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Five Pillars of Dangerous Drugs Board

Drug Supply Reduction Strategy

The supply reduction strategy
employs programs and activities in
the Enhancement Programs,
Regulatory Compliance, Judicial and
Legislative Measures, and Sectoral
Capability-Building Programs.

Enhancement of Law Enforcement Programs

Provision of financial support for the Specialized Training for Police

Officers Narcotics Intelligence and Investigation in Accordance with R.A.

Regulatory Compliance

Issuance of certificates of exemption, import and export permits, licenses

and other documents allowing companies to import or export dangerous
drugs or controlled chemicals and their preparations
Reclassification of dangerous drugs and precursors
Seminar on R.A. 9165 and Board Regulations Update for Pharmacists,
Medical Practitioners and Allied Professionals

Judicial and Legislative Measures

Drug Demand Reduction Strategy

Programs under this strategy
include Preventive Education,
Capability-Building, Treatment and
Rehabilitation, and Relevant
Researches and Studies

Crafting of proposals and issue comments for the amendments of R.A.

Seminar-Workshop on the Effective Prosecution of Drug Related Cases for
Preventive Education Programs and Activities

Barkada Kontra Droga (Peer Groups Against Drugs)

Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) Program
National Youth Congress on Drug Abuse Prevention
Livelihood Programs for Out-of-School Youth
Self-Discovery Seminar for Kids
Parent-Teachers and Community Association Against Drug Abuse
Seminar-Workshop on Parent Youth Against Drug Abuse
National Training on Effective Drug Abuse Prevention Program in the
Drug Abuse Prevention Program for Transport Groups

Capability-Building Programs

Training of Trainors on Enhancing Life Skills on Drug Abuse Prevention

Training of National Service Training (NSTP) Program Implementers on
Drug Abuse Prevention Education
Regional Training on Organizing Resource Speakers Bureau on Drug Abuse
Regional Training of Trainors on Primary Prevention Research
Regional Anti-Drug Summit for Health Workers
Seminar on the Integration of Drug Abuse Prevention on Primary Health

Programs for the families of Overseas Filipino Workers
National Congress of Anti-Drug Abuse Councils
Interfaith Programs on Drug Abuse Prevention Education
Systematic Training for Effective Parenting

Treatment and Rehabilitation

Providing financial support for the construction, maintenance and

operation of Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Centers (DTRCs)
Affording rehabilitation facilities upgrade to aid in the enhancement of
drug abuse prevention programs
Improvement in the Processing of Voluntary Submission and Compulsary
Confinement of Drug Dependents
Updating the DTRCs registry of rehabilitation program enrollees for
culling in the Integrated Drug Abuse Data and Information

Relevant Researches and Studies

Conduct surveys to determine the magnitude of the drug abuse problem

as basis for formulation of policies and drug abuse prevention programs
Monitor and evaluate drug abuse prevention programs and accomplish
ample policy studies

Alternative Development Strategy

This strategy sees the incorporation
of poverty reduction efforts in
curbing the supply and production
of cannabis sativa.
Civic Awareness and Response
Programs for this strategy bank on
the capacity of various media forms
and social mobilizations to enjoin
the anti-drug abuse advocacy.

Provision of support grants of Alternative Livelihood Projects for residents

of identified marijuana cultivation sites

Conduct of advocacy programs for communities within identified

marijuana cultivation areas

Kids Against Drugs Program

Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) Program for Grade School
Pupils, Levels 5-6
Campus Tours of Kid Listo (DDB anti-drug abuse mascot) to supplement
Drug Abuse Prevention Education for School Children
Inter-School Stage Play Competition in Several Public Schools in Metro
Integration of Drug Abuse Prevention in the National Service Training
Program (NSTP)
Commemoration of the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit
Trafficking (IDADAIT)
Observance of the Drug Abuse Prevention and Control (DAPC) Week
Production of information-education collaterals (IEC) materials including
flyers, brochures, comics, posters and stickers

Regional and International

Cooperation Strategy
This strategy covers programs that
involve maintenance of linkages
with other countries as a means of
enhancing the countrys national
program on drug abuse prevention
and control.

Production of public service announcements (PSAs) and audio visual

presentations (AVPs) for airing and broadcast.

Sustained cooperation with regional and international counterparts and

involvement in the exchange of data on drug abuse prevention and
Seeking international and regional venues for discussion of program
innovation by hosting assemblies and trainings.
Supporting Philippine prevention practitioners, law enforcers and other
anti-drug abuse campaign workers involvement in international
assemblies, to ensure that national programs and projects get to
platforms where they can be enhanced, collectively evaluated and
emulated for their merit.