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Ithaca College School of Business Legal Studies Minor Requirements 2014-15

The purpose of the minor in legal studies is to allow students to develop a greater understanding of the impact of law and legal institutions on society and public policy. Students study the sources and evolution of law, the legal process, and how law functions in a complex social, political, and economic system. The minor consists of 18 credits. The two required foundation courses introduce legal methodology, including legal analysis, the Socratic method, and case law studies. In addition, students select two courses on specific applications of the law and two courses on the larger social and ethical dimensions of the law. The requirements of the minor should complement and supplement the majors of students with diverse career goals.


GBUS 20300

Legal Environment of Business

GBUS 20400

Legal Environment of Business II (Prerequisite: GBUS 20300) or GBUS 30700 Commercial Law (Prerequisite GBUS 20300)

Applied Law Electives (choose two):

CMST 38900

ST: Communication at the Bargaining Table

GBUS 31000

International Business Law

CMST 38900

ST: Oral Advocacy in Arbitration and the Courts

GBUS 35300

Real Estate Law

LGST 30600

Criminal Law

GBUS 44400

Employment Law

LGST 30700

Environmental Law and Policy

SPMM 29800

Gender Issues in Sport

LGST 32000

Marketplace Regulation & Consumer Protection

SPMM 30300

Seminar in Sport Law (prereq: SPMM 110/270)

LGST 32300

Legal Research Seminar

SPMM 31000

Labor Relations in Sport (prereq: SPMM 110/270)

LGST 33100

Entertainment Law

TVR 31200

Government and Media

LGST 39800

Legal Studies Internship

TVR 31300

Topics in Media Law and Policy

LGST 49900

Independent Study: Legal Studies

Social, Political, Ethical, and Cultural Electives (choose two):


CLTC 10000

Intro to Culture and Communication

POLT 36500

The Politics of Health

CMST 12000

Communications, Culture, and Rhetoric

POLT 36600

Environmental Politics

CSCR 12300

Culture, Race, and Ethnicity Concepts

POLT 37000

Selected Topics in Public Policy

ENGL 19400

Injustice and Power in American Literature

PSYC 10400

Developmental Psych

ENVS 11000

The Environmental Crisis: Causes and Solutions

PSYC 26100

Psychology of Women

ENVS 11200

Sustainability Principles and Practice

PSYC 31600

Social Psychology

ENVS 12000

Environmental Sentinels

PSYC 32100

Abnormal Psychology

ENVS 20200

Topics: Sustainability

RLST 20100

Religion and Culture

HLTH 20500

Critical Health Issues

SOCI 13000

Youth and Youth Cultures

HLTH 25000

International Health Issues

SOCI 20300

Juvenile Delinquency

HLTH 33510

Legal & Ethical Issues in Healthcare

SOCI 20700

Race and Ethnicity

MGMT 30200

Applied Ethical Issues in Management

SOCI 20800

Social Change

PHIL 10100

Introduction to Philosophy

SOCI 21300

Sociology of Sexualities

PHIL 15100


SOCI 21400

Definitions of Normality

PHIL 20300

Introduction to Logic

SOCI 21800

Individual and Society

PHIL 21200

Introduction to Ethics

SOCI 24700

Environmental Sociology

PHIL 22000

Political Philosophy

SOCI 29300

Intro to Social Institutions & Organizations

PHIL 23000


SOCI 30200

Sociology of Crime

PHIL 25000

Environmental Ethics

SOCI 30300

Global Race and Ethnic Relations

PHIL 31100

Philosophy of Religion

SOCI 30700

Social Policy

PHIL 34000

Global Ethics

SOCI 31000

Civil Rights and Social Movements

PHIL 35200

Moral Philosophy

SOCI 31300

Social Inequality

POLT 10100

U.S. Politics

SOCI 31800

Political Sociology

POLT 12200

Politics and Society

SOCI 32200

Forms of Punishment

POLT 12500

The Politics of Deviance

SOCI 32300

Family Violence

POLT 12800

Understanding International Relations

SOCI 32400

Sociology of Violence

POLT 12900

Introduction to Global Studies

SOCI 32500

Race, Class, and Gender

POLT 14100

Power: Race, Sex, and Class

SOCI 33600

ST: Social Change

POLT 14200

Ideas and Ideologies

SOCI 33700

ST: Inequality

POLT 30100

Legislative Behavior

SOCI 41500

Seminar: The Police

POLT 30400

U.S. Party Politics

SOCI 41600

Seminar: Treatment/Prevention Family Violence

POLT 30600

U.S. Foreign Policy

SOCI 42100

Seminar: Race, Racism, and the Law

POLT 32800

International Conflict

SPMM 29500

Social Aspects of Sport

POLT 33400

Politics of Right and Culture

SPMM 29700

Sport: Philosophical Perspectives

POLT 34100

U.S. Political Thought

SPMM 29800

Gender Issues in Sport

POLT 34200

Liberalism and Marxism

SPMM 30300

Seminar in Legal and Ethical Issues in Sport

POLT 34300

Feminist Theory

SPMM 31500

Sport Governance & Policy

POLT 35000

ST: Political Theory

TVR 25100

Critical Thinking

POLT 36200

Theory and Politics of Public Policy

TVR 30500

Digital Media Law

POLT 36400

Law and Public Policy

TVR 31200

Government and Media