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1) Period of infinite continuous fourier series == ? a. N b. N+M c. infinite d.

2) ROC converges if poles and zeros lie inside == ? a. Origion b. Z=1
3) Which modulation has higher data rates == ? a. fm b. am c. qam d. qpsk
4) In LTI system is characterized by == ? a. Impulse input b. Step input
5) Transfer function is == ? a. Mathematical model b. System with no physical structure c. Can be
calculated through differential equations
6) If ROC (Region of convergence) does not include unit circle then == ? a. Fourier transform converges
b. Z-transform converges c. Harley transform converges
7) Fastest achievable Response without overshooting == ? a. under damped b. overdamped c. critically
8) If z transform lies in ROC then == ? A. System is stable B. Inverse of system is stable C. Both system
and its inverse are unstable D. Both system and its inverse are stable
9) Under damped response have a. damping ratio>1 b. 0>damping ratio<1 c. damping ratio =1 d.
damping ratio =0
10) We built control systems for _______ == ? a. remote control, b. stability, c. overcomingdisturbances,
d. All of above
11) The DSB category of AM system is generally used in ___________ == ? a. Oscillator b. Color
information TV c. Oscilloscope
12) Which is used to prevent power wastage on _______ == ? a. FDM b. SSB c. DSB
13) If ROC does not lie inside unit circle, then == ? 1) FFT converges 2) Z-Transfrom converges 3) ZTransform Diverges
14) The control system is used for == ?
15) To decrease the power in control system we use == ?
16) What will be the sampling frequency that reveals the same sampled signal == ?
17) z transform is used when the system is not == ?
18) For a LTI system if all the zeroes and poles are inside the unit circle then == ?
19) Which modulation technique has carrier signal either 1 or 0 state == ?
20) Pole of s-plane gives the information about == ?
21) ROC converges if poles and zeros lies inside == ? 22) Which equation best represents AM power?
== ?


Chinas wall is visible from moon

2. Worlds second largest river? (ans : first Amazon, 2nd Nile )
3. BCD counter to count binary by using serial load/parallel load?? (Parallel Load as long as I remember)
4. In power flow diagrams load is usually represented by constant impedance/?? ??
5. Formula of resonance frequency? (*pi*(L*C)1/2 )
6. Sukkur barrage is on river Indus
7. Diamir bhasha dam? On Indus River
8. Shunt reactor? ( To bring down end voltages , these are basically inductors added between phase and neutral
line to bring down voltage ) *mazeed read kr lijye ga :p*
9. Why capacitors are added in series with the transmission line? (for protection from transient voltages )
10. Line loadability?
11. Laplace transform of unit step function? (1/s)
12. Who gave the statement in india that pak is spreading terror in neighbouring countries? (David Cameron)
13. Yom e Arafat? 9th of zilhajj when hajis gather in the ground of Arafat for individual and collective prayers
14. Fasting as a shield (pillar of islam)
15. Magnetic field in DC motor? (b/w stator and rotor) I dont remember the exact question


16. Poles are chamfered in dc motor? (to reduce armature reaction)

17. Torque in induction motor is proportional to? (Current I think so )
18. What is zero state?
19. GSM and modulation schemes?
20. Modulation schemes in modern cell phones?
21. CMRR? (differential gain divided by common mode gain)
22. In digital communication , the modulated signal at transmitter is in the form as? (modulated analogue or
modulated digital or etc ?? )
23. What should be done to increase the directivity of antenna? (relation with gain and bandwidth)
24. What is screw phenomena?
25. Relationship between rotor poles and electric frequency in motors and generators?
26. Differential amplifiers and coupling used?
27. Basic goal of differential amp? (Noise reduction)
28. Zero-pole (un observable and uncontrollable ?? I dont rem it)
29. Use of laplace domain?
30. 16bits x 16bits = ( 32 bits )
31. What is impedance matching transformer?
32. Impedance matching is done for? (To reduce reflected power )
33. What is caused because of line resistance (attenuation/distortion (coz of reactances))?
34. When did Quaid e azam gave his 14 points? (1929)
35. CM of Punjab? (Shahbaz Shareef :p)
36. Largest province according to area? (Blouchistan)
37. Northern Area are covered by Mountain ranges? (Himalyan ranges )
38. Shunt reactor? (to reduce end terminal voltage)
39. What will be the Electrical frequency in one revolution for 8 poles ? (4 Hz)
40. Phase difference in voltages of primary and secondary windings of transformer ? (0 degree)
41. At no load voltage in primary winding lag by ? lead by ? how much degree ? (lag by less than 90 degree )
42. A 200 watt 400V lamp/heater supplies at 200V. It power would be ? (ambiguity, power should remain constant
mere khayal se )

43. coupling capacitor used are of value ?

44. what should be the load factor and diversity factor for low cost electricity generation ? (mere khyal se load
factor should be high and diversity factor should be low)
45. how data rate of optical fibre cable can be increased ?
46. for stability poles should be in right/right/jw-axis half plane ?
47. What is the main constraint on the maximum transmission capability of line ?
48. Hollow conductors are preferred in transmission lines. Why ?
49. ALU + memory + etc on a single chip called ? microprocessor ? processor ? etc ?
50. If K=1 then G(s)H(s) represents ? poles ? zeroes ? roots ? etc ?
51. If current 13.64A, heat 7500 jowls in 5 sec then Voltage level required ? (110V)
52. If capacitance 0.1 uF , Inductance 0.1 henry then resonance frequency ? (1.592KHz)
53. What happens with the Increasing gauge ? ( wire thickness reduces )
54. No of Magnetic field of line passing through a perpendicular area called ? (Magnetic Flux density)
55. In Cartesian co-ordinates axis are perpendicular/parallel/same ? (Perpendicular)
56. In measurement indicating instruments torque is nullified via spring ? gravity ? etc ?
57. Which losses of transformer depend upon frequency ? (ye send kia tha fb pe mjhe bhi bhool gya ha exactly )

58. Interfacing analogue quantity with Digital system require ? (ADC)

59. All initial conditions set to zero , then response for all input is called ?
60. Current Chief of army staff ? (Raheel Shareef)
61. laplace transform is used for ? solving algebraic equations ? linear system transfer function? etc etc ?
62. what is the resistance of an ideal voltage source ? (zero ohm)
63. what is the resistance of an ideal current source ? (open circuited i.e infinite)
64. which motor has the maximum speed ? (DC series motor)
65. which motor should not be used without load ? (DC series motor)
66. what is power factor ? (true power /apparent power)
67. modulation scheme having highest data rate ?
68. which element produces less resistance at 0Hz frequency ? (Inductor)
69. power electronics is involved in ? converter inverter etc ?
70. which type of converters are fly back converters ? (DC-DC and AC-DC)
71. diodes are used in ? rectifier ? inventor (I couldnt figure out what it is )

72. what is the range of torque angle (ya pta nhn konsa angle tha ) 1-3, 3-5, 15-30 , 2-3 degrees ?
73. why transformer parameters cannot be measured by input output method ? (due to losses mere khyal se)
74. how many bits are there in IP address ? (32)
75. link layer is another name of which layer?
76. Which country flag bears a maple leaf on it ? (Canada)
77. What is the literal meaning of word Qiblah ? (Something in front of you)
78. Accuracy in terms of precision and resolution?
79. Darlington pair?
80. Temperature co-efficient of semiconductors?
81. Boost strap insulator?
82. Techniques of pulse code modulation?
83. Drum timer?
84. Terms like fan out and fan in? (maximum number of outputs connected to an IC out pin like how many
gates can be driven from the output of one gate )
85. Mercury arc rectifier?

If the height of the transmission towers is increased, which of the following

parameters is likely to change?
a. capacitance b. inductance c. resistance d. No change
Ans: a
2. If ROC (Region of convergence) does not include unit circle then
a. Fourier transform converges b. Z-transform converges
c. Harley transform converges
3. The MSI (Medium Scale Integration) technique, the number of transistors on the
single IC package can be fabricated are:
a. less than 10 b. 10 to 100
c. 100 to 1000 d. 1000 to 10000
Ans: b
4. The LSI (Large Scale Integration) technique, the number of transistors which can
be fabricated on the single IC are:
a. 10 to 100 b. 1000 to 10000
c. 100 to 1000 d. greater than 10000
Ans: c
5. TTL (Transistor - Transistor Logic) of chip integration uses
a. Bipolar junction b. Field effect
c. complementary symmetry metal oxide
Ans: a
6. In 3-phase 4-wire system, how many voltages are available?
a. three b. four c. nine d. two
7. For the signal Cos(pi/4), the fundamental period is
a. 8 b. 4 c. 2 d. 16
Ans: 8
8. In Z-transform, ROC always lies around:
a. origin b. pole c. zero d. z=1 e. z=-1
9. For getting the sampled signal without any distortion, according to Nyquist
criteria, the minimum sampling period must be
a. double the max period b. equal to the max period
c. greater than the max period d. half the max period
Ans: d
10. Electrical lines of force about a negative charge are
a. Circular, anticlockwise b. Circular, clockwise
c. Radial, inward d. Radial, outward
Ans: c

11. Which meter is used a null detector in wheatstone bridge

a. Ammeter b. Voltmeter
c. Ohm-meter d. Galvanometer
Ans: d
12. The LTI (Linear Time Invarient) system can be completely characterized by
a. Ramp input b. Sinusoidal input
c. Impulse input d. Step input
Ans: c
13. When the current in the light bulb decreases by 2%, its power decreases by
a. 4% b. 2% c. 8% d. 40%
Ans: a
14. The fact that a conductor carries more current on the surface as compared to
core is known as:
a. Faraday's effect b. Ampere's Effect
c. corona d. Skin effect
Ans: d