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1) Cambridge University and the Head of Law at Melbourne University, confirms that the Australian Federal Constitution is current British domestic law, and that it cannot ever be applied legally as law on Australian citizens.

2) The Head of Law at Melbourne University says that a Australia is a member of both the United Nations and the Commonwealth of Nations, we can never be subject to British Law. The imposition of British Law on Australians is a breach of the Charter of United Nations 1945, agreed to by Australian Federal Parliament - the laws of a foreign power cannot be applied to members of an agreed independent sovereign nation such as Australia.

3) A representative of Notre Dame who was at Melbourne University at the time, said that various Australian governments had tried to "Australianize" the British Federal Constitution. In asking how Australia intended modifying "foreign legislation", the Notre Dame representative was asked what authority and in what form was any such authority to change British Law given? He replied - "there isn't one" In asking him what authority we may have had to actually use the British Constitution he replied - "we haven't one".

4) The Notre Dame representative advises us that our Sovereignty has been in the hands of the People for a long time. Has the Australian government, legal profession or court system ever told that to the Australian People? No!

5) Who can make changes to the Australian Federal Constitution? Only Britain, as it is a British Act of Parliament.

6) Where does Executive Authority come from in England with respect to Australia? The Colonial System was continued on relying on Executive Input from the United Kingdom. This came about in 1953, with the first Styles and Titles Act.

7) The British Government i.e. the Privy Council was asked where did the authority come from for Queen Elizabeth II to state in Her Coronation Oath, that She would govern Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc. They said - "it was a request from Bob Menzies"

8) The Privy Council was asked if they had the Executive Authority to change the Queen's Coronation Oath. They replied - "there's no such authority"

9) The Privy Council was asked what authority they had to legislate the1986 Australia Act. Their answer was - "there's none". This illegal Act can be struck down by the Lords in Chancery, because it was merely done at the request of the Dominion (by an illegal Australian government).

10) What Executive Authority does the Queen have with respect to Australia, who is She, and where did she get Her authority from? As it turns out, the Queen is a Public Servant! She is "part and parcel" of the United Kingdom Parliament, and consequently she does not hold any Executive Authority over Australia, nor has She ever had any Executive Authority over Australia!

11) How can the Queen be a constitutional Monarch in Australia, when as an independent State we have never set-up a Monarchy, nor have we set-up an Act of Secession? The Privy Council has replied in writing: "The Queen cannot by British Law, hold a Constitutional or Executive Position in other than the United Kingdom. The current situation in Australia is absolutely impossible in British Law!

12) The Privy Council has confirmed, that as the British Parliament has no Executive Authority over Australia, therefore the Queen cannot have any authority over Australia!

13) Has Darryl Williams, of the Australian Federal Attorney General's office been advised? Nearly every politician has had these matters of illegality put to them going back many years and many Australian governments.

14) Many of the Australian government claim that the Executive Authority comes from clause 2 of the invalid Australian Federal Constitution. Documents from British Parliament state that - "United Kingdom Parliament has no jurisdiction in Australia whatsoever! There is no Executive Authority in the Australian Federal Constitution, with respect to Australia. The Australian Federal Constitution is current British Domestic Law, and cannot be applied to any Australian Citizen, ever! Australia was legislated in Britain in 1948 as no longer being an United Kingdom Colony - refer 1948 British Citizenship Act U.K.

15) Why has no Australian Government ever done anything about this farce? "Because all they are after is POWER, the last thing that they would want is a new form of government called a Democracy! How could they continue to do the favours for those entities that contribute vast campaign funds to the various political parties?

16) What will happen when Geoffrey Robertson QC commences the court action next Thursday 6th March 2003? The entire ILLEGAL SYSTEM will be DESTROYED in minutes! Most Australian politicians were told that eventually this would come about, and that they could not stop it,

17) Why didn't an Australian government just tell the People – "there's been a GIANT stuff up! How about we get together and fix it?" - but no, the Australian government wanted to fight for the survival of their POWER control instead.

18) When anyone challenges any aspect of the total illegality of Australia, the government sends in its Gestapo to destroy the challenger. The Gestapo of course is the ATO - Australian Taxation Department. This fabricated taxation attacks on Australians is then fully supported by the equally corrupt and illegal Federal and High courts of Australia!

19) When the Australian government needed to wipe out Senator Hill from parliament, on the purported grounds that she had dual Australian citizenship with Great Britain, the treasonous Justice Hayne of the never-legal Australian High Court said - "Yes, the United Kingdom is a foreign power, but only as far as section 42 of the Australian Federal Constitution is concerned ??? " How the hell can Britain be a "foreign power" to its own Act of Parliament, and how can it only be considered "foreign" to just one clause of its own constitution? Ironically, Senator Hill was wiped out of Australian Parliament, despite the fact that under the British Constitution for Australia, she was actually the only one validly appointed to Australian Parliament. All of the other Australian citizen parliamentarians were invalid, because they DIDN'T have British citizenship!

20) Before any Australian parliamentarian takes their seat in either the Senate or the House of Representatives, they have to take an Oath of Allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II, (not the Queen of Australia), and Queen Elizabeth II in the Sovereignty of the United Kingdom. The wording of this Oath of Allegiance cannot be changed. Once the parliamentarians are sworn in, they immediately commit treason, for they have sworn allegiance to a foreign power, and not the People of Australia!

21) This entire matter will be handled very simply at the forthcoming British High Court challenge, as Geoffrey Robertson QC asks the United Kingdom - "Does the Australian High Court have any standing as one of Her Majesty's Courts?" and the answer is, of course, "it doesn't, and never has!"