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ABL: Allied Bank Limited

ACAC: Agriculture Credit Advisory Committee

ACBL: Askari Commercial Bank Limited
ACU: Asian Clearing Unit
Ads: Authorized Dealers
ADB: Asian Development Bank
ADBP: Agriculture Development Bank of Pakistan (Now ZTBL)
ADD: Authorized Derivatives Dealer
ADFC: Agricultural Developmental Finance Corporation
AGM: Annual General Meeting
ALCO: Asset-Liability Management Committee
ALM: Asset - Liability Management
AML: Anti Money Laundering
AMU: Asian Monetary Unit
AOF: Account opening form
AOA: Articles of Association
APGML: Asia-Pacific Group on Money Laundering
ARM: Adjustable Rate Mortgages
ATM: Automated Teller Machine
BAFL: Bank Al Falah Limited
BBA: Basic Banking Account
BBFS: Borrowers Basic Fact Sheet
BCBS: Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
BCP: Business Contingency Plan
BCO: Banking Companies Ordinance
B/E: Bill of Exchange
BEL: Bankers Equity Limited
B/L: Bill of Lading
BLCO: Branch Line Compliance Officer
BM: Branch Manager
BMR: Balancing, Modernization and Replacement
BOD: Board of Directors
BOI: Board of Investment
BOP: Balance of Payment
BOT: Balance of Trade
BSC: Banking Services Corporation
BV: Book Value
CAELS: Capital, Assets Quality, Earnings, Liquidity and Sensitivity
CAMELS-S: Capital, Assets Quality, Management, Earning, Liquidity, Sensitivity
and Systems & Controls
CAD: Credit Administration Department
CAD: Cash Against Documents
CAF: Cost And Freight
C & F: Cost and Freight
CAR: Capital Adequacy Ratio
CB: Commercial Bank
CBR: Central Board of Revenue
CD: Certificate of Deposit
CDC: Central Depository Company (of Pakistan Limited)

CDD: Customer Due Diligence

CDNS: Central Directorate of National Savings
CEO: Chief Executive Officer
CFS: Continuous Funding System
CFT: Combating the Financing of Terrorism
C & I: Cost and Insurance
CIB: Credit Information Bureau
CIF: Cost, Insurance and Freight
CIRC: Corporate and Industrial Restructuring Corporation
COD: Certificate of Deposit
COD: Cash On Delivery
COIs: Certificates of Investment
COT: Carry Over Transactions
CPD: Consumer Protection Department
CPI: Consumer Price Index
CRCP: Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan
CRF: Committee on Rural Finance
CRSIU: Committee for Revival of Sick Industrial Units
CRM: Customer Relationship Manager
CRO: Customer Relationship Officer
CSEs: Customer Service Executives
CSM: Customer Service Manager
CSO: Customer Service Officer
CVT: Capital Value Tax
CY: Calendar Year
DAC: Disbursement Authorization Certificate
DAP: Documents against payment
DD: Demand Draft
DFI: Development Finance Institution
DFSD: Development Finance Support Department
DIS: Deposit Insurance System
DPD: Days Past Due
DRP: Disaster Recovery Plan
DSC: Defense Saving Certificates
EBIT: Earning Before Interest and Taxes
eCIB: Electronic Credit Information Bureau
ECNEC: Executive Committee of the National Economic Council
EES: Employee Engagement Survey
EFS: Export Finance Scheme
EFT: Electronic Funds Transfer
EOBI: Employees Old Age Benefit Institution
EOL: Excess Over Limit
EPF: Equity Participation Fund
EPZA: Export Processing Zones Authority
FATF: Financial Action Task Force
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
FB: Foreign Bank
FBR: Federal Board of Revenue
FDBR: Financial Derivatives Business Regulations

FDI: Foreign Direct Investment

FEEL: Foreign Exchange Exposure Limit
FIs: Financial Institutions
FIB: Federal Investment Bond
FMU: Financial Monitoring Unit
FOB: Free on Board
FOBC: Foreign Outward Bill for Collection
FPCCI: Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry
FRA: Forward Rate Agreement
FSAP: Financial Sector Assessment Program
FSV: Forced Sale Value
Forex: Foreign Exchange
FWBL: First Women Bank Limited
FX: Foreign Exchange
FY: Fiscal Year
GATT: General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GBP: Great Britain Pound
GDDS: General Data Dissemination System
GDP: Gross Domestic Product
GFCF: Gross Fixed Capital Formation
GL: General Ledger
GNP: Gross National Product
GST: General Sales Tax
HBL: Habib Bank Limited
HBFC: House Building Finance Corporation
HSBC: Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation
IADI: International Association of Deposit Insurers
IAIB: International Association of Islamic Banks
IAIS: International Association of Insurance Supervisors
IASC: International Accounting Standards Committee
IASs: International Accounting Standards
IBC: Inward Bill For Collection
IBD: Islamic Banking Department
IBI: Islamic Banking Institution
IBP: Institute of Bankers Pakistan (The Institute of Bankers Pakistan)
ICP: Investment Corporation of Pakistan
IDB: Islamic Development Bank
IDBP: Industrial Development Bank of Pakistan
IFB: Invitation for Bids
IMF: International Monetary Fund
IOM: Inter Office Memorandum
IOU: I owe you
IPOs: Initial Public Offerings
IRAF: Institutional Risk Assessment Framework
IRB: Internal Ratings Based
IRS: Interest Rate Swap
ISE: Islamabad Stock Exchange
JCRA: Japan Credit Rating Agency
KASB: Khadum Ali Shah Bukhari

KIBOR: Karachi Inter-bank Offered Rate

KRI: Key Risk Indicators
KSE: Karachi Stock Exchange
KYC: Know Your Customer
LAF: Loan Application Form
LC: Letter of Credit
LCAC: Local Credit Advisory Committee
LDCs: Least Developed Countries
LG: Letter of Guarantee
LIBOR: London Inter-bank Offered Rate
LPB: Local Private Bank
LSE: Lahore Stock Exchange
LSM: Large Scale Manufacturing
LTFF: Long Term Financing Facility
LTF-EOP: Long Term Financing for the Export Oriented Projects
MCB: Muslim Commercial Bank (Now MCB Bank Ltd.)
MCR: Minimum Capital Requirement
MFB: Micro Finance Bank
MOA: Memorandum of Association
MT: Mail Transfer
MTB: Market Treasury Bill
NBFC: Non-Banking Finance Company
NBP: National Bank Of Pakistan
NCCC: National Credit Consultative Council
NDLC: National Development Leasing Corporation
NFC: National Finance Corporation
NIBAF: National Institute of Banking and Finance
NIM: Net Interest Margin
NIRC: National Industrial Relations Commission
NIT: National Investment Trust
NMI: Non Market Maker Financial Institution
NNP: Net National Product
NOP: Net Open Position
NPF: Non Performing Finance
NPL: Non Performing Loan
NSC: National Saving Certificates
NSC: National Saving Centre
NSS: National Savings Schemes
OBC: Outward Bill for collection
OD: Overdraft
OECD: Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development
OGRA: Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority
OIC: Organization of Islamic Conference
OMO: Open Market Operations
OTC: Over the Counter
PACRA: Pakistan Credit Rating Agency
PAYE: Pay as you earn
PBA: Pakistan Banks Association.
PCC: Price Check Committee

PEPs: Politically Exposed Persons.

PIBs: Pakistan Investment Bonds
PICIC: Pakistan Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation
PIDC: Pakistan Industrial Developmental Corporation
PIDE: Pakistan Institute of Development Economics
PIU: Produce Index Units
PLS: Profit & Loss Sharing
PIN: Personal Identification Number
POS terminal: Point on Sale Terminal
PPCBL: Punjab Provincial Cooperative Bank Limited
PR: Prudential Regulation
PRGF: Poverty Reduction & Growth Facility
PSCB: Public Sector Commercial Bank
PSE: Public Sector Enterprise
PSUs: Public Sector Undertakings
PTC: Participation Term Certificate
QAU: Quality Assurance Unit
Repo: Re-purchase Agreement
RMMM: Risk Mitigation, Monitoring & Management
ROA: Return on Assets
ROE: Return on Equity
RSA: Rate Sensitive Asset
RSL: Rate Sensitive Liability
RTC: Rupee Travelers Cheque.
RTGS: Real Time Gross Settlement
RWA: Risk Weighted Assets
SA: Shariah Advisor
SAEU: South Asian Economic Union
SAFTA: South Asia Free Trade Area
SAPTA: South Asia Preferential Trading Agreement
SB: Specialized Bank
SBP: State Bank of Pakistan
SBLC: Stand by LC
SCB: Standard Chartered Bank
SCRA: Special Convertible Rupee Account
SDR: Special drawing rights
SECP: Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan
SME: Small and Medium Enterprise
SPI: Sensitive Price Index
SSC: Special Savings Certificates
SSI: Social Security Institution
STR: Suspicious Transaction Report
SWIFT: Society for World-wide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
TB: Trial balance
T-Bill: Treasury Bill
TD: Time Deposit
TDR: Term Deposit Receipt
TFC: Term Finance Certificate
TOR: Terms of Reference

TRIPS: Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights

TPR: Trade Policy Review
TT: Telegraphic Transfer
UBL: United Bank Limited
UNO: United Nations Organization
USD: United States Dollar ($)
VAR: Value at risk
VAT: Value Added Tax
WB: World Bank
WEBCOP: Workers & Employers Bilateral Council of Pakistan
WPI: Wholesale Price Index
WPPF: Workers Profit Participation Fund
WTO: World Trade Organization
WWF: Workers Welfare Fund
YoY: Year on Year
YTD: Year to Date
ZTBL: Zarai Tarqiati Bank Limited