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Education is one of the most fundamental building blocks in human

development. It is an important factor in the development of a country.

Education is the process of facilitating learning or the acquisition of
knowledge , skills , values, beliefs and habits. Educational methods include
storytelling , discussion, teaching , training and directed research. Education
can take place in formal or informal settings and any experience that has a
formative effect on the way one thinks, feels or arts may be considered
educational. Education can be divided formally into such stages as preschool
or kindergarden, primary school, secondary school, pra-university and then
college or university. Education is an important factor in the development of a
country. We agree with this topic.
In my opinion, education can reduce the rate of illiterate in our country
in a great number. Thus, the literate can pursue their education and get a
good career that can provide stability to their family, This can also improve
our countrys economy. We would not be cheated easily as we have proper
educational on how to manage and handle unknown things. We can also
come up with new ideas and plans that can benefit our country greatly.
Furthermore, some employers will set literacy as a standard to judge the
competence of an individual. Those who are educated and literate will be
viewed as a more credible worker. By having proper education and getting a
secure job, our countrys unemployment rate can be reduced. We will become
our countrys asset and not liability.
Apart from that, education indirectly helps to build up talents in
oneself. We are approached with a lot of basic knowledge about music, sports
and art in music lessons, physical education lessons and art lessons during
the fundamental education, education and secondary school education. We
are also encouraged to take part in various interesting clubs and activities
like dancing club, baking, society, photography club and so on to develop our
talents. Excellent education helps a country to come up with plenty of
talented citizens such as musicians, singers, artists and so on to improve the
image of the country and make it famous on the world and chefs,
photographers, designers and so on contribute in various sectors of a country
to help the development of it.
Educational is also an important medium of acquiring skills and
knowledge. As we know, education always bring positive changes in human
life. It enhances the knowledge, skills and intelligence of a person and
enables them to lead a successful life. One benefit of education in my opinion
is that it will enhance good manners. Researchers claim that there are many
school teachers have to lay special stress on the teaching of moral and
spiritual values. Good manners are a very important part of moral education
to lead the children become more polite. It will impose proper restraint on us
and removes harshness in our words remove our rudeness in our behavior.
Moral education will also include etiquette which is a code that opens the
expectations of social behavior according to the contemporary conventional

norms within a society. Etiquette is needed as it can build a proper image to

the others just by learning etiquette which evolves within a culture and can
vary widely between different cultures. As a result, education is necessary to
the fundamental building blocks in human development.

Lastly, as we all knew, the first thing that strikes about education is
knowledge gain. Education gives us a knowledge of the world around us and
changes it into something better. It helps us build opinions and have points of
view on things in life. People debate over the subject of whether education is
the only thing that gives knowledge. Some say education is the process of
gaining information about the surrounding world while knowledge is
something very different. They are right. But then again, information cannot
be converted into knowledge without education. Education makes us capable
of interpreting things, among other things. It is not just about lessons in
textbooks. It is about the lessons of life.
In conclusion, education is the most important thing that we need in
our life. Without education, we cannot have a better life. If we have the
chance to get a good education, we must take it as a important matter and
should appreciate our parents or the one who give us the chance to having a
good education. Starts a better life by study hard to become a successful
person in the future.