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The Ellis Act Gentrification Siege

by David v. GOLIATH

A.R.C. A.N.G.E.L. vs. the P.R.E.D.A.T.O.R.S.

Renters and
Against the
Gentrification of the

Enterprises and
Against the
Tenants and
Right to

Tenants Joining Resources (aka 10JR)

People who don't have first-hand experience with the devastation caused by the
mass evictions of entire buildings allowed by it tend to think that this law is some minor
inconvenience that only happens to a few other people. They have no idea of the
danger it poses, not only to themselves, but their entire community, and to the city as a
whole. They would never believe that something so destructive would ever be
intentionally unleashed upon the inhabitants of the city where they live. They just can't
realize that this law gives cart blanche to the rich speculators to completely ravage
everybody in any buildings they choose any time they want to do it. It is a virtually
unlimited opportunity to make themselves richer without any regard for destroying the
lives of the occupants.
The mere fact that it hasn't been done in their own neighborhood yet seems to
give them feelings of immunity and a false sense of security that they think shields
them from being victimized by it. They are lulled by the concept that the government
would never intentionally allow such unspeakable damage to be wrought upon the
population for nothing more than extra profits for the rich. Its is like a blinder to their
That is the primary reason that the unsuspecting public is so blatantly unaware of
what is being done right under their nose. It's as if nobody has ever heard of the
hydrogenated oils the FDA permits manufacturers to put in our food. Why would our
lawmakers ever fail to protect their citizens on purpose? Surely they are all free from
corruption, right? Could they ever possibly let anyone be injured or killed just for
It is incredulous to the uninformed that something like this law could ever be
permitted to be imposed on the inhabitants. They even discount reports by all of the
media for years as being exaggerations by fear mongers. Confirmed statistics show
that tens of thousands of ordinary residents have already been unceremoniously
thrown out of their homes through what is called no-fault evictions. That means they
didn't do anything to cause it other than being in the way of some mercenary's path to
greater riches by living in the wrong building when the financial terrorist chose to
decimate it.
The real problem here is that they are not just doing this to a few random
citizens, but unless people do something to stop it, they will do this same thing to
everyone living primarily in rent-controlled apartments in the entire city. As more and
more unscrupulous carpetbaggers join the ranks of the perpetrators, the rate of
inhabitants being victimized is accelerating at an enormous pace.

Because of all of this, there is an actual war going on right now. It is an

undeclared war because the attackers are not a single united army, but rather
independent mercenary units. Nevertheless, it is a real WAR being Waged Against
apartment Renters. It has been documented that people have even died as a result of
it. The population is being decimated by it, and as yet there is no end in sight. Their
disbelief, their sense of invulnerability, ignorance of it and apathy towards it are why the
escalating assaults by the invading forces are winning this war.
It's like a science fiction movie where the public is in denial that there could really
be aliens from space raking over the countryside while they just go about their business
as usual, blatantly oblivious to the blazing inferno just on the other side of the hills.
Gazelles disbelief in cheetahs doesnt make them impervious to being devoured by
them. Waiting until you come to that bridge before you worry about crossing it won't
keep you from plunging through to the rocks below when you try to cross. Being an
atheist is hardly a shortcut to heaven.
People need to get their collective heads out of the sand and recognize that this
destructive menace is really coming to where you live whether you're ready or not.
Choosing not to think about it can't protect you from its devastation. The fact is that,
unless it is stopped before it reaches you, this war will absolutely victimize YOU. Avoid
becoming one of those other people that it happened to.
Despite all that, there is still no guarantee that it will have to happen to you.
Sleepwalking across the freeway does not guarantee that you will be killed. As Dirty
Harry used to say, Do you feel lucky? Or would you prefer to use an ounce of
prevention. There is a reason for the saying that a stich in time saves nine.

Get Defensive, Not Victimized

For you to contribute to stopping the ravaging of your city doesn't mean that you
have to participate in marches, protests or demonstrations, or to donate money to any
cause. It isn't necessary for you to change your life or to take on more activities than
you already have. You don't have to make a time consuming commitment to anything.
Those are more likely to be the result of continued avoidance than anything else.
All you need to do is to become aware of what is happening around you, to pay
attention to the goings on in your community and elsewhere in the city, and to
recognize that it all does affect you and your family. The only action you should take on
is to help to Spread the Word about it all to your friends, colleagues, and especially
your neighbors. The above link will give you access to an easy way to do that.
Talk about it, read about it, check things out for yourself, and become familiar
with the reality of the situation. Learn more about as much of what is related to those
who live in your immediate world as possible. Consciously support the efforts being
undertaken to stop the spread of the cataclysm being caused by this war created by the
Ellis Act. Communicate what you know about it to help make others aware of it.
Awareness and knowledge are the defensive weapons that are keys to winning the war,
and arming the people with them will give us the power to win it.
Don't just be an observer to what happens, become part of the solution by
behaving as a party with an interest in the outcome. That will make a considerable
difference overall. Please encourage others to do so as well. Remember, the homes
you help to save could turn out to be yours or your loved ones.