasing cost

Bossard SmartBin
The articles are stored in standard containers placed on sensors which record their
consumption and which automatically
trigger a follow-up order from Bossard at
exactly the right moment. The delivery is
made at the time and place which were
agreed in the framework agreement.
Fully automatic and absolutely secure it
couldnt be any simpler!

Bim your

Bossard 2bin
At least two standard containers are
provided for each article. Empty containers
are taken to a collecting point. Bossard
regularly collects the empty containers
from the customer and fills them up with
the right quantity of the appropriate articles. The delivery is made in accordance
with the agreed conditions, either to the
ramp or directly to the point of use.

Bossard Code
Each article has an individual barcode
which allows it to be clearly identified.
As soon as a re-order quantity level is
reached, the barcode is read in using the
data capture device and the data sent to
Bossard over a modem. The delivery is
made in accordance with the terms and
condition of the framework agreement.

Bossard Inventory Management

Bossard Inventory Management or BIM in short is the
logical development of Bossards proven logistics solutions
for screws and fastening technology for the complete
management of C-parts.
BIM is based on collaboration and teamwork involving
customers, suppliers and experts in logistics.

Global Account Management

More and more frequently, multinational companies are looking
for support with the administration of their international supply

efficiently and successfully. Here

a clearly defined and
transparent Global Account
Management is a decisive factor
for long-term success.

International communication is a
fascinating challenge. Despite
different time zones, languages,
multi-cultural aspects and legal
matters, the communication
programs must still run

Bossard has not only worked on

the operational aspects of these
problems but has developed the
entire strategy so that it can
provide an optimum service to
its multinational customers.

Head Office Bossard AG in


Bossard supplies customers

Operationally independent
business units use common
principles and systems to provide
services of consistent quality.
Unlike our competitors, we have
strong representation in Europe,


in America and in Asia. In markets

where we have no companies of
our own we serve our customers
via alliance partners selected
because their skills complement



Globalization of Coffee Consumption

In the past few years coffee consumption worldwide has increased rapidly. To meet
this demand modern high-performance coffee machines provide up to 400 cups of
this stimulating beverage per hour. Design, efficiency and quality are just as important
as capacity. Multifunctional fastening elements, jointly developed by the customer
and Bossard, create new, reliable and rational solutions.

More Room in the Galley

Today shipbuilders face a real challenge: The market is calling for boats which
allow a comfortable life at sea but still ensure high sailing performance together with
optimal safety. Fastening elements by Bossard with high stability and resistance
against corrosion can withstand wind, water and weather, and thus meet the very
highest quality standards for seaworthiness.

No Progress without Measuring Instruments

Highly sophisticated precision instruments are required for really accurate weighing,
measuring and recording. Their electronic and mechanical components work on
the basis of continuous, interactive contact. Special articles with features well beyond
recognized standards are used daily in the service of research and development.
Additionally, Bossard supplies a logistics concept to manage C parts efficiently.

Farmers are Stepping on the Gas

The volume of horsepower on fields throughout the world is growing visibly. More
and more farmers are using bigger machines with better performance. Durable and
firm fastenings are essential to guarantee such performance. Bossards sophisticated
logistics not only supplies manufacturers with C parts, but also makes a decisive
contribution to maintaining Bossards worldwide service.

More Speed, more Performance, and Punctual

Distances of up to ten times the circumference of the earth per year, extreme weather
conditions, high acceleration and stopping power, and a haulage weight of up to
2,200 gross registered tons: These are the stresses and strains to which trains are
exposed. Consequently, the highest demands are made on the countless fastening
elements by Bossard used in a train for the safety and comfort of the passengers.



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