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Terms and Conditions


As a Western Australian specialist mobile service retail business, I operate compliant with
applicable state and commonwealth law. The items detailed here are intended to describe in
everyday english my specific terms and conditions. These do not exclude or extinguish your rights
and obligations as a consumer or my rights and obligations as a vendor. Please refer to the ACCC
for more on this.
As a franchise of Blue Wheelers Australia, I operate compliant with Its policies, and operations

Appointment Basics
To ensure control over my cashflow, keep my costs down and minimise my exposure to fraud, I
have chosen to be a cash business and do not provide Eftpos facilities. A tax receipt by email is
always available upon request. You do not need to worry about change as I will always have
enough on me.
All payments are due at the completion of the booking.

My arrival window
Under normal circumstances I will arrive within 30 minutes of the appointment time. I will attempt to
contact you either by phone or text if I know I am going to be later than this or if the opportunity is
available to do the appointment earlier if it works for you.
I will always turn up, or I will always contact you by phone to reschedule if I can't do the
appointment due to circumstances outside my control. If you are expecting me and I have not
arrived as expected and I have not contacted you, please contact me.

Parking the big blue dog

Usually the best and safest solution is to park on the street in front of your home. I will where
possible avoid blocking your driveway but priority is always given to neighbouring driveways.
There are times when it is unsafe or illegal to park like this such as:
it would block the flow of traffic on a major road or on the accent of a hillside or within 6 metres of
a corner or intersection,
There are parked vehicles on the opposite side of the road and it would narrow the road too
much for traffic to pass through safely.
It would force traffic to cross a solid white line to get passed.
It would block access to a fire hydrant outlet or otherwise prevent an emergency services vehicle.
It would block access to an adjacent property.

At these times I will seek to either park on the verge or if this is unavailable to reverse into the

Two things I need to access

My fully equiped big blue mobile dog grooming salon does need access to a power point to run the
equipment and I may need access to a tap to top up my water tank. I have 30 metres of hose and
two 30 meter extension leads.

If no one can be at the booking

I can attend a booking without the customer being present so long as I have permission to do so,
access to a power point, a tap, payment and the dog is willing to be collected by me.
A dog who is unwilling to be collected does not count as a customer cancellation. I will contact you
to reschedule if this happens and leave everything as I found it including payment.
To manage the security of your home I recommend that if you do not have a power point
accessible from outside the front of the house that an extension lead, with the end covered in a
elastic band secured plastic bag to protect it from the weather, be left poking out from underneath
the garage roller door so I can access electricity.
It is also good practice to change any gate codes you supply me with and to lock your home as
normal. I will not accept any offer to direct access to the inside of a customers home while they are
not present and I cannot be responsible for watching an unlocked house.
I will not sign for any deliveries.

Please inform me as soon as you can if you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment as
someone else could take advantage of the spot you need to vacate to look after their furry loved
As it is rare to fill a cancelation after 8pm the day prior, I reserve the right to charge the full value of
an appointment cancelled by a customer after this time or one where the customer does not show.
This is payable before I book a new appointment. I understand you may not always be in control of
events so I waive this charge on the first occurrence in each financial year or in special
circumstances on a case by case basis. I do expect my customers to be responsible for managing
their lives as not only do other customers miss out but it also messes with my ability to manage my

Your duty of disclosure

If you are aware your dog has any of the below issues I need to know so I can properly care for
them from the outset while they are in my custody, or if needed, to protect myself other people or
other dogs.

Any open wounds or incompletely healed stitches. While the risk is small due to the hygiene
practices in the salon wounds can become infected. Your vet should clear your dog before being
groomed professionally.
An infected ear or tendency to get ear infections. Again it is a good idea to check in with your vet
first. Dogs with ear infections can be irritable and defensive.
Any infectious or contagious diseases or parasites.

A dog with an infectious disease needs to be quarantined until no longer

infected. I would rather reschedule than put my other clients at risk.
is a puppy younger than 12 weeks or their vaccinations are not up to date.
Is a puppy under 12 months of age as puppies have restrictions on how they are to be handled
and groomed partly to provide the best introduction to being groomed and partly to protect their
immature skin and coat.
Has aggressive or fearful behaviours especially if they been previously been traumatised by
abuse so I can better manage their emotional state and take steps as needed to minimise the
risk of injury to myself, your dog and anyone else, and hopefully normalise their behaviour over
Has difficulty standing or jumping up and down on their own, back injury, or heart problems.

Changing a booking
I am happy to alter the details of a given booking if your dog needs a different service from the one
listed or if you need to add or remove additional dogs although I may have to reschedule if time
does not allow to complete the altered booking.

Booking your next appointment

You can:
Call me when you are ready or book through the website. Please be aware though I probably
won't be immediately available as most of my customers book well in advance and although I
return every enquiry I may not be able to do so straight away.
Book your next appointment(s) in advance at the completion of the current appointment.
Set up a regular grooming schedule. This can be as simple as a single type of appointment at
reoccurring intervals through to a complete programme of services to manage coats requiring
more attention. Please ask me about grooming programme options or check out my List of
Services for more information.
Please note that the pre-Christmas December period is often booked completely by the end
of October so it is advisable to book your December appointments in early.
However you wish to manage booking your appointments I will always send a copy of the details
for your next appointment to a registered email if one is made available. You do not need to
respond to this email unless the details are incorrect.

Other communications you can expect

72 hours prior to an appointment my booking software will automatically send a text or email to
confirm that we are still ok for the appointment. Please respond with a simple yes if everything is
ok or advise me of anything you need to change.

I also send out a text or email to thank my customers for using my service after each booking and
to offer the opportunity to provide feedback. You do not have to do so but all feedback is welcome.
I actually care about providing a value for money service to my customers and I want to know if
there is anything I can do better.

Options to contact me
I can be contacted by:
Main number: 1300 659 055
Mobile: 0403 627 007 call or text
Email: applecross@bluewheelers.com.au
Facebook: @applecrossbluewheelers
Website: http://www.bluewheelers.com.au/mobile-dog-grooming/applecross-wa/

Operating Hours
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
Every second Saturday 9am to 5pm
Closed all Public Holidays and Sundays
After hours work: any appointments scheduled for outside my operating hour on days I am open
incur a 50% loading. This loading does not apply to bookings scheduled inside normal hours where
I arrive outside of normal hours.
Call outs: on days I am closed I can come out if I am available. I charge a $91 call out fee in
addition to the 50% after hours loading on the booking.


Account Holders and Authorised Persons

Typically I will be interacting with a single authorised person responsible for the booking account.
Usually this is the person who makes the original booking but it can be a person authorised by
them. This person is considered to be the customer.
Where the customer is not present I will normally assume any adult person left to attend the
booking has the authority to decide on all grooming questions and is responsible for providing
critical information regarding each booked dog unless otherwise declared by the customer.
Normally I will still attempt to contact the customer first or refer to any previous notes on the
account to remove as much doubt as I can before relying on the person present. This is intended
only to deliver the service expected by the customer.

Quality Control Measures

I care about the quality of the work I do.

I only use Blue Wheelers certified shampoo stock and chemicals. This allows me and Blue
Wheelers to guarantee the quality and safety of the product used in my salon. If you request I use
a different product such as a vet supplied medicated shampoo I cannot offer this guarantee.
Recently washed hair rests differently and allows for a more precise haircut. I cannot guarantee the
quality of a haircut if you request that I don't wash and I charge the same price regardless both to
discourage those making this request to save a few dollars and because I have to spend extra time
finishing up the styling.
It is necessary to remove matted hair as it affects styling, can break the skin and become a
breeding ground for fungal and bacterial infections.

Returns, Refunds and Credits

At the completion of the booking for each dog the customer will normally be asked if there is
anything they would like to change and I will check to see if they are happy with the result. If any
changes are needed I will usually complete them immediately or if time does not allow schedule a
free of charge return booking. This satisfaction standard remains even if the customer is not
present or if the question is not asked.
As my customer you always have the right to request changes to any of the included elements in a
booking (refer to https://www.facebook.com/notes/dale-hartley/list-of-services/132739503753441
for information on what is included in each service) even if you don't notice them at the time of the
service on condition you notify me within a reasonable timeframe of three days of the completed
As the booking is completed according to the customer's instruction or that of an authorised person
and the opportunity to make changes to ensure the service meets their satisfaction is offered, I do
not usually offer refunds.
A credit on the account may be made if the service delivered explicitly differs from what was
expected or to compensate a customer for any injury to a dog acquired while in my care requiring
the attention of a veterinary surgeon.
While every effort is made to ensure the safety of my customers and their dogs accidents can
occasionally happen and I consider any expense incurred by a customer directly resulting from an
injury acquired by a dog in my care my responsibility not the customers but I do require a detailed
surgery invoice to confirm I'm not being charged for unrelated services prior to payment of a refund
or account credit.
Usually a refund will only be offered where it is clear the customer will not continue to use my
service or where it is clear a credit would place the customer in financial hardship.
A refund of any unexpired credit on an account will be offered to any customer moving outside my
service area or who's dog has died or is otherwise unable to continue using my service.

While I am a family friendly business and everyone is welcome to watch me groom through the
kerbside window and door, for safety and liability reasons children are not permitted inside the
salon, between or on the vehicles or to view through the roadside window.

I am not a child minding service and cannot be responsible for the movements of anyone outside
the trailer. Customers remain responsible for children in their care and still need to manage their
safety as a roadside is considered a hazardous location.

Other Safety Issues

While I do what I can to minimise hazards relating to my operations, I assume all adults are
responsible for their own safety. With this in mind please note the following:
An electrical extension lead and possibly a hose are needed to supply the salon with power and
water. Please be careful not to trip on either.
The widows use strong gas struts (over 200Nm) and the doors use hooks to remain open but the
windows and doors can slam shut in very strong winds. While usually the windows will be closed
on windy days unexpected gusts of air can occur.
The safety of my doggy clients matters to me and I only clip nails if I believe it is safe to do so. This
applies to every aspect of my service. My first priority is your dog's welfare not my income.

I recognise the kind of service I offer is not within everyone's budget and there are more basic or
less qualified services in the area which are cheaper and may be able to help someone who finds
my pricing beyond their means.
My pricing is based on what it costs me to deliver my service including tax obligations with a small
buffer to weather any challenges. I need to make sure I can afford to continue offering what I do
but I try to keep both my costs down and my prices affordable.
I generally assume my customers are completely capable of managing their own affairs and know
what they want so will go along with any scheduling a customer chooses. If you need to keep the
budget in check please let me know as there may be alternatives that allow for a similar level of
maintenance of your furry loved one's coat.

Price adjustments
I review my costs each May through a Cost of Delivery Report and if needed adjust my pricing on
July 1.

Privacy Policy
I need to collect and store information about my customers and their dogs for account
management and operations purposes. Other than complying with any lawful warrant requesting
access to my I do not disclose or otherwise provide this information to third parties.
Many of my customers know each other and if asked to help contacting a customer I will request
permission from the enquirer to provide their contact details such as a phone number to the
customer they are enquiring about and ask them to contact the enquirer.

I store a customers personal data for up to 2 years after their last appointment unless a customer
communicates they are moving outside of my franchise area where I will delete it immediately. I
store sales transactions for 10 years to comply with both Australian Tax Law and the Criminal
Property Confiscation Act 2000 (WA) requirements of proof.

Complaints and feedback

I am actually interested if I failed to meet my customers expectations and view a complaint as my
access to improving what I do. All feedback is welcome. Complaints are valuable to me. I do not
take complaints personally and I accept that the person complaining may be acting out of upset.
Where a complaint is registered I will attempt to contact the customer and work through their
complaint both to see how I might resolve their upset and specific issue and how I might prevent a
reoccurrence. If the customer declines to discuss their issue with me I will still try to work out what
happened and how I can do better in future although this requires a best guess without the
customers input.
All feedback is welcome. It helps me evaluate how I am delivering on my offer to my customers
and what I need to do to improve it, and it can let prospective customers know more about the kind
of service I offer and whether it suites them.

How you can expect me to treat you

I don't care about what someone looks like, where they were born, their gender or sex, what faith
they follow, their politics or pretty much anything else. I accept people as they are.
I do care how people relate to and treat each other. I care about someone's behaviour and I care
how I behave and treat others. I do not tolerate and I reserve to right to withhold service,
assistance or inclusion to anyone while committing abusive, demeaning, threatening, violent or
criminal behaviour.

Alternative payment options

New customers must pay by cash at completion of the booking.
While cash is preferred the following alternatives are available for repeat customers completely at
my discretion:
Cheques may be accepted where no previous cheques from a specific customer have been
rejected. Any costs incurred by me relating the processing of a cheque are passed onto the
customer and are payable by the next appointment.
Bank to bank transfers are available. Normal payment terms apply with a 48 hour allowance for
bank processing. A proof of payment may be required where payment has not been received.
Advance payment, and bulk credits are available which apply a credit to the account and can be
used for any service combinations the account holder wishes within 12 calendar months of
payment, unless it is a part of a special offer where the terms of the offer take precedence.
Payment in full is required by completion of booking unless otherwise agreed upon.
Where payment has not occurred I reserve the right to not honour or make any further bookings
until payment is made.

To prevent fraud I will not process any credit card or other financial details where the owner of the
card or account is not present, nor will I process any payments other than the final value of the
booking, or agree to pay another vendor on behalf of a customer or otherwise act as a broker
between a customer and another vendor.