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Sept 23rd.

2016 update - ON PRESSING THAT: [as to Dan 12, prophecy timeline] - I'm blessed
ON MY ABNORMAL BIRTH: [it's a mathematical certainty that i'm the redeemer that came from Zion]
1. My father was one of maybe 100,000 officers who had an opportunity to sign this World War
Bond, and there couldn't have been more than a 100 who acted on this bond [1000 to 1 odds]
1. the fact that my bond number is 000665 is ominous; but statistically, it's a wild card number.
2. The fact that [after 64 years] i'm the last such bond in existence is at least a trillion to 1 odds.
3. The fact that, after 11-years of protesting this breach of contract on my bond resulted in things
just falling in place to file my C'estui Que Vie Trust challenge on the 1290th day, as to Dan 12
/compound this by the fact that this trust challenge of redeeming [paying-off] the [Sumerian]
Birth Certificate racket, really does fit this line of 'everyone whose name is found in the book
will be delivered', and this trust challenge really is when Jesus' allotted inheritance comes due,
AND, then add the fact that Rom 10 and 11 fits what i'm doing; AND this makes the odds of me
being this Redeemer a mathematical certainty. That means: i'm the dreaded one before Jesus
Christ returns to save us all, once and for all. From here on in, the impossible can happen.
1. As to prophecy, the Law Society challenged me, and [in hindsight] they just proved to still
be in stupor, on the 1333rd day of this Dan 12 timeline. [this response was expected, but...]
2. Equally so, the odds that no one or nobody rebels against these dark forces is still 50 /50.
SIDE BAR: [after all, it's not called tribulation for nothing] According to Jesus, and Paul: the
mystery of when the table turns becomes self-evident, with this rejection that was just delivered; AND
this eventually leads to everyone in the world to make a choice; where those who try to save their life
will lose this Spiritual battle, and those who don't care if they are killed are saved, by rising Peacefully.
[At the time of this update] i still have not found [let alone] inspired the wise to rise, [Dan 12] and that's
now impossible to stop; because if those chosen don't act soon to rebel, then i'm now free to
engage another body of people who also fulfill this riddle of: Their voice has gone out into all the
earth, their words to the ends of the world. 20 And Isaiah boldly says, I was found by those who
did not seek me; I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me. Frankly, if the chosen refuse to
act, then there's all kinds of prophecy to support that [after the fact] this people were included, and
they are still saved if they get the message from the chosen. BUT then who believes me, or in me?
A] Please accept that regardless of good first fruit or bad first fruit, it's still a giant harvest of
wheat, and the number of weeds to be harvested depends heavily on whether those who are
trampling on me actually rebel; i can't find the wise, otherwise. - Accept this gracious offer as
just another example that God Almighty's Grace is still being offered after the 1335th day.
ON DELIVERING THE NEW COVENANT: [this is not about odds it's about faith or the lack thereof]
1. My abnormal birth landed 430 years after the Act of Supremacy of 1559, [Galatians 3], which
i've challenged from the onset 11-years ago; this Dan 12 timeline makes me Abraham's Seed
because, i most definitely am augmenting this trust, Spiritually and socially /under God's law,
2. ON THIS: i can claim to already fulfilling 3-times more prophecy than Jesus did, because i'm
fulfilling Jesus and Paul's prophecies, and frankly i'm challenging this ungodly Roman Church
of methodically orchestrating this Revelation timeline; created by those who practice divination.
3. There are 100s of biblical references that refer to the mystery of the new Covenant, where the
phrase: 'upholding God's Creation' is the answer to these Spiritual biblical riddles, [and/or also]
the phrase 'nobody is above the law' solves all kinds of socially /legally [the law] riddles, too.
1. When anyone sees these 2 mysteries 'clues' as solved, results where, i guarantee that
especially Jesus' Gospels and Paul's writings will be seen in a new wholesome light.
2. Any reference to this passage connecting to any prophet - also fits. The Bible has always
contained an individual message to anyone who reads it, and now with the mystery solved
should result in a totally new interpretation that will change your way of thinking [metanoia],
and again the Bible was, and will still be a personal Spiritual awakening that's based on:
[1 Cor 13] faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these being love By being 'the one'
who reveals the mystery of God's new Covenant is the fulfillment of all prophecy.


4. All media is submissive to a singularity [aka] mind-control since these 1950's military patents to
use specific alpha wave frequencies that act simultaneously to lock a single brain wave pattern
to millions [at once] that actually numbs your mind into accepting this information as the truth.
1. Under Reagan, they ruled that commercial /propaganda subliminal advertising was legal.
2. All media today is now owned by a small handful of elitist New World Order U.N. Satanists.
3. This constant media bombardment that we must 'fear fear itself' is the message, and when
anyone in media steps outside this agenda were once character assassinated for stepping
out of line, and today they can be killed. And this creates a sense of despair that results in
apathy that makes you afraid to die for speaking let alone objecting to the evil they know.
5. ON SHATTERING ILLUSIONS: Genesis 1:1 is very relevant and mentioned in Daniels 12:7.
[on this]' time, times, and a half' is way too deep for this article, other than to accept that the
end is also a new Creation. It simply is not my choice as to who or when the chosen choose.
1. When is all glory bestowed? As i see it. Grace is being offered in Canada's Thanksgiving,
then the Day of Atonement, then in an American Thanksgiving, and frankly i hope and prey
that good first fruit starts by publishing this C'estui Que Vie redemption offer, before winter.
1. What is inevitable is that the return to Paradise on earth is a new beginning, 'when'
[in a moment in time] God Almighty literally stretches the universe, and a new creation
emerges, where the creation itself is finally liberated from its bondage to decay to the
glorious freedom of everyone [by the wise -Dan 12 and also mentioned in Rom 8:18on
as the Conquerors of Love] because God Almighty mysteriously honours this promise:
All past suffering will seem insignificant compared to the glory that's still just an offer.

6. Since, Genesis 3 and 4, we are condemned to this reality where women are still the only ones
to suffer birth pains, and wherever we go, we all toil and suffer, and this resulted in being 'the
cursed' who must destroy God's creation, and when Cain killed Abel resulted in a metanoia
where: At that time people began to call on the name of the LORD. [as in - no longer with God]
1. Those Ancients in Paradise actually asked to know what true evil is. The only thing that
can stop anyone from gaining God's Grace is by holding onto the past. [Rom 8:38]
2. Apparently, as to the 4th horseman of Revelation, it's self-evident that 1/3rd of the world has
been destroyed by the nuclear fires [of Fukushima] and still they refuse to repent...
1. Why? The media is this Orwellian BIG BROTHER, where the Great Deceiver is still
winning the battle of deceiving us to accept the lie that the antichrist has not yet arrived
2. Dark forces orchestrated Barry Soetoro into playing the role of Dan 12's OBAMAnation,
Please accept that in a Higher Order that my Dan 12 filing corners a check mate trap.
ON THIS: You can run but you cannot hide, BUT why do you reject this timely
offer to have God Almighty clean up this mess, by liberating the creation itself?
3. BOTTOM LINE: I'm Blessed [and either way] the offer of redemption comes from Zion.
If authority doesn't think that redeeming all debt is a good idea, then that's their choice.


EPA report that shows there are 200 cities across the USA that have RAD readings that
exceed the old mandatory evacuation limit, and the top 20 are all over 3 times this limit.
It's a combination of a recent big spill at Fukushima, and lots of old leaky nuclear plants.
Add in that every virus of the 20th century has a military patent on it. Add in chem-trails,
and open spraying of this super toxic Pyriproxyfen to kill the Zika virus, and ask yourself:
1. Do you really want any association to being on the side of these madmen who are
willingly destroying all life on earth, [as we know it] for the next 20 million years? [OR]
2. Do we want to take a chance on love that the Redeemer from Zion can fix this mess by
liberating the creation itself? I ask: What part of repent or perish don't you get?