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third year

Progress Test
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Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the brackets (to express
present or future probability).

Please check if he ___________________ his holiday at the same time as we will. (take)

You ___________________ from your teacher what I'm about to say. (already, hear)

Unless you have a watering system your plants ___________________ when you go on holiday.

They ___________________ us have our passports back as soon as they've checked the
numbers. (let)

___________________ a risk if they turn up without a ticket? (they, take)

According to the timetable, the coach ___________________ at quarter to seven. (leave)

However you arrange the room, there ___________________ enough room for the couch. (not

Harry ___________________ to see Hannah at the party, won't he? (hope)

Sophia ___________________ in Paris by lunchtime if she catches a TGV train. (probably, be)

10 Chances are its too late to arrest him; the ship ___________________ well out to sea by now.
Mark __/10

Complete the sentences with the correct future forms of the verbs in brackets.

It's not likely that Sarah ___________________ her assignment by Friday. (finish)

11 Ive just realised that next Friday we ___________________ in this flat for five years. (live)
12 Do you suppose he ___________________ for us when we get to the cafe? (still, wait)
13 I expect Zoe ___________________ the house as soon as I tell her I'm on my way. (leave)
14 I don't think Christian ___________________ his cold by Saturday. (get over)
15 By the time he gets his next salary he ___________________ baked beans for a week! (live on)
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third year

16 I hope they ___________________ us; we're very late. (still, expect)

17 Gabriel ___________________ the dog for a walk as soon as he gets home. (take)
18 I guess my boyfriend ___________________ worried because I haven't called. (get)
19 I hope the referee ___________________ his whistle the instant the off-side flag goes up. (blow)
20 The record's very successful a million copies ___________________ before long. (sell)
21 Our e-shop ___________________ your order the moment the last items arrive. (send)
22 I ___________________ the antibiotics for ten days tomorrow, that's enough. (take)
23 ___________________ this film when the match starts on channel 5? (you, watch)
24 Lena can pick the children up at four o'clock when she ___________________ work. (finish)
25 I daresay Sebastian ___________________ a job by the end of the summer. (find)
26 Before long you ___________________ the same boy for over a year. (date)
27 Parliament ___________________ a vote on this question at the end of the week. (take)
28 I am getting some new trainers for my birthday. All my friends ______________ me. (envy)
29 I imagine all of us ___________________ eight weeks' paid holiday a year by 2030! (enjoy)
Mark __/20


Complete the text with the correct words on the topic of politics. Use the words below.
electoral system
environmental issue
general election
mainstream politics
public opinion

general public

The 1 ________________ varies from country to country, but in most European countries members
of the 2 ________________ who wish to express their views in a(n) 3 ________________ go to
polling stations, where they choose the political party they 4 ________________ together with the
names of its 5 ________________ and cast their 6 ________________ on a ballot paper. Voters with
a very nationalistic view might select a more 7 ________________ party; those deeply concerned
with a particular 8 ________________ might vote for a green party; and some might even let

________________ on 10 ________________ influence their decision about who to vote for.

Candidate coalition
constituency general election
political partysupport
vote vote

hung parliament


If you are over 18 and on the Electoral Register, a polling card will be sent to your home before the
date of the 1 ________ _________. Your polling card will tell you where you can 2 _________ . Once
at the polling station, you will receive a ballot paper with a list of 3 ________ representing your
English as a foreign language

third year

____________, together with an indication of their 5 ________ _________. You then cast your vote,

marking the party you 6 ____________ on the ballot paper, and when the voting is complete, all votes
will be counted and the party with the 7 ____________ of votes may form a government. When none of
the parties gets enough 8 ____________ in the election to gain an outright majority, a 9 _________
_________ occurs and the parties have to form a 10 ___________.
Mark __/20

Complete the sentences with appropriate words to form compound nouns.


Nine Columbian human rights defenders and politicians have been declared military targets by a
____________ group.

30 The peace ____________ was supported by many high-level politicians, but failed to get the
support of the people at grass-roots level.
31 Peaceful demonstrations can sometimes escalate into civil ____________ , such as violent riots
and street crime.
32 The regime announced it would release political ____________ and was willing to open direct
peace talks.
33 Amnesty International has led the fight for civil ____________ for over 50 years.
34 Local police forces are strengthening security in preparation for possible civil ____________
during the elections.
35 The country is currently unstable, with several paramilitary ____________ carrying out violent
attacks. Travellers are being warned to stay away.
36 It is hoped that the guerillas will give up their armed ____________ and negotiate with the
goverment through diplomacy rather than violence.
37 The Israeli peace ____________ was announced on 6th of April 2011 and signed by many
leading politicitans.
38 In the1960s, civil ____________ activists in the United States used non-violent protests to end
the separation of different racial groups.
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Your total for this test: __________/ 60

Grade: _______________________________
Teacher: ____________________________

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