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ANEST IWATA INSTRUCTION MANUAL ee B Spray Gun W-77 .TA N.TA (STAINLESS STEEL FLUID PASSAGES) {This manual contains IMPORTANT WARNINGS” and. INSTRUCTIONS. | Equipment nts manuals excusvaly or paiing purposes. | Donoluse fx oe purposes. | The operator shal be ly conversant with tho roqiromanta ote in tia | insiuclon manual incung imevian! wamings,cauons and operation and | coect hendin | ead and Undatsand the istucton manual, elore use and retan for ‘Be eure 10 obseTve warnings and cautons nis nsTUGion TaN Ino, itean cause pant oécton and serous boaly injury by drawing organi solvent Besiretachsanve flowing J makes tems which ae espectaly import ZB warnins | lndcces 2 penialyFacanbus salon wich, Fro eed ny oth soos ay orto fe A caumon _ | RES # Poy Tezaro which note ayes nr erred Poy Indicates notes whion we ask you w dbsane. The safety Precautions in fis instucton manual are the minimum QODSOLENON | 825 ctor. low atonal and cal regdebons regan fre revert, ely and say 25 we 2s your own company requations almportant specifications Ta Tae oonre 76 Borer Tem = B® pci | Reseed ilskergpect | treoumorsfongini 6 mi i ech Tnenn | siewaste jvfin | seanie aMain specifications twee | Nae | piacy = = ; poms | Mae west | TYG | ace | Mage | oeragmona | umount | aon [Patnsh| cmion | tie wratex FS) oe aa ian rea a Tra pea |_200m | 0 “a | aavea | aoe Taeueg [ee mm [sores | acne vwoe4 |i zo | aon | amma] wary | os. By suien [repay | 2] enemy x [zen | zmc00| sepuig | 2 WIT a | wins [aoa ree Tao FR] a8 aI WI2IGTA| Gay | —TROOAT—| 21 0] soi] Sis Wereask 25008 | ~a eng [30709 2 ening ar eure rea Tere el gun when pon pena Fo, Sater recautions A._WARNING Fie and explosion 4. Sparkand open fame are ety prohibited Paints canbe hight farmete ae can cals ee Avid ay nition sources such as smoking, open famnes,electical goods, 2 Never use the following HALGOGENATED HYDROCARBON SOLVENTS ‘we can cause cracks or dssoluton on gun body flumnu) by chemical acon, unstable scvens:metychonde,achlaromehane, 1 2 ‘Other prooauiione 1, Never alter his spay gun. Ifcone can caus insulicentperomance and fale 2. Enter working areas of other equipment (obots,reciprocators, ec) after machines are tuned of fot contact th fem can cause ny. ‘3. Never spray Tooas oF chemicals through mis gun. done ican cause acienthy caroson of ud peseages or adierseyalect heh by mie ign mater. 4, tcomething ges wrong, immediately top operation and find the cause. De not use again until you have solved the problem. How to cl 4 CAUTION “Use clean ar fitered through ar dryer and airfiter_ «>If no cry ar can cause pantng fare ‘wnen you use mis gun for ers me aner purchasing, ads Tu neeale packing Se. Slowly tighten fd packing seat and loosen abt when Fuld needle st doesnot retum smoothly, and adjust zo that uid needle set smoothly -fyou use this gun forthe fist ime after purchasing, clean ld passages spraying thinner and remove rust preventive ol Ino remaining prevenive oi can case pining fale such as fsh eyes -Firmiy fxhoseor container to spray qun.-fno dscanneconofhose and crop of conse can cause body ry. ‘ob. Connect ener hoeo tir nipple tight. Job2. Connect ld hose oa container o fic nipple thy. Job, Flush the gun fd passage wih a compatible sven Job, Pou aintinto contains, est sora and aust id oubut as wel es pt with mHow to operate Suggested ai pressures 3 Sar (50 ps ‘The gun shouldbe held so that tisparpendiouar tothe surface ot Recommend pat vsxiy fer arcing paincnaty | eitanie Mey Uegutages uefa. ‘and painting conditions. 15 to 23 see. / Ford cups is recommend. am nee Koop fi output as smal as possibe lo the extent that the jb wil aozs0um note hindered. wil lead to bate fishing vith fre atomization, ea \\ Set he spray distanos from he qun to the work pies as nea as ‘ee f possible wihin he range of 200-250 mm 2-10}. 4 f . mMaintenance and inspection A, WARNING -First release airand pressure full acording toitem No.3 of “Imoroper use of equoment” of WARNING on nage 2 -Tipof uid needle set has a shar pont Do not touch the tp of needle valve tthe maintenance for protection of the human body. -Bo careful nat to damage the tp of uid maze or mast not put your hand on it. Orly an experienced person who i fully conversant wit the equipment can do maintenance and inspection, 4. CAUTION Never use commercial or ther pats instead of ANEST INATA vigil epare pars Never immerse the whole gun ino liquid uch as thinner -Never damage holes of ir capa fd nozzle and fd needle Sepby sep pomre Tan oanE ANTS cars Con TAISGSSGTSSSE | Ten oe aay OTS ee aH ‘Spray asm armour of thinner to clean fuidpassanes. Especially clean fuly and promety two-component pat afr use. 2 Donolimeretiewhdegnin fire: coe Fan darege ais When lang, never san eam eo ica ot arc nasroze, tua reed ‘een eoehserenthtnsh ent ueh herer andrei whens 7 Baise Sassarby, WY eR NEES, nearer hase Useag spn bocwrnch ot cponal exo ser codeNo S300) edematous earthed ce ic a ea a arose a is ping 62 pa ae TE Fs hac} ep as ede Pn ga eclng se Pay cteten ooh eng oe rt eds Y ol eo ada feeb eetongy | Racal whenhanirgincthineeasel vel shay pistes fudreedocern anspsen eg. “Fo acs fad nee cating sa whe ern fad resde a sfed tga fad | 4 Toor tang ola need cng sal can cama badmonar cl Rudde eedo ping soy ard aden gn erty sere ‘et and fulsiage tem tp iinet ‘er epson Muesde pecking, basta tlepouag ‘heereresan ree. 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