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KWCA High School

B9 L15 Earth St. Carrieland Countryhomes, Ampid, San Mateo, Rizal

Weekly Lesson Plan in English 8

Prepared by: Isaac Moises G. Veracruz

At the end of the lesson, the grade 8 students should be able to:
a. distinguish topic sentence from supporting details
b. value the relationship between history and literature
c. construct parallel sentences
The Festival by Jose P. Rizal
Topic Sentence
Parallel Sentence Structure
Reference: Chua, R. G., Bernardino-Viloria, M., & Zara, N. O. (2016). English for the 21st Century
Learners 8. Makati: Diwa Learning Systems Inc.



Worksheet in constructing parallel sentences
A. Motivation:
In a sheet of paper, ask the students to list down Filipino beliefs and traditions which the
students are proud of, and can be observed only in the Philippines. Next to that, let them write
a short explanation about what each belief or tradition signify.
After finishing their list, divide the class in groups of 6. Each group will be assigned to
decide on one Filipino tradition they like and present a tableau which will display that
tradition. A member from the group will explain what their tableau means afterwards.
Using their dictionary, ask the students to trace the etymology or origin of words and define
each on Discover (p. 5-6)
Ex. 1. Venerated from the Latin word venerari taken from the word venus. Venus means
love; Hence, it means to be adored or worshiped
2. Luxuriously
3. Appetizing
4. Bedeck
5. Unwonted
6. Procession

7. Prismatic
8. Diminutive
9. Artificial
10. Spectator
Conduct a Jose Rizal Quiz Bee in class to review and present facts about his life and works.
Rationalize afterwards why the students need to know Jose Rizal and what values can we
imitate from him being our national hero.
B. Motivation Question:
Before the discussion of the selection, ask the students to share how they celebrate
festivals/fiestas in their barangay or province (Say: How do you celebrate fiestas in your
barangay? What is your most favorite part of the fiesta?)
C. Motive Question:
Introduce the selection by posting a question. (Say: During the time of the Spaniards, Filipinos
already celebrate a lot of festivals. What do you think are the practices they had during those
times that we still practice today?
D. Discussion:
The strategy used in discussing the selection is sectional reading. Divide the story in chunks and
use the following questions as guide in between every section:
Where is the setting of the story?
How would you describe the people in the place?
Why is the people eager to make necessary preparations?
What was the general mood of the people while preparing for the fiesta?
What do you think will happen next?
Who are assigned to do most of the preparations for the fiesta? What class in society do they
represent? Why do you say so?
Who is Nor Juan? What can you say about his personality?
How did Crisostomo Ibarra react to the construction of the school?
Explain what old Tasio meant when he said,
Kung ang isalubong sa iyong pagdating
Ay Masayang mukhat may pakitang giliw,
Lalong pag-ingatay kaaway na lihimFrom the selection written, what can you say about Philippine culture and tradition?
What could be Dr. Jose Rizals reason for including this chapter in his novel Noli Me Tangere?
What can you say about the identity of Filipinos in general?
In what ways can people be like Ibarra? How about Nor Juan?
What are your insights about being a Filipino after reading the selection?
After the discussion, ask the students to observe the following lines:
It is now the tenth of November, the eve of the fiesta. Emerging from its habitual monotony, the
town has given itself over to unwonted activity in house, church, cockpit, and field. Windows are

covered with banners and many-hued draperies. All space is filled with noise and music, and the
air is saturated with rejoicings.
Ask the students to point out which sentence tells about the main idea of the paragraph. After that,
ask them how the other sentences function in the paragraph.
The first sentence is known as the topic sentence while the other sentences function as supporting
details. The topic sentence is the sentence which gives an overview of what the entire paragraph
is about or simply the main idea, while the supporting details expand or explain the topic
Present another example and ask the students to determine which is the topic sentence and
supporting details in the given paragraph.
All insects have three main body parts: the head, the thorax, and the abdomen. The head has a
pair of antennae, and a pair of compound eyes. The thorax is the middle region of the body, and it
bears the legs and wings. The abdomen contains many body organs, such as the heart, respiratory
system, digestive system and reproductive system. Even though there are many different sizes,
shapes, and colors of insects, they all have the same body.
E. Grammar Focus: Parallel Sentence Structure
Post the example given on Firm Up (p.12) and ask the students to compare the two sentences
and analyze why the second sentence is correct and the first one is wrong.
Sentence 1: A Filipino is hospitable, generous, and shows kindness. (incorrect)
Sentence 2: A Filipino is hospitable, generous and shows kind. (correct)
Explain that the words hospitable and generous function as describing words or adjectives.
Hence, we the succeeding words should also be in the form of adjective. Kindness is a noun, so
it does not follow the grammatical form of the words prior to it. Therefore, we use the word
kind instead.
The construction of the sentence follows a parallel structure. Employing that style helps the
reader avoid from having confusions about the thought being presented. Explain the rules
presented in p. 13 and give other examples for the students to correct.
Example #1: What word/phrase is grammatically incorrect in the following sentence/s?
When Delores realized that her father had made lima beans and rice for dinner, she was clutching
her stomach claimed to feel nauseous, and excused herself from the table. The bag of stale
popcorn in her room would tide her over until breakfast.

Example #2: What word/phrase is grammatically incorrect in the following sentence/s?

Not only did Hank despise the way June chewed with her mouth open, but also disliking finding
her wet towels all over the bathroom floor.


Identifying the Topic Sentence

Directions: Underline the topic sentence in each paragraph.
1. The best trip my family ever took was to New Orleans, Louisiana. We drove there in two days.
I didnt think it would be very interesting, but I was wrong. We saw the Mississippi River, rode a
horse carriage in the French Quarter, and visited a cemetery where everyone was buried above the
ground. I liked the food best, especially the New Orleans doughnuts called beignets.
2. No one likes to eat with a dirty knife, fork, or spoon. It is important to completely wash all
utensils before using them. Clean utensils wont transmit germs and bacteria. They also are more
pleasant to eat with.
3. Many people think poetry is old-fashioned and uninteresting. They dont realize that every time
they hear a song sung, they are hearing poetry in the form of song lyrics. Just like many written
poems, many song lyrics use rhythm, rhyme, and literary imagery. It turns out that poetry isnt
old-fashioned; its as modern as the latest hit song!
4. Growing a garden can be fun, good exercise, and will provide fresh fruits and vegetables for
the gardener. It is interesting to watch the seeds pop their heads above the soil for the first time. It
is sometimes hard to believe that a little seed can become a large vine or plant in just a few
weeks. Planting the seeds and pulling weeds are good exercise for anyone. Then, after watching
the plant grow and produce, the gardener ends up with delicious tomatoes, beans, or other yummy
produce from the garden.
5. Sometimes it is hard to fall asleep. Maybe you are not sleepy, or maybe you are thinking about
what happened during the day. You can also lie awake if a big event, like a test or a party, is
happening the next day. There are several things you can do to try and fall asleep. You can try
counting sheep, or just counting, which will keep your mind busy with a repetitious activity.
Sometimes listening to soft music or gentle sounds, like rain, helps. You can even try telling
yourself a story, which may distract your mind enough that you will be asleep in no time


Multiple Choice
Direction: Encircle the correct phrase that will make a parallel structure for each sentence
1. To protect her delicate hands, Fran will not rake the yard, do the dishes, or __________.
A. refuses to scrub the bathtub
B. won't scrub the bathtub
C. scrub the bathtub
2. When Diane takes her beagle for a walk, Santana enjoys sniffing for edible garbage,
__________, and lunging at squirrels.
A. howls at bicyclists
B. howling at bicyclists
C. she howls at bicyclists
3. After Amanda cashes her paycheck, the money goes to her savings account, cappuccino fund,
and __________.

A. paying her credit card bill

B. toward her credit card balance
C. credit card balance
4. In preparation for her run, Alicia __________, applied sunscreen, and increased the volume on
her iPod.
A. tightened her shoelaces
B. was tightening her shoelaces
C. did tighten her shoelaces
5. We searched the car trunk, __________, and the top of the refrigerator, but we could not find
the box of cornflakes that we remember buying.
A. looked on the pantry shelves
B. on the pantry shelves
C. the pantry shelves
Ask the students to write an essay about the topic How can I be like Jose Rizal in my own
special way? Observe the rules in writing parallel sentence structure.