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What have you learnt by doing this exercise?

Overall I have learnt how to accurately execute a prelim production. Planning and
research into the task have helped me to have a better understanding of how to
produce a short media text as well as helping to actually use the features
involved. Planning is important when creating a production as it helps the
director or producer to have a clearer understanding of what they are doing, for
instance the shot list helped my group to execute shots quicker as well as
making sure they were accurate.
I feel I have learnt to be more precise when using equipment and producing
shots which overall contributes to a prelim task of a higher grade. Using the
equipment allowed me to have a better understanding of how to distribute clean
and stable shots to make my production more professional. I have also learnt
how to use equipment to eliminate any undesired elements EG using a boom mic
to cancel out wind in the outside scenes.
When working in a group I learnt it was particularly important to communicate
ideas so you the outcome was desirable by all participants. It was important for
both members of my group to input their creative ideas to make the production
as best as it could be.
I have learnt that it is vital to be self-aware when producing a preliminary
production. This is because if you are not self-aware then you are not accurately
producing your media production, and you are not giving all your potential to the
task set.
What skills have you developed?
Completing the preliminary task has allowed me to develop a wider range of
technical skills and apply them to an actual production. I Feel I have learnt to
accurately distribute clear shots that keep audiences engaged as well as
establishing narrative and themes by combining these two elements together.
For example matching the beginning shots with the narration, as well as using a
split screen so audiences can view narratives from two perspectives without
making the sequence confusing.
I have also learnt how to use effects in abode premier that allow my production
to flow better for example a fade to black to introduce a new scene. As well using
full power effect on audio to cancel the abruptness of audio and make audio
transitions smoother.
I have learnt that directing productions is one of the key aspects to a media
piece. Without direction there is no set way of executing scenes or shots,
meaning that everything is difficult to organise. My group shared directing

throughout the production so things were run easily as well as produced to their
maximum potential.
What feedback have you received?
Overall our feedback was particularly positive, there was a good mention of how
engaging our production was and how our technical aspects such as narration
and split screen helped the production look more professional.
My peers also claimed the narrative was very consistent and clear as it was
executed through skilfully with a tripod in ALL of our different shots.
The lighting was good and suited the natural themed narrative however there
was no particular mention as to if it could be improved/if it was outstanding.
Mise en scene was accurate as my group and I decided to film in our own
locations for particular scenes and picked a location that would be known for a
Audio was well suited and emphasised comedic effects however some felt that
some of the audio was particularly distorted due to wind, as well as some of the
sound effects being quite over the top EG the stair scene.
Also, there was criticism of the fact my group did not use titles as well as a film
noir however I felt it was quite difficult for us to introduce a film noir as many of
our scenes were unsuited to the themes it creates.
How could improve your preliminary task?
There are a few ways I could improve my preliminary task. Overall I find I could
have added titles when editing so the audiences had a between understanding of
themes and characters involved. Similarly a main title could have been added so
audiences had something to remember the production by so they could share via
social convergence on social media for instance. With the audio I feel we could
have also improved by perhaps using personal mics instead of a boom mic. This
would cancel out background noise as it would be closer to the main dialogue
source. When fixing the abruptness of the audio fading I feel I could have
increased the full effect fade so the audio did not finish as quickly as it did. EG
when Michelle is speaking it quickly fades so you cannot hear the final words of
her sentence
I would not improve how I worked in a group as I felt we worked efficiently
together and overall produced a high quality preliminary production.