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Learning activity 4 / Actividad de aprendizaje 4

Evidence: My view on Colombia

-Sweet is seen in Cartagena de Indias
-The coastal people have the habit of being funny and disturbing
-When you stay in Colombia and you get hungry, you should taste its typical
food, it is delicious.
-Almost every Colombian people get sleep late on weekends, they love to
share with their families.
-When you birthday in Colombia, you must eat cake with your family and
-Many Colombian people love sports, everybody play football in Colombia.
-In Colombia you can see a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, but these are
sold too expensive.
-Many Colombian people have a lot free time and they spend it watching
-People dont like to stay in Colombia, There are a lot of countries better than
-When you travel to Colombia you dont get worry, there are many parties
and festivals to enjoy.
-Many Colombian people dont like to travel to another the country, they love
traveling around theirs.
-People in Colombia eat typical fast food, it is cheaper than vegetables.
-Colombian people are hard workers, but almost all have low-paying jobs
making them poorer than other people around the world.

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