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Sept 28, 2016



The Legal insanity of the Law Society, [Sec 16 CC] for totally subverting our archetypal form;

As expressed in this video posted 5 years ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3eQABk4-D4


On the understanding THAT: Mark Levy is the most qualified trustee [under Sec 337 CC] to deliver me thru the Coronation Act process that is required to redeem this C'estui Que Vie Trust inheritance,

Marc Boyer in order to deliver my person to a lawful society.


Mark I. Levy MD, DLFAPA - Medical Director, Forensic Psychiatrist, is being summoned to act under his old trust of being the Chief Coroner for BC, while now being the Director of Forensic Psychiatric Associates Medical Corporation.

a) In reference to the Exhibit A: This brief outlines exactly the same case in Canada as Australia. - LEGAL POSITION ON COMMONWEALTH SOVEREIGNTY OF HER MAJESTY'S DOMINIONS – The loss of all fundamental freedoms, and this world enslavement is a world conspiracy by the U.N.

[where] thru enforcement of NATO treaties, all Commonwealth leaders are trapped, yet responsible for the total subversion of law and order, and this article correctly contends that the House of Lord's, and /or the Pope ultimately hold a duty to undertake the power to rule on my C'estui Que Vie Trust.

1. Frankly, I'm presently knocking on the right doors to do just that, and this is why i seek a remedy under Sec 16 CC by seeking a forensic exam of those who keep trampling on me, because [as i read Sec 14 CC] this society is entering a pact to commit simultaneous suicide.

b) DUTY TO UNDERTAKE: Consult with, advise and assess the mental health of senior public officials, who appear to be in a disabling mindset that motivates them to ignore the harm created by not ceasing to blindly act on this obvious conspiracy to commit sedition, by virtually anyone who

interacts with this ongoing insanity to continue to destroy Marc Boyer, for his Spiritual /Biblical beliefs.

1. We contend THAT: With this new OPCA status, Maritime Law regulators are reacting to the fact that it's rare for a forensic examination to rule anyone insane for their religious beliefs.

2. Under a necessity defence [Sec 8(3) CC], Mark Levy is being called to act decisively to restore some semblance of sanity to the archetypal form before the Law Society destroys society.

PREAMBLE: As to a promise made by God, a Levite would be involved with this end times prophet. And, Mark Levy was the first person to assess me in 2005, who is still playing the official role of a high

ranking Levite, with full training of how things were before this unconstitutional mess was introduced, by virtue of being the Director of the Coronation Office for BC, prior to all these evil changes occurring.

1. We first met shortly after my chest plate was snapped in 2 by 2 VPD duty Sargents inside the rectory of the Cathedral of the RC Church. I mentioned to him from the onset of this Leviticus promise, and i'm reminding him again at the end. As in, he's being called on to act righteously.

2. From the onset, he knew i had this really rare World War Bond, and its importance. In this first trial, [which eventually lead to JP Kingsley resigning over the compromising of his Office – just like Marc Mayrand was forced to do again, over the same seditious behaviour] he repeatedly had to rule on my sanity, because the Crown kept calling for a Forensic exam to determine - 'my multiple personality disorder', in order to stop my badgering to the fact that; 'they have no right to treat me this way', and i always pointed to my Statement of Birth to defend this stand.

3. I was sent so many times that he agreed that they were abusing due process, and this abuse stopped when he sent them a letter saying if he saw me again, he'd do a forensic on them.

1. ON THIS: This new OPCA status that is being imposed on me is far worse than any loss of

rights i would've had to endure had he ever declared me insane and a ward of the courts.

4. IN CONCLUSION ON THIS: [at face value] There is no one more qualified than Mark Levy [Sec 337 CC] to deliver me thru the Coronation Act process that is required for this Daniels 12 prophecy to ever have my C'estui Que Vie Trust challenge ruled-on. Let's face it: my Aug 2 nd Mandamus also fulfills Rom 11-12, 1Cor 15, and Isaiah 3-4-40 good news prophecy to a tee.

This duty includes assessing the mental health /moral integrity of the following, [not limited too]

1. Gregor Robertson, the Mayor of Vancouver, who contrary to the virtue of his office, is refusing to uphold his fiduciary trust to intercede in this case file # CA 43509, where The Law

Society, [with the authority of Justice Bennett's 4/20 court ruling, under the Mayor's Authority], holds no such right to continue to trample on this ongoing breach of contract [under my C'estui Que Vie Trust] - originally trampled on by enforcing this 2005 Gag Order, as if it was lawful.

1. Marc Mayrand, the CEO of Elections Canada had to resign over this new ruling, because this ruling again compromised the integrity of his Office, just like JP Kingsley had to do.

2. This Mandamus was an order for the Appeals Court Registrar Mr. Timothy Outerbridge to

1) just close the file by saying he can do nothing, and i would then able to go to the SCC to resolve this closed Appeals case; 2) he could have delivered this Mandamus to [Madam Bennett's superior] Chief Justice Bowman to have this seditious ruling reversed; 3) BUT to tell me that these new rules say that he 'may' reject this document, means he chose wilfully to enforce that my only option was to tell me to submit to this seditious ruling, pay the fine, and apply for an Application to proceed under this perverted ruling, which would result in accepting that i have zero claim to Jesus' allotted inheritance, in any future C'est Que Vie trust ruling - because somehow any director is given the right

to block anything;

perpetuate this seditious act. Frankly he's also committing a vexatious act of spitting in

God's face on the 1334 th day [one day before God's Grace is bestowed, in Dan 12].

this only proves him to be just another mindless automaton to


Records will show that on Aug 10 th [after waiting the first week] i filed a courtesy

notice outlining that the option of delivering this mandamus in the Vancouver County Court Registry was a sound measure [as outlined in this article]; AND because of a delay tactic by Maria Little john, it took Timothy Outerbridge until Sept 16 th to hand-deliver this rejection.


i hereby mandate Mark Levy to approach the Mayor, with the fact that

the Coronation Act and the Vancouver County Court cannot be destroyed [as in] these trust /Institutions can only be parked, and in good conscience can be used in this case, because

it meets all the criteria of lore, as to why this Act and this Institution were [in deed] created.

1. He can expertly explain that by Gregor Robertson ruling on this file would result in the House of Lords being forced to rule on his [Dan 12] C'estui Que Vie Trust settlement.

2. If this City ruled against honouring this claim, then the voice from the west of Isaiah 59 is being fulfilled. AND if he rules in favour, first good fruit [in the west] is assured, because this new branch of Rom 11 will be grafted onto the tree of Life in Thanksgiving.

3. [think about it] Just this filing should compel, Geoff Regan as Speaker of the House of Commons to file something in this court, and frankly, it's not my call, if no one can see this as either an ominous or a glorious sign that God will act with speed and finality, then i guess Paul was right in his lament of only a remnant [of his people] surviving.

2. Jody Wilson-Raybourn, acting as the MP for Granville South, who contrary to the virtue of this office, is refusing to uphold her fiduciary trust to intercede in this newly attached case file, of Sept 15 th on this S 165441 ruling, resulting where The Mayor and the Law Society can dishonour her Office, by Jody omitting to see the harm created [Sec 16 CC] by not objecting to this abuse, when this was omitted in order to not protect her constituents from this sedition.

1. As to the Exhibit A – This total perversion of our archetypal form is [in my case] a fraud

protected by the Attorney General, and anything this entity rules can still be reversed by

being the Justice Minister.

and it's all just smoke and mirrors to obstruct my C'estui Que Vie Trust Redemption offer.

Everything and everyone answers to this C'estui Que Vie Trust,

2. Mark Levy can explain to her that she can also file something in this Vancouver County Court file, and in this way, this could result in a situation, where any 2 or these 3 witnesses

agreeing', could result where the House of Lords being called on to rule on my C'estui Que Vie Trust Redemption offer, on or around the time of the Day of Atonement.


WHAT PART OF BEING IN STUPOR DON'T YOU GET? I know, it's not a compliment.

1. I'm not telling anyone what to do, other than all oath holders [who trampled on me, during this 11 years of tribulation] need to make a choice, because this lame 'i don't understand excuse' creates this very mesmerizing mindset that is called the spirit of death [Rom 7-8].

1. ON THIS: i accepted a long time ago that there's nothing i can do to convince anyone that the one that they call on, is definitely not the one 'with God'; i accept that some people will never want to redeem all debt in the world. BUT the notion where no one rebels [when push comes to shove] is about to unfold, because not even one angel knows what's going down, let alone when. The chosen chose; it's this free choice thing.

2. Exactly as to God's promise: The meek inherit the earth, when the new covenant is revealed, and i personally have no clue as to how to stop this new Creation from occurring, because it defies the timber in my Heart that i gained thru perseverance to pursue my goal [as to Heb 11:1] thru my Faith in action being governed under an acceptance that: Now, faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. 2 This is what the ancients were commended for. 3 By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible. ON THIS: How anyone could wilfully deny this offer to inherit this mindset called 'in the Grace of God' is simply beyond my ability to grasp.

2. The Great Deceiver has billed me as being the Antichrist, after all i am attacking him; and apparently i'm to become a world leader by promoting a big lie, and proclaims myself to be above God. I'm not that character, but it really does fit the twisted teachings of the Archon.

1. As i see it, the Pope declared the 2 nd Commandment as no longer applicable, therefore it's not a sin to violate it; AND in so doing he most definitely places Satan above God, after all, it's not a sin unless it's outlined as a sin in their god's 15 commandments.

2. As most prophets: I'm no flatterer, i'm not perfect; and as to prophecy, i've never really stopped pursuing my destiny for the past 11 years. This GAG Order really did fit this Rom 10 prophecy, where my message or my case files were barred by any press from publishing on anything i do. ON THIS: how can i complain: when my behaviour actually fulfills prophecy of this messenger, when the message is still not being made public.

3. The Great Deceiver says: Never believe in anyone whose message is too beautiful, and apparently my message that i'm the redeemer who is blessed for upholding the good name of my Lord makes me one of these lawless ones, even when i'm trying to fulfill all of the biggest prophecies that lead to our ultimate Salvation by the Living God Jesus Christ occurring, and by offering this thru Love and the Gentle Spirit [1Cor 4:20].

3. As to this William Cooper video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QG4En6tWeOQ this means i must be this cursed one, who destroys everything as we now know it in this world – [and they are right on this point]. After all the bible is all about this evil god who threw us out of paradise, and we would rather die than to go back to the mindset of the ancients, because frankly i'm offering the exact opposite message that creates the exact opposite effect of this Gen 3-4 curse. I'm evil for delivering God's solution of returning to Paradise, where we are caretakers of the garden, and angel serve man'kind' again.

1. I really don't care if this twisted logic cannot be broken, this twisted logic has again successfully driven evil men to destroy the creation, this time for 20+ million years;

- Starting with 1/3 rd of the world being destroyed by the nuclear fires of Fukushima,

1. THINK ABOUT IT: who needs atomic bombs, when any and all unattended reactors will become another Fukushima disaster, anywhere and everywhere in the world.

4. IN CONCLUSION: I started this quest unprepared [too early]; on faith alone i persevered, to pursue my destiny, to get here on time; I'm filing a legitimate claim to manifest God's Destiny, and until i see otherwise means: i might be too late, and Paul was right. So be it.