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Company Profile
Ajanta India Limited, located on Rajkot- Morbi Highway is an is0 9001-2000 certi
fied company. The company was established in 1971 by Shri.O.R. Patel
The company has its manufacturing unit in Gujarat and Himachal
Pradesh in a 36, 00,000 Square feet area. The company employs above thousands of
people who contribute in the day to day operations, manufacturing processes and
other allied activities, thus, helping the company reach the position where it
is today. The company is proud of the fact that 85% of the total workforce compr
ises female employees, thus contributing to the upliftment and empowerment of th
e women. Initially into Clock manufacturing, the company has diversified into ma
ny fields now.
Its foray into FMCG sector is a huge success story. It took the
Indian market by storm with its wide varieties of product at a very affordable
price. In the year 2006, the company entered the electrical market with CFL and
T-5 tubes. The used of these products are that they are the best quality product
s with the most affordable price in the Indian market.
In the same year the company forayed into electronics market wi
th wide variety of product ranging from DVD Players, LCD Monitors, and Laptops t
o Mobiles under the brand name of Ajanta Quartz. The company has a Pan India Pre
sence with a huge network of around 500 Stockist, 4000 Distributors and 5, 00,00
0 Retailers, Which helps us reach every nook and corner of the country.
The company also operates in abroad countries Like China, UAE, Hongkong and Thai
Our Humble Managing Director
Dr. Ashok .O.Patel, Managing Director of Ajanta India Limited has 25 years of va
st experience in manufacturing and marketing.
Since the age of 16 years, he took over the responsibility of m
arketing the Ajanta Quartz Clocks. Since the inception of Ajanta Quartz, he has
taken over the operational and marketing responsibility of Ajanta Quartz and und
er him the company never looked back and the Ajanta Quartz became a house hold n
ame. Under him the company forayed into FMCG, electronics and electrical applian
ces. The entry of the company into the Mobile sector is his brain child.
The company has raised its manufacturing and marketing activiti
es with a wide range of state of the art Mobile Phones incorporating the latest

technology at a very affordable price. The company was awarded with the certific
ate for largest export of consumer electronic goods in the year 1999-2000 By Shr
i.Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the Honorable Prime Minister of India.
Ajanta India Limited
Ajanta Industrial Estate,
Opp. Rewa Park,
Morbi - Rajkot Highway,
Morbi - 363641 (Gujarat - India).
Toll Free:1800-233-8100
Call :- +91 - 2822 - 226200 / 227200 / +91 98254 33333
Fax Us:-

+91- 2822-234000

E-mail :- info@ajantaindialimited.com
For Export Enquiry Email :- export@ajantaindialimited.com
Popular Products
Led bay light
Led signs
Rgb led driver
High power led lamp
Led fancy light
Ac led lights
Ajanta India Limited
Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
201-500 employees
Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
Self Owned
363641 India
Company Size
201-500 employees

Copyright 2012 Banik Rubber Industries India Pvt. Ltd. and Ajanta Footcare India
Pvt. Ltd All rights reserved.
Welcome to the world of Ajanta. Discover an exquisite line of footwear made from
the finest material, crafted to make the feet happy. Comfortable footwear that
also incorporates the latest fashion trends and make for style statements. Estab
lished in 1956, Ajanta has remained a household name in foot care, regarded for
durability and value for money. People have lived their lives on Ajanta footwear
. The range has now got even better with a new world of chappals and shoes for e
very occasion and need.

The Ajanta India limited an ISO 9001-2000 certified Company got birth from the P
arent wing - Ajanta Transistor Clock Mfg.Co - an Ajanta Quartz, the Worlds Large
st Manufacturer & Exporter of Clocks is set up way back in 1971 are now been div
ersified into FMCG Sector. The Company Ajanta India Limited has launched Ajanta
Healthcare division to manufacture and market fast moving Oral and Personal Care
The company has launched Ajanta Healthcare division to manufacture and market fa
st moving oral and personal care products. AJANTA has always been at the back of
the Peoples need. The new venture has got off to a flying start with its oral a
nd personal care products like Ajanta Toothpaste, Tooth Brush, Ajanta Total Shav
ing Cream, Ajanta Orsilk Shampoo, Ajanta Premium Hair oil, Ajanta Beauty Soap, a
nd Ajanta Orfresh Talcum Powder.
Ajanta Toothpaste is the First and only one Toothpaste in India to receive appro
val from BIS (Bureau of India Standards) to use ISI mark. The product has also b
een approved by FDA (Food & Drugs), India & Thailand, various Dental Association
like British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF), Dental Society of India (DSI) etc
. Ajanta Toothpaste got approval from Vegetarian Society, United Kingdom being 1
00% Vegetarian. The company has been registered its Brand Name Ajanta in almost
35 Countries like Algeria, Argentina, China, C.T.M, O.A.P.I, Hong Kong, Thailand
, Singapore, Iran, Bahrain, Kuwait, Indonesia, Mexico, Morocco, Saudi Arabia ,Ta
ngier, Panama etc.
AJANTA was the first to initiate and implement a practical customer relationship
management package. Giving priority to after sales services much before other F
MCG segment started realizing the importance of the same, the company appointed
a fleet of sales and service representatives equipped with servicing kits under
each sales depot. They were well trained to handle complaints at the point of sa
les. Both dealers and customers were happy as their regular visit on the fixed d
ays ensured that there was on complaints, delivery times too were shortened.
The company redefined distribution and product retailing laying a strong foundat
ion for its marketing with the concept of sales depots for the exclusive distrib
ution of its products .Such depots were established in every important centre of
all the states of India. The management team worked to create a strong bond bet
ween the company, its sales depots and retailers by way of holding get-together,
seminars and press meetings to publish and promote the products.
AJANTA INDIA LIMITED today is a big corporate giant. The group occupies a unique
position in industry propagating the concept of economic production. The compan
y adopts a proactive role to determine the level of customer satisfaction.
It is no wonder that all the products, within a very short span of their launch,
have made their presence felt in an extremely competitive market due to their p
ristine quality and are emerging as a household popular brand in their own right
Ajanta Health seems to be on the verge of changing the face of FMCG sector in In
Industry Focus Cosmetics
Business Type Manufacturer
Ajanta toothpaste, tooth brush, ajanta total shaving cre
am, ajanta orsilk shampoo, ajanta premium hair oil, ajanta beauty soap, and ajan
ta orfresh talcum powder.
Our Markets
Mid East
No. of Employees
501 - 1000 People
Annual Sales Range(USD) Below US$1 Million
Year Established
Legal Representative(CEO)
ISO 9001-2000,ISI(Bureau of Indian Standards) BDHF,DSI,FDA