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The Judiciary of Guam Recognizes October as Guam

Bullying Prevention Month

On Wednesday October 5th at 3pm in I Liheslaturan Guahns Public
Hearing Room, the Judicial Council will present its resolution
recognizing October as Guam Bullying Prevention Month. This is the
sixth year the Judiciary has participated in Bullying Prevention Month
together with the executive and legislative branches in an island wide
campaign. The nationwide campaign was founded in 2006 by PACERs
National Bullying Prevention Center as a way to educate and raise
awareness of bullying prevention.
As a part of Bullying Prevention Month the Judiciary of Guam is asking
the people of Guam to join the movement and help spread the local and
national messages of Promoting Kindness and Respect on Social Media
and Together Against Bullying United For Kindness, Acceptance and
Inclusion. Also The Judiciary asks the public to participate in the
upcoming Unity Day by wearing orange on Wednesday Oct. 19th 2016. It
can be an orange t-shirt, hat, tie, or even orange shoelaces. The public
can also participate by changing their Facebook status to Unity Day Oct.
The Judiciary of Guam has been conducting outreach and training in
bullying prevention to public and private schools and throughout the
community of Guam. The Judiciary of Guam will continue to pledge its
support to the prevention of bullying in the workplace and in the
For more information, please contact Clynt Ridgell at 300-9282 or