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No.01/ 2002

Issued: 28th January 2002


Sewage Disposal
Dear Captain and Chief Engineer
The implementation of "Annex IV" of the Marpol 73 / 78 is just round the corner with 47%
of the world's tonnage already signatory to it. An increasing number of Port State Control
and authorities including Oil Major Companies have started verifying the shipboard
procedures and records for same.
We have highlighted the salient features which the TPM fleet vessels must comply.
Vessel's fitted with Sewage treatment Plants :Comminuted and disinfected sewage can be discharged up to 4 nautical miles from land.
Additionally Vessels must have following on board 1. Maintenance record as per maker's manual
2. Record of tests of treated effluent being discharged (the vessel's are required to have a
test kit on board )
3. Recent service report of equipment with effluent shore analysis report.
Vessel's fitted with Sewage Holding Tanks : Untreated sewage of any form is not allowed to be discharged overboard within 12
nautical miles of the land. This can not be discharged instantaneously but a moderate
rate while the vessel is enroute at speed not less than 4 knots.
A record of times and positions of the sewage discharged must be recorded and the
evidence produced to the authorities.
As the sewage disposal facilities do not yet exist in most parts of the world we require you
plan your arrival with empty sewage holding tanks.
Any problems with the Sewage system should be reported to the Superintendent In
charge in the technical department without any delay.
We appreciate your understanding and co-operation in this matter. Please acknowledge
receipt and compliance.
Capt. Anil
Fleet Director.

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