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Superhero Adventures!

Create Your Own

Contact Lisa M. Shaia , Bristol Public Library, 5 High Street, Bristol, CT 06786 860-584-7787x2021 lisashaia@ci.bristol.ct.us
diffused it Mansion
Saved the Day! Superhero the President’s Global Bomb Scientist
and Super Girl but a and placed it in invented a The Evil Mad
The Evil Mad invented a and placed it in but a and Super Girl
Scientist Global Bomb the President’s Superhero Saved the Day!
Mansion diffused it
Outer Space
Flew it into
Saved the Day! Superhero White House nuclear weapon Mastermind
and Super Boy but a At the Shot a The Criminal
The Criminal Shot a At the but a and Super Boy
Mastermind nuclear weapon White House Superhero Saved the Day!
Flew it into
Outer Space
the Day! destroyed it beam gun to
Knight Saved Superhero Liberty Bell deadly laser
and Super but a At the Created a The Burglar
The Burglar Created a At the but a and Super
deadly laser Liberty Bell Superhero Knight Saved
beam gun to destroyed it the Day!
protect everyone to fly
shield to fighter jets Supervillain
Saved the Day! built a gigantic Space Station army of Enemy
and Super YOU Superhero At the Gathered an Your Arch
but a
but a
Your Arch Gathered an At the Superhero and Super YOU
Enemy army of Space Station built a gigantic Saved the Day!
Supervillain fighter jets shield to
to fly protect everyone
Saved the Day! __________ it (important Name)
____________ Superhero ____________ (a weapon) (Supervillain
and but a At ____________ ____________
____________ ____________ At but a and
(Supervillain (a weapon) ____________ Superhero ____________
Name) (important __________ it Saved the Day!

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