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This is a good news announcement: God's New Creation is nearer than you thought.

On the significance to this date [of August 2nd 2016]

An offer to redemption of all debt in the world occurred on this day.
This date is mentioned in Dan 12:11 [some interpretation included]
the end times- from the time that, the day of sacrifice is abolished,
the OBAMAnation [abomination] that causes desolation is set up,
there will be 1290 days. 12 Blessed is the one who waits for and
reaches the end of the 1335 days, and then Daniel's vision of the
son of man will receive his allotted inheritance
EXPLANATION - From the time Obama was inaugurated [for his 2nd term] the 1290th day landed on
Tuesday August 2nd, and 45 days later is Sept 17th. [or] it could be March 1, 2020
These filings show that by Sept 16th [on the 1334th day] that all 'vested parties' involved rejected
the offer from the Redeemer that comes from Zion. Due to the trust law nature of this case, i
treated it as 'in camera' proceedings. I'm now making disclosure, because they violated terms of this
trust by not acting righteously before our Canada's Thanksgiving, and compounded by this good offer
being rejected during the 'Year of Jubilee' = Tribulation has been triggered
The case is in BC Appeals Court file # CA 43509 Vancouver
We are chronologically listing articles since this Aug 2nd Mandamus
- this whole case file in thousands of pages thick and spans across 11
years of abuse. This abuse is because i can irrefutable prove to hold the
abnormal birth of 1Cor15, and be the one called Abraham's Seed [Gal 3]
As to Rom 10-11 i'm challenging the Law Society to repent or perish.
I then started filing weekly updates because i was being ignored
i forwarded all this to a long list of vested interest [of course they know]
these short articles offer a lot of background info on a complex case
This rejection to proceed is now formally confirmed [on Sept-16]
IN RESPONSE: i started on the next level with this short PREAMBLE
We increased the pressure, by filing this Leviticus promise made by God
and - https://www.scribd.com/document/326960516/SEPT28-exhibitA
I then filed this 2-page Illustrated leaflet hopefully this wakes them up
What's next? Frankly not even one angel knows when or what happens next.
If disclosure of this case remains a secret, then Isaiah 59 will inevitably happen.
If disclosure occurs: then there are 2 versions of Jonah's appearance, where the
youth and a people rise in indignation and condemn this generation or WW3 occurs
Hopefully tribulation-good happens, where Love conquers all.